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The Secret

If you work hard, and do everything you can to change conditions in your outer world, before you put in the time to change conditions in your inner world – it just ain’t gonna happen! You are working against the very primal nature of creation. There can be no permanent outer changes in the world … [Read more...]

Why I Started The Ordinary Guru Project

“How do you find the answers you need in order to succeed?” Everyone speaks often about the problems that stop them from achieving their dreams, but few inquire into the source from which most answers come. “How does an inquiring mind solve problems?” Every inquiring mind is offered a door that … [Read more...]

An Opportunity is Knocking

The cover-up is now revealed. It is a shocking fact that human beings are cruel to themselves. This fact may be shocking, but at the same time it is joyously freeing when it is understood. Almost all of the cruel acts that we commit against ourselves go unnoticed by ourselves. We do ourselves … [Read more...]

Your World Is Of Your Making

Your world and everything in it is a consequence of what you believe is true about you. Your beliefs are the substance as well as the cause of the circumstances and conditions that you find in your world. Armed with the knowledge that “what you assume is true about you is the source of all that … [Read more...]

The process of creation and ordinary gurus

You are a superlative creator. It’s easy for you to create what you believe is true. When you understand the process of creation, you no longer struggle to believe in your dreams and make your dreams come true. Here are three fundamental truths that will help you understand the talents and skills … [Read more...]