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It’s time to face the facts

I can remember back when I said to myself, “It’s time to face the fact that I’d better start growing up right now if I intended to make my dreams come true.” That was four decades ago when I’d run out of excuses for explaining why my life wasn't working as I hoped. Have you run out of excuses … [Read more...]

The secret to overwhelming success

“C’mon Bobby; you’ve gotta take action if you plan to catch a fish. You’ve gotta help me cut a hole in the ice and then you’ve gotta bate your line and drop it in the hole.” That’s what my Uncle Fred advised me to do when I went ice fishing with him. I’d began whining before we barely got started, … [Read more...]

There’s no leadership like self-leadership

  1.  “Bobby – get a grip on  yourself.” … Grandpa said that to me when I had a temper tantrum at age 4. 2.  “Yes, you can do it; just do it.”  … Dad said that to me while teaching me how to ride a bike, and I was whining that it was too hard. 3.  “Don’t waver with what you want – just want it … [Read more...]

I believe in Miracles

Some folks believe in destiny. Some folks believe in fate. Some folks believe in God. I believe in miracles; not like some supernatural event, but simply things that occur in my life to help me achieve my dreams – things I cannot explain in logical, rational terms. Question: Why can’t miracles be … [Read more...]


In ancient text, we read of Cain and Abel; two brothers who see the world very differently. Cain listens to the world voice, and believes what you see is what you get. He sees his life from a limited point of view. He doesn’t believe his dreams will come true. Abel doesn’t let the world voice … [Read more...]