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In the beginning, when you were born, there was no feeling of cowardice; there was only the original you – the brave-hearted you - acting courageously. A coward listens to his fears and reacts accordingly, whereas the brave of heart, the courageous, goes forward valiantly in spite of feeling … [Read more...]

When you feel it you real it

It’s not a difficult formula, and it is a most powerful one: what you feel is true becomes real for you. Or, as the title of this blog implies – when you feel it, truly feel it, you reel it in, you make it real in your life. There’s a lot of hullabaloo about the Law of Attraction. But, the Law … [Read more...]


My mom died last year at age 93 (I was seventy), and it was still a big event to swallow. I felt like I was seven. Shortly after that, I began thinking about how I was taught to look at death – like it is the end of life. Thinking deeper into the matter, I now believe my first interpretation of … [Read more...]

What are you thinking?

“What are you thinking, Bobby?” My grandmother would ask me this when she saw me go into that trance-like state that we all enter when we retreat into the deep recess of the mind. The answer to the question, “What are you thinking,” can be very revealing. For, indeed, that which we think in the deep … [Read more...]


Original ideas are a result of clarity of mind. Original ideas do not arise from memories of old experiences. Original ideas are born into your mind without the help of outside sources; they just happen to you when you prepare your consciousness for something fresh and new. If you’re to be an … [Read more...]