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Inspirational Dissatisfaction

“Geez, Mr. White … you have a great way of being dissatisfied. It’s almost like you enjoy the feeling.” One of my students at Northeastern University made this remark last week. I responded by explaining that it’s necessary to feel dissatisfied with one’s life if one is to have a breakthrough and … [Read more...]

Feeling Helpless

I’ve felt helpless. Have you? At some point, everyone finds himself feeling helpless about something. Do you know what happens if you just feel helpless, if you don’t add fearful thoughts of dire consequences to the matter? If you simply feel helpless, with no fearful thoughts added, something … [Read more...]

There’s an inner and an outer side to everything

Ambitious folks who succeed in life give full respect to the inner side of things, as well as to the outer. Folks who stress and barely get by, think there’s only an outer side. It is vital to your happiness that you give full respect to the part of you that the outer eyes cannot see. So long as … [Read more...]

Let the weak man say, “I am strong”

My Uncle Rob would tell me that the only way I would grow strong was to declare myself stronger every day. He’d then repeat what he’d read in the bible somewhere: “Let the weak man say - I am strong.” My uncle would go on to explain to me that I experience myself as ‘a weak man’ until I … [Read more...]

Thrust thy sickle and reap

“Thrust thy sickle and reap … for the harvest of the earth is ripe.” – ancient text. This tip is always right. The earth is crammed with heaven. It’s always ready to offer you its myriad blessed fruits of every nature. Do you know how to seek so that you find what you are looking for? All the … [Read more...]