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I believe in Miracles

Some folks believe in destiny. Some folks believe in fate. Some folks believe in God. I believe in miracles; not like some supernatural event, but simply things that occur in my life to help me achieve my dreams – things I cannot explain in logical, rational terms. Question: Why can’t miracles be … [Read more...]


In ancient text, we read of Cain and Abel; two brothers who see the world very differently. Cain listens to the world voice, and believes what you see is what you get. He sees his life from a limited point of view. He doesn’t believe his dreams will come true. Abel doesn’t let the world voice … [Read more...]


Teacher: If your whole mind will listen to you according to your desires, you will find answers to make all of your dreams come true. Student: So, what must I do to get my whole mind to listen to me? Teacher: You must work on feeling that you already have what you desire. You must take the … [Read more...]


Here’s a miracle-healing formula that will stop you from being cruel to yourself. It’s a three-step formula. It’s simple. Step 1: Take your life back from those who have stolen it from you. No longer allow yourself to be at the mercy of others who insist they know what’s best for you. When you do … [Read more...]

The invented-self

A willingness to learn increases the chances of you hearing the exact message you need in order to break free and be the outrageously unlimited self that you came here to be. There are perfect opportunities, always ready to help you find the answers you seek in order to be successful and … [Read more...]