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You Can Fly High

Flying high is natural for you A high flyer aspires higher, which is something you frequently do As a child, you were taught to say, “excuse me” No excuses are necessary Expect to plummet occasionally, but offer no excuses Without excuses, you naturally pick yourself up and fly … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Hunch? Then Stop Thinking And Listen To Your Intuition!

Don’t take your hunches lightly. Treat them with respect. There is a good chance that you have connected with the infinite intelligence of Universal Mind, and it is trying to guide you. Perhaps you have forgotten what inspired the hunch, but rest assured you did make some sort of inquiry. Ask, … [Read more...]

Definiteness Of Purpose Is Not Enough

I hear a lot of folks tell me that they have a "definite purpose" in mind. They claim that they know what they plan to do to improve their lives. I ask them if they have a plan of action in place. Often they say, “Not yet.” This is where self-initiative kicks in. Without taking action, all of … [Read more...]

Tweet Me! Text Me! Like Me! … Forget That. Communicate With Universal Mind

That’s right, you can communicate with Universal Mind. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison didn’t need an iphone 5 to talk to Universal Mind. All minds mingle. There are no barriers when it comes to minds. Your mind mingles with all minds, including the great mind that exists in all spheres of … [Read more...]

You Have A Sixth Sense

You have one more sense available to you, other than the usual five senses (taste, smell, sight, touch, hear). Your Sixth Sense puts you in touch with your intuitive nature, which puts you in touch with Universal Mind (where all knowledge resides). If you intend to live an incredible life … [Read more...]