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Story 5 of 5 – The Power of Stories: Story 5 – It’s A Free Country

121313_Story_2As children we are wired to listen intently to stories; they’re an easy way to learn a lesson, and are much more interesting than data, rules and hard facts. Stories move us emotionally as well as intellectually, which gives more meaning to the lesson in the story.

Over the next five blogs, I will offer you a short story that offers an insightful lesson. Perhaps you’ll use the story as a tool to help you look at yourself or life a little differently. What thou see-est, thou bee-est; seek something of value in each story and you will value the lesson it offers.

Story 5 of 5 – The Power of Stories: Story 5 – It’s A Free Country

121313_Story_3Dennis moved from the country-side into a large city. He found city life was fraught with laws, rules, codes and regulations – no matter where he went. He decided to move back to the country, back to the simple life where he felt much greater freedom to be himself. The moral of this story is that there is always something you can do for yourself if you’re not comfortable in the environment in which you live.



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Mixing With Lazy-Minded People Is Mixing With Trouble

012112_express_042Lazy-minded people live in misery, and the only thing that motivates them is to get you to join the choir by trying to make their misery your misery.

Don’t buy it. Turn the other cheek, the cheek of your ass, and walk away. Say to yourself, “Be gone with thee.” You are talking to yourself. Be gone – walk away from their soap opera.



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God Is….


With the holiday season upon us, I would like to talk about God for a moment. Have you ever heard the account of when Ramakrishna and Vivekananda met? Do you know who they are? Google them if you don’t – okay?

Well these two enlightened men met at Rama’s abode. The conversation turned to God. Vive was a logical man; he only believed what he could use his intelligence and ‘reasoning skills’ to prove was true. He said, “There is no God. You cannot possibly prove it, and so I don’t believe it.”

Rama was not nearly as educated with books as was Vive, and he lived with his intuitive sense more than his reasoning mind. Rama said, “My intuitive sense says there is a God, and so … no matter what intellect you use to disprove the existence of God, I will still believe GOD IS.”

Rama went on to say, “My intuitive sense tells me that GOD IS, as surely as it tells me when I am hungry or I am tired. I trust my intuitive sense; I do not need to turn to intellectual debate to determine that food or sleep is needed.”

Vive felt discouraged with the conversation and began to frown. He said, “I’d hoped the conversation could go deeper than this.” Rama said, “Would you like me to show you God? Would that help you see my point of view?” Rama replied, “I’d love it; show me God.”

Rama got up and danced like a child, on and on for an hour. He did cartwheels and back flips in his joyous demonstration. At the end of his dance, which entranced Vive, Rama touched Vive, and Vive fell into a deep, quiet sleep.

Upon awakening, Vive experienced himself as a transformed man; he was in a state of absolute jubilation and sensed an ultimate well-being had overcome him … unlike anything he’d experienced before. He embraced Rama, and said, “YES, there is a GOD … GOD IS.”

This is what GOD IS … GOD IS this absolute state of jubilation, which is what you feel when you let go of erroneous notions and the subsequent drama these notions bring upon you.

GOD IS the ultimate sense of well-being that you feel when you allow the truth about your incredibleness to sink into the deepest part of your consciousness. This experience is God … and you only have it when you allow your naturally intuitive sense to guide you … and it can only guide you when you let go of all that hinders you from experiencing the supreme truth about you.

It is the Holiday Season.

Allow the real purpose of this season to touch you.

Give yourself as many opportunities as possible to Let Go and Let God.

Don’t look for outside authorities to help you.

Go within.

Allow the WHOLE of you to embrace you … if you do, you will intuitively find yourself dancing like Rama danced … you will find yourself feeling like Vive felt when he came out of the deep sleep.

What say Ye?

What can you add to this post to spread the holiday joy?

You have something valuable to say; please say it.




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