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Story 5 of 5 – The Power of Stories: Story 5 – It’s A Free Country

As children we are wired to listen intently to stories; they’re an easy way to learn a lesson, and are much more interesting than data, rules and hard facts. Stories move us emotionally as well as intellectually, which gives more meaning to the lesson in the story. Over the next five blogs, I … [Read more...]

Mixing With Lazy-Minded People Is Mixing With Trouble

Lazy-minded people live in misery, and the only thing that motivates them is to get you to join the choir by trying to make their misery your misery. Don’t buy it. Turn the other cheek, the cheek of your ass, and walk away. Say to yourself, “Be gone with thee.” You are talking to yourself. Be … [Read more...]

God Is….

  With the holiday season upon us, I would like to talk about God for a moment. Have you ever heard the account of when Ramakrishna and Vivekananda met? Do you know who they are? Google them if you don’t – okay? Well these two enlightened men met at Rama’s abode. The conversation turned to … [Read more...]