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The Magic of Getting Ahead: Tip # 8 : Courage Begets Faith

Over the coming month I will be revealing 11 "Magic" tips that have the power to lift you to a higher plateau of perception. Today I share Tip #8: Courage Begets Faith   The more courage I display with my actions, the more faith I have in myself. Mark well that taking command of your … [Read more...]

God Is….

  With the holiday season upon us, I would like to talk about God for a moment. Have you ever heard the account of when Ramakrishna and Vivekananda met? Do you know who they are? Google them if you don’t – okay? Well these two enlightened men met at Rama’s abode. The conversation turned to … [Read more...]

Tolstoy’s Story of the Three Saints

Have you read Leo Tolstoy’s story about three saints that lived on an island in a lake that was in a remote part of Russia? These saints made the lake famous. People were very excited about the miracles these saints were performing. There was a buzz going around all of Russia. Thousands of folks … [Read more...]

A New Way to Think About Doubt, Belief and Faith

Student: What is doubt? Teacher: Doubt is dis-ease of the mind. Doubt is a psychic illness; it’s not natural. Doubt comes from believing in oneself, but not having faith in oneself. There is a big difference between believing and having faith. Children are ‘taught to believe in themselves’. It … [Read more...]