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The Magic of Getting Ahead: Tip # 8 : Courage Begets Faith

Over the coming month I will be revealing 11 “Magic” tips that have the power to lift you to a higher plateau of perception. Today I share Tip #8: Courage Begets Faith


The more courage I display with my actions, the more faith I have in myself. Mark well that taking command of your life is your prerogative, and having faith in that fact is your birthright.










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God Is….


With the holiday season upon us, I would like to talk about God for a moment. Have you ever heard the account of when Ramakrishna and Vivekananda met? Do you know who they are? Google them if you don’t – okay?

Well these two enlightened men met at Rama’s abode. The conversation turned to God. Vive was a logical man; he only believed what he could use his intelligence and ‘reasoning skills’ to prove was true. He said, “There is no God. You cannot possibly prove it, and so I don’t believe it.”

Rama was not nearly as educated with books as was Vive, and he lived with his intuitive sense more than his reasoning mind. Rama said, “My intuitive sense says there is a God, and so … no matter what intellect you use to disprove the existence of God, I will still believe GOD IS.”

Rama went on to say, “My intuitive sense tells me that GOD IS, as surely as it tells me when I am hungry or I am tired. I trust my intuitive sense; I do not need to turn to intellectual debate to determine that food or sleep is needed.”

Vive felt discouraged with the conversation and began to frown. He said, “I’d hoped the conversation could go deeper than this.” Rama said, “Would you like me to show you God? Would that help you see my point of view?” Rama replied, “I’d love it; show me God.”

Rama got up and danced like a child, on and on for an hour. He did cartwheels and back flips in his joyous demonstration. At the end of his dance, which entranced Vive, Rama touched Vive, and Vive fell into a deep, quiet sleep.

Upon awakening, Vive experienced himself as a transformed man; he was in a state of absolute jubilation and sensed an ultimate well-being had overcome him … unlike anything he’d experienced before. He embraced Rama, and said, “YES, there is a GOD … GOD IS.”

This is what GOD IS … GOD IS this absolute state of jubilation, which is what you feel when you let go of erroneous notions and the subsequent drama these notions bring upon you.

GOD IS the ultimate sense of well-being that you feel when you allow the truth about your incredibleness to sink into the deepest part of your consciousness. This experience is God … and you only have it when you allow your naturally intuitive sense to guide you … and it can only guide you when you let go of all that hinders you from experiencing the supreme truth about you.

It is the Holiday Season.

Allow the real purpose of this season to touch you.

Give yourself as many opportunities as possible to Let Go and Let God.

Don’t look for outside authorities to help you.

Go within.

Allow the WHOLE of you to embrace you … if you do, you will intuitively find yourself dancing like Rama danced … you will find yourself feeling like Vive felt when he came out of the deep sleep.

What say Ye?

What can you add to this post to spread the holiday joy?

You have something valuable to say; please say it.




“Best Comment of the Week.” This weeks best comments come from Irving the Vizier and Deeone Higgs. Thank you both for your honest, heartfelt sharing. See their comments here.

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Tolstoy’s Story of the Three Saints

Have you read Leo Tolstoy’s story about three saints that lived on an island in a lake that was in a remote part of Russia? These saints made the lake famous. People were very excited about the miracles these saints were performing. There was a buzz going around all of Russia. Thousands of folks were coming from all over, to see these saints.

Eventually the high priests of the Russian Orthodox Church became concerned about these ‘rumors of saints’ at the lake. They’d not been declared saints by the church, so who was giving them this title? How dare they!

The high priests sent a team of three priests to the lake to investigate the matter. The team of three priests had to take a rowboat to the small island where the so-called saints lived.

When they finally located the three saints, they saw three poor men in simple garbs, just sitting at the shore of the island. It was clear that they were poor, but indeed they were very happy. They were putting their toes in the lake water and delightfully giggling.

When the team of three priests approached them, the saints jumped up and bowed down to the priests in great admiration. One priest angrily said, “What are you doing here?” Another said, “Some people foolishly claim that you are saints.” The third priest said, “do you even know how to pray?”

The three saints looked at each other, and one said, “We are sorry, but we do not know the prayer of your church.” Another saint said, “However, we have a prayer of our own; may we demonstrate it?”

One of the priests angrily said, “Go ahead, what is this prayer that you say.”

One of the saints said, “We came to this prayer when we thought of God as a trinity – ‘God the father’ … God the son … and … God the holy ghost” Another saint said, “So we came up with this prayer.” Then all three saints chimed in, “GOD YOU ARE THREE, … AND SO ARE WE. HOW ABOUT IF WE THREE AND YOU THREE TEAM UP AND THEN THERE ARE SIX OF US WORKING TOGETHER.”

One of the priests became enraged. He shouted, “This is nonsense; it’s blasphemous; you are not saints; you are stupid fools!”

The saints said, “Please sir, then teach us the proper prayer so we may communicate with God.”

One priest immediately went into dialogue and spoke the official prayer of the Russian Orthodox Church. It was long. It was bombastic. It was filled with big words.

The three saints looked at each other. How could they possibly learn that? One saint asked, “Sir, will you repeat it again so we can try to learn it?”

A second priest repeated the dialogue with pomp and circumstance. There was a pause, and then one of the saints asked, “Please sir, just one more time.”

The team of three priests looked down with scorn at the three saints, and briskly walked back to their rowboat to travel to the mainland and tell the high priests that these three men were nothing more than stupid fools; they certainly were not saints.

As the priests rowed off … when in the middle of the lake, they could not believe their eyes. There were those three men, that they’d call stupid fools, running across the top of the water toward their boat; one of them shouting, “Please sirs, tell us the prayer one more time; we’ve not yet quite got it.”

The three priests fell to their knees in the boat and one said, “Please forgive us, for we know not what we do.” Another priest said, “You continue with your prayer.”

This story touches me. It tells me not to allow any organized religion, government, or social order to tell me how to think. Tolstoy did not believe in ready-made patterns of thought. If he did, he’d not have been the creative genius that he was.

When you speak to the infinite, speak as you want to speak. Go deep inside and say what your heart wants to say. Let no man tell you there is a programmed way to reach the almighty power of infinite intelligence.

Become your own genius. YOU ARE MARVELOUSLY MADE AND DESTINED TO WIN AT WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. Please set your mind to achieving the beautiful life you once dreamed of experiencing. Begin now, thinking this way this holiday season.

Please know that you are worthy of all that is good and beautiful. Please share this feeling … spread it around; help others to feel this way about themselves. Now that’s the spirit of true giving. What you give away, you get to keep.

Let me know how Tolstoy’s story has touched you. What does it bring to mind? What lesson can you glean from it? How might you interpret it?

Thank you & blessings


“Best Comment of the Week.” This weeks best comments come from OluwaRotimi Adesina & Sylvia. Thank you both for your honest, heartfelt sharing. See their comments here.

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A New Way to Think About Doubt, Belief and Faith

Student: What is doubt?
Teacher: Doubt is dis-ease of the mind.

Doubt is a psychic illness; it’s not natural. Doubt comes from believing in oneself, but not having faith in oneself. There is a big difference between believing and having faith.

Children are ‘taught to believe in themselves’. It seems like a good idea. The problem with ‘believing’ is that it’s a head-mind trip; it’s an intellectual endeavor; it comes with repeating and memorizing positive affirmations.

“I am powerful, I am wealthy, I am talented.” Say this enough times, and you believe it. BUT if you don’t experience it – if you don’t get out in the world and make these ideals real – you still have doubt. This is why so many human beings grow up feeling disappointed with their lives. They are taught to believe in themselves, but they were not taught to take chances to prove their beliefs are true (which brings the feeling of self-faith).

When you believe, you have doubt.
When you have faith, you are doubtless!
A belief can be changed.
Faith is unchangeable; it’s immutable; it’s unmoveable.

If you have a choice of believing in yourself or having faith in yourself, take the action necessary to choose the latter.

With faith, there is no doubt, and the mind is at ease.

With even the strongest belief, there is a glimpse of doubt, and the mind is dis-eased.

I’ve believed in myself and still had doubt. How do I know? I was still indecisive; my future still felt unpredictable.

Student: What can I do about doubt?
Teacher: Stop believing in yourself.

Cardinal Rule: anytime you believe anything, doubt is hiding deep within the belief. The fear is there. The more you insist your belief is true, the deeper in hiding goes the doubt, but it is always waiting to strike!

 So, how do you get from believing to faith? You must go through the dark passage of doubt. And how do you do that? You must act on the idea that you want to believe is true about you; act on it, in spite of the 1,000 reasons why you don’t have time right now!

You must start that business that you plan to open, and sell your car to get the start-up funds, if necessary. How else are you to prove the doubts wrong! A thousand affirmations won’t do it. If you stick to taking action, it will be very worthwhile! A deep heart-felt sense of faith will overcome you.

A TIP: You cultivate beliefs in your mind.
You go deep within yourself to nourish faith.

Faith is always deep inside of you, like a fertile seed waiting to be nourished. You must take action, learn from your miss-takes, and re-take the action to nourish the seed of faith. If you act, and quit with your first mistake, the seed of faith lies dormant.

People who become great achievers move away from the crowd. They dare venture onto the unchartered sea, aspiring to reach a rich port that has not yet been mapped. How can they trust the universe to support them on their journey if they simply believe the port exists? They cannot. They must zig zag, zig zag, zig zag, their way to the port until they have faith that it exists and they have faith that they will reach it. NOW, ALL OF THE INTERACTIVE FORCES OF CREATION JUMP ALIVE TO HELP.

The heart-mind knows faith.
The head-mind knows intellectual beliefs.
This is why the heart-mind is essential to your growth and development.
You cannot intellectually think your way to higher levels of living.

Which shall you cultivate – your heart-mind or your head-mind?

When I went into the restaurant business, I did NOT believe that I had the expertise to succeed … BUT I had faith in myself …. I had faith that I would succeed. I could not come up with one good reason that would substantiate a belief that I’d succeed … BUT my faith brought me three very successful restaurants in three years.

When I wrote my first book, I BELIEVED it would be a best seller. I affirmed it would be a thousand times a day (head-mind work). I did not have faith in myself. It sold 28,000 copies so far. That is not enough to make the New York Times Bestseller list. The greatest of failures become dynamic when one looks at them with self-awareness!

Okay, so what do you think?

What did you learn from this?

Can you share a tale of when you were of great belief, but little faith, … and failed?

Can you share a tale of when you were of little belief, but great faith … and won?

 Thank you, and blessings


“Best Comment of the Week.” This weeks best comments come from Jimmy of My Life Architects and OluwaRotimi Adesina. Thank you both for your honest, heartfelt sharing. See their comments here.

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