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Meet Rob

“When I quit my teaching job to get rich in real estate, they thought I was crazy – when I did it, they thought I was lucky. Now, I live my life by what I call the 70/20 Rule – With The Wisdom of 70 a year old and the passion of a 20 year old.”

Rob White is an International Bestselling author, storyteller & philosopher. Rob created RobWhiteMedia.com as a way to provide individuals with all the resources they need to wake up to the everyday, unassuming gurus amongst us. Rob has dedicated his life to inspire individuals to realize and accomplish their own life goals by providing seminars, workshops, videos, articles, blogs, books and original animation shorts.

Rob is the author of the Amazon Bestseller And Then I Met Margaret, 180: A guide to achieving “inner strength and outer freedom”, and  A Second Chance at Success: Remarkably Simple Ways to Open Your life to Opportunities and Turn Past Mistakes Into Lasting Confidence, Happiness and Success. Rob is regularly featured on the Huffington Post and his original articles are published in dozens of print and online publications. Most recently, Rob has become a National Spokesperson for Hilton Garden Inn and is a guest lecturer at Northeastern University.

From his modest beginnings in a small town in Western Massachusetts, he built a multi-million dollar bi-coastal real estate business and went on to become a successful restaurateur.  Rob is an expert in the fields of personal and professional growth. Drawing on 30 years of experience researching and testing myriad methods and tools for success, he has developed a concise and enriching program that unlocks the true power of human potential.


What’s with the Bird and the little dude?

Shakespeare is Rob’s indispensable advisor and companion of 29 years. A fluorescent green, 12-inch Amazon parrot, Shakespeare sits on Rob’s shoulder during walking excursions and writing sessions, ever on the ready to lend an ear (or nibble an ear as the case may be).

Noteman is a metaphor for every human being (male & female) endowed with the inexorable right to create himself or herself TO BE OR NOT TO BE a ‘wowsome’ individual.




Nicholas Kent is the Art Director, Illustrator and Content Manager of Rob White Media and Mind Adventure, Inc.