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Remarkably simple ways to turn your mistakes into opportunities and open your life to lasting confidence, happiness and success.

There is a two-letter word that makes grown men tremble. It is said that children are exposed to 60,000 NO’s between the ages of two and six. Some are essential for basic safety – “NO, don’t touch the plug!” “NO, NO, don’t play with the scissors!” – but even helpful NO’s can cause a person to lose a sense of curiosity and ambition.

Childhood NO’s become adult fears of criticism for making mistakes; they are the cause of adults feeling helpless when faced with a challenge. There are few npersons for whom NO means nothing.

A Second Chance at Success provides remarkably simple ways to turn your mistakes into opportunities, and open your life to lasting confidence, happiness and success. It is unlike any other self-help book – it goes deeper by showing readers how to strip away the layers of lies that stop them from succeeding.

This book delivers results. Readers will develop resources to combat the NO’s in their lives and come to The Ultimate Understanding: I am a rich and majestic child of ininfinite intelligence. I am marvelously made, and destined to win at whatever I set my mind to, and I am worthy of all that nis good and beautiful.