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NEW: Choose WOW Subscriber Special:

Sign up for the Choose WOW Newsletter and the book is free! You pay $5.00* for Shipping & Handling. Order up to 3 for  your friends and family. *US Shipping only. Please email nick@mindadventure.com for foreign shipping rates.

If this book does not help you to break through to the Authentic-You, with its superlative ability to create whatever you want it to, simply send the book back after 90 days, and we will immediately send a full refund to you. How’s that?  This book, when read one full-spread page a day, offers you security and comfort as it sweeps old discouraging inward self-talk away. If you read this book as instructed, it will have a profoundly positive affect on your attitude and mood. The 90 day program, contained in 180, makes absolute sense. It is an innovative and gratifying teaching technique that enables you to take control of your mind and command of your life.

The trick to gaining command over your mind is… ‘drip, drip, drip’… daily absorbing one mesmerizing conversational bit of information at a time. 180 is a unique prescription for stopping what’s stopping you from creating the future you dream of living into. It takes but 3 minutes a day – one day at a time; no more than that or it will boggle the mind.

Each day contains fundamental truths that cause shifts in your consciousness. This book, if you allow it to, will cast a good spell over you. You discover wonderful things about yourself as refreshing newness overcomes you. Again, the secret to newness is… ‘drip, drip, drip’ – dynamic changes occur that way.

The daily bite-size empowering conversations will deeply touch you and inspire you to think and act in entirely new ways. They awaken you to your bottomless reserve of unrealized potential.

This 90 day program rids your mind of threadbare opinions by replacing them with sage wisdom, and it does it in a way that has you ‘feeeeling’ like you are floating serenely down a peaceful river. No anxious effort required – no hassle, no emotional strain. You don’t even have to use will-power to force the daily exercises onto the details of your day; simply allow them to express through you, and they will demonstrate in spontaneous ways.

The pages of this book serve like a magic lantern. They illuminate your awareness to any howling voices that cast negative spells over you – those voices of your past that hauntingly remind you of those limiting decisions you made about yourself during childhood moments of fear and pain.

Allow ‘Noteman’ to become your daily companion and guide. You will meet him in the introduction and he accompanies you through all 180 pages of the program. He never condemns you for mistakes you make; he simply helps you find the way again.

Are you willing to put in 3 minutes a day for 90 days to access more and more of your original nature with its limitless potential? It’s an exhilarating experience to find yourself defeating those hampering beliefs and limiting decisions that are currently defeating you.
100% money back guarantee!