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A mighty creator

A mighty creator has been placed at your beck and call. This creator is ready to serve you in any way you ask. When correctly disciplined and alertly commanded, this mighty creator can leap over obstacles and plow through barriers with ease, taking you to your appointed destination.

However, when this mighty creator is undisciplined and timidly commanded it will lead you down dark alleys and leave you sitting, befuddled in front of the smallest of obstacles.

You correctly discipline this mighty creator when you have a burning desire that is aflame with fire, and you command it with a firm will that neither doubts nor hesitates when describing your aspiration and the bulls eye for which you aim.

This mighty creator is your subconscious mind. It is an omnipotent force; neglect it not, and the world becomes your oyster.

You are born with courage

You are born with courage; no one can give you courage.

Courage isn’t something that grows as you grow.

Courage is not a quality to be practiced; it’s simply a natural part of your life – like breathing.

Taking chances is what human beings do; otherwise we’d still be living in caves and dining with bats and rats.

Courageous people are authentic and real; they are not robots that mechanically react.

With courage comes spontaneity, creativity and victory.

Where have you been victorious? Right there you’ve been courageous.

You also know where you’ve not exhibited courage in your life – it’s in any arena of your life where there’s been little growth.

Lack of growth implies that you’ve not allowed your courage to assert itself.

In what arenas of your life have you feared the risk of going any farther?

These can be difficult questions to ask oneself, especially if one is experiencing “quiet desperation” in any arena of living.

Might I leave you with this one thought:Those who fear the risk of going too far never get any farther than where they are.

Is where you are good enough for you?

Successful living – distancing from the naysayer

Most folks do not understand that hard work and struggle alone will not bring success. They don’t understand that you don’t have to put your nose to the grindstone to win at life. They do not know that there is no universal law that states that you must pay your dues before you can reap your rewards.

It is important that you distant yourself from the naysayers – those who insist that it takes suffering and extreme effort to achieve your dreams. Otherwise, you will live a life of struggle, and still find yourself on the rocks of despair.

The vital aspect of winning in life is to FEEL that you are capable and FEEL that you are worthy. Yes, FEELING right about yourself is vital. FEELING right about yourself is the only way that you can save yourself from disappointment and grief after putting in many, many days and weeks and months of hard work. If the FEELING is missing the victory is missed.

Those who understand this secret of success distance themselves from the naysayers. They do not participate in conversations about “how tough life is,” or “how it’s not in God’s divine plan for everyone to succeed.” The naysayers explain that the successful few are the ones who are “born under lucky stars,” or “fated to win because of their lot in life.”

Are you intelligent? YES, you are a rich and majestic child of infinite intelligence. Never, never, never deny that fact.

Are you creative? YES, you are a superlatively creative being, here to reveal and FEEL the wonderful hidden talents and strengths that dwell in the deep of you. Always, always, always remind yourself of that.

It’s time, right now, for you to pull yourself from the negative yammering of the flock. This is the moment to destroy whatsoever negative, self-limiting opinions the world has convinced you are true about you. Only when you pull from the flock can you pull those negative thought-voices from your mind.

At first, in the beginning, when you stand alone on your virtues of being intelligent and creative – you probably will feel cold and alone. It feels difficult at first. Have courage. Endure! Accept yourself as you really are, and in that acceptance, intelligence and creativity will come. Nothing is more revitalizing and exhilarating than to be left completely alone as your untainted, essential self – you discover new things about yourself that you never imagined were true about you.

Have courage to be yourself; you will not let yourself down – I can promise you that.

The Power of self-responsibility

When a person accepts responsibility for his life, it can be amazing indeed when he looks at his future and sees how easy life can be.

The responsible person alone is strong, all that aren’t responsible are weaklings, meekly stumbling down the hill of life.

It’s a great moment in a person’s life when he creates an opportunity to accept responsibility – he sees the opening to infinite possibilities.

When one stops avoiding responsibility for his life, he begins seeing himself in a new light – he lives as an empowered entity, which becomes his identity as the call of the summits sings loud in his heart.

It takes responsibility to have a dauntless will, to be commander of one’s life, to consciously design of one’s destiny and captain one’s fate; such noble action requires casting blame on no one and making no excuses for any reason.

To be responsible, to think responsibly, to imagine you are responsible for how your life unfolds – has you rarely miss an aim because you keep your emotions tame.

From the summit to the valley to the desert to the sea – travel responsibly, and you’ll be one of the few who rarely warbles, moans or groans. For from the very depth of your being you will hear these words with a rich depth of tone, “If it is to be it is up to me.”

Mankind’s greatest honor is being a fully functioning, responsible being – all other honors are superficial if they are not a result of self-responsibility.

The only reason the activity of a person’s life is chaotic is because the activity of that person’s mind lacks responsibility. Where might you take a little more responsibility for your mental and physical activity today?

The Power of Understanding

Once a man understands the Law of Life and the truth of his superlatively creative nature – then victory is won. Out of every stone, the understanding man can carve a throne, out of every cave – a castle.

When a man ignores the Law of Life and the truth of his superlatively creative nature – he lives in ignorance, and victory is but a passing fantasy. He throws stones at others in anger, and dwells in dark caves in the recesses of his mind.

The Law of Life is one law – Seek excellence in the least significant things you do, and the rest will come easily to you. For it’s in the least significant that you find the key to the most significant.

The truth of self is one truth – You are a rich and majestic child of infinite intelligence; accept this fact and the rest will flow. Approach yourself with reverence, no matter how disappointed you may temporarily feel, for it’s only with self-reverence that your aims will be direct and the results will be accurate.

Understand what is written here, and no road is impassable for you.

What’s true intelligence

Student: I’ve been told that my IQ is average at best; is that good enough to be a real success?

Teacher: Everyone has equal intelligence when it comes to assessing a situation and making right judgments that will lead to successful action. That intelligence has little to do with IQ. Folks that live successfully at what they set their hearts to, do so because they use their “right judgment intelligence.”

Student: What would stop me from accessing my “right judgment intelligence”?

Teacher: Many things stop you from using your “right judgment intelligence”:

  1. A belief system that has you feeling inadequate or unworthy can do it.

  2. A value system that has looking good or being right more important than getting the accurate facts is another big deterrent.

  3. Any thought-habit that brings up fear or vanity will most likely stop you from accessing your “right judgment intelligence.”

Student: How can I be aware of these deterrents that hamper my use of “right judgment intelligence”?

Teacher: Learn to take “fact-finding responsibility”; you must learn to look at things from a very different perspective than you usually do. Look just for the facts; let nothing distract you from looking FOR facts and acting FROM that.

Passion and Fear

Passion is a constructive compulsion.  There’s something in it that’s inspiring.  When you catch your first fragrance of passion, you know you’re heading in the right direction.  When you’re burning with passion, you are a sincere individual about that of which you are passionate.

Fear is a destructive compulsion.  It scares you into acting in counterproductive direction; you are receptive to jumping to hasty conclusions.  Every crime of the mind is a consequence of fear interfering with calm, logical thinking.

Mother Teresa was passionate; she was burning with loving energy, feeling wonderfully confident and ever aspiring to higher benefits of living.

Adolf Hitler was fearful; he was burning with hateful energy, feeling anxious and insecure and ever plummeting lower into the depths of harmful reactions.

Humanity’s glorious achievements are a consequence of passion combined with a dauntless will and a well-keeled intention – when that’s in place the winds blow in your favor and the seas calm to accommodate your travel.

It’s not only agonizing to be clutched by fear; it’s exhausting.  Hear the good news: You can start your life over right now with a simple awareness of where fear has gripped you and a willingness to no longer be who you’ve allowed yourself to be when that destructive emotion takes you over.

Suppose you’re with a friend, lost in the forest. After some logical thinking, you both agree to walk west.  All is well for a few moments, but then he hears a noise in front of him and quickly turns in the opposite direction. You’re feeling passionate about your mutual decision to walk west, and so you quickly try to correct him. Unfortunately, his fear has him refuse to listen.  What can you do to shock him into making the necessary correction? Only an honest assessment of his own deception can cause a productive self-awakening. You point out the fact, “There are no dangerous animals in this forest, and the worst it could be is a scared raccoon, running to avoid us.” In that instant, your friend is no longer who he was a moment ago, and you’re both calmly traveling west once again.  By the way, you don’t walk more than a few hundred yards, and you find the path you were seeking.

Awareness and tweaking can be very productive

Student: I seem to go through a lot of motion in a day, and yet I seem to get so little done.

Teacher: A tourist visited a manufacturing company, and was amazed at the loud noise a machine was making with all kinds of moving parts in rapid motion. He mentioned to the supervisor that he assumed a machine that noisy and moving that rapidly must be manufacturing a lot in a day. The supervisor replied, “Oh that machine. It’s not working properly. That’s why it’s so noisy and moving too fast. We’re waiting for the mechanic to come and repair it, to slow it down and quiet the engine.”

Student: Wow, that machine sounds like me. What I consider an active day is mostly a lot of noise and rapid, unproductive motion.

Teacher: With a little awareness and a little tweaking, you can become twice as productive with half the noise and effort.

It’s time to revalue yourself

You are a rich and majestic child of the ever-expanding cosmos. This cosmos is infinitely intelligent. You are a rich and majestic child of infinite intelligence. You contain the intelligence contained in the cosmos. How could an offspring of infinite intelligence be anything less? To know this about yourself offers a very healthy attitude.

It has been spoken by many that you are an angel from heaven, and in that metaphor exists all of the wondrous qualities that you possess. I speak of this “angel from heaven” not in a religious way, but in practical terms. When you accept this metaphor as true about you – the time will come when you cease to look at yourself without the love and appreciation you deserve. That time is near; can you feel it? When you feel it, it becomes a very powerful resource for you.

So, what would stop you from accepting that you are a child of infinite intelligence and an angel from heaven? What is this part of you that insists that that’s a lot of hogwash? Is that not the same part of you that has you live a life of constant yearning and striving but never arriving where you hoped you’d be? Do you understand that the part of you that refuses to believe wonderful things about yourself does not exist in reality? Do you understand that “that part of you” is an assumed identity, an identity that you acquired as a consequence of your misguided imagination?

Have you ever loved a child or even a pet, so much so that you’ve given that child unceasing tender, loving attention? And you enjoyed every moment of it, didn’t you? Can you remember the poise of mind and peace of heart that you experienced when in service like that? It is time for you to take quiet, firm mastery of your mind, and attend to yourself that way. For it is that alone that will open the door to the true you in all of your divine beauty. And only then will you be able to release yourself from the bondage of those self-limiting opinions that block you from revealing and feeling the ideal feeling of realness that you seek.

To you, however, who are not yet ready to accept yourself to be an angel from heaven, or cannot give yourself the kind of tender, loving attention that you deserve, I say, if infinite intelligence did not place you here to provide this attention to yourself, then how shall you blossom? Who else can do it for you? See how the flowers of the field grow – do they labor or spin? Do they yearn or strive? What might you learn from them?

We are all blessed, and so few seem to know. It’s time to revalue yourself.

Incredible Potential

When you accept the truth of your incredible potential, and when you no longer hesitate or procrastinate when it comes to proving it’s true – a “wave of determination” comes over you. With this wave, new visions of success release in your mind for you to view. This moment marks the genesis of a new attitude, and like the caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis – you begin to change. The wisdom of your immense potential begins to assume command, and you begin to expand. The old “I AM” with which you identified, no longer fits you – it feels too tight. You are ready to take on more than you did the day before because the “I AM” that you experience incarnating within you feels passionate and free. It sees everything very differently.

So, what’s your work in this process of incarnation? Your surface mind has been focused in the wrong direction. If you would only turn your attention on the fact that you are marvelously made and here to reveal and feel all that is good and beautiful about you, and if you would discipline your mind to hold that fact, the rest would happen quite naturally.

Refuse to be blinded any longer by the lies that insist you don’t have what it takes to live your dreams. You are not a half-baked inadequate creature, just trying to survive and get by. God you are when it comes to your life; you have the power to determine your earthly destiny. Dare’st you entertain that fact and then act?