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In the Deep of You

At the center of your being, in the deep of you, there is a quality – a remarkably loving, delightfully joyful, ingeniously creative and immensely powerful quality. Your recognition of this quality enables it to operate through you. You recognize this quality when you feel it. “You shall find me when you feel after me,” speaks this quality. Take the time to feel this quality, this power, which is God within you. Call this quality forth until you are so fully conscious of it that it breaks through every negative obstruction with which time, space and memory have surrounded you, every obstruction that inhibits you from revealing and feeling the marvelously made being that you are.

All that happens, that truly makes a difference in your life, happens with the speed of thought. So what’s the delay? That, my friends, is my message to you today.

What you impress, you express

The contents of the beliefs that you hold in mind give you the contents of your reality. You just can’t get around that fact no matter how hard you may try.

Your reality, for the sake of clarity, is nothing more than your beliefs objectifying in your world for you to experience.

When you ponder an idea or opinion and decide it is true, a feeling of certainty comes over you; and in that instant you impress that opinion upon your subconscious, which has a job to do.

The subconscious mind’s job is to give form and expression to that impression to prove to you that the opinion indeed is true.

You life experiences evolve from your belief system, which is stored in the subconscious. Your belief system contains all of the ideas and opinions that you feel certain about. Not one of those ideas is lost, although your conscious mind may have long forgotten many of them.

The experiences that are made in your life are made from the contents of your belief system, and there is not anything made that is made without your belief system’s participation.

Every one of those subconscious impressions, which began as simple ideas that you upgraded to the status of belief, wait for the perfect opportunity to take on external form by objectifying in your physical world.

Student: How do I upgrade an idea to the powerful position of belief?

Teacher: With your FEELINGS. When you FEEL certain that it is valid and real, you’ve impressed it upon you subconscious.

The subconscious does not originate opinions, nor does it judge what you impress upon it. The subconscious openly accepts all of those opinions that you send it with the FEELING of certainty. Therefore, it is through your power to impress, that you create your world of experiences that give you joy or misery.

When you FEEL certain that it’s your birthright to live productively and happily, and impress that opinion on your subconscious mind – your life contains a treasure trove of wonderful experiences.

What happens if you are foolishly convinced that you were born under the wrong star and misfortune is your plight in life? What if you FEEL certain about that?


How to persuade a person

Student: How can I persuade others so I have power with them in my life?

Teacher: You persuade those that talk the same language as you; you persuade those who identify with you through your gestures and your attitude and your values. So in fact, you are able to persuade those who are able to persuade you because you think and act in similar manners. You have power with those that you have things in common with, and thus they have power with you.

Student: So it’s not a one-way street?

Teacher: Heavens no. Persuading others is not a selfish endeavor, it’s a matter of having the same self-interests. You cannot push their buttons unless they can push your buttons. There is no other way, unless you carry a big stick. And that’s not persuading others, that’s forcing them.

The perfect life-coach

Student: How do I find the perfect life-coach for me?

Teacher: The perfect life-coach comes when you begin feeling self-reliant, self-trust and self-confident.

Student: How does feeling self-reliant attract the right life-coach to me?

Teacher: You are a magnet; when you feel self-reliant, you attract the right book, or the right TV or radio show, or the right conversation with someone, which confirms the incredible power of believing in yourself.

Student: Are you saying that after that, I’ll realize that I don’t need a life-coach to help me love a productive happy life because I’ll realize that I have all of the resources available right inside of me to coach myself?

Teacher: Excellent deduction. Self-reliance erases the belief that has you feeling you need someone else to teach you how to live your life productively and happily. You’ve got everything that it takes, right now, right inside of you, to live your dreams, and when you learn to trust yourself, you’ll have faith in that fact. With faith in that fact you will naturally act in ways that draw out your hidden talents, your inner strengths and your immense potential. And just as the dawning sun ends darkness, the dawning of your talents, strengths and potential will end your confusion.

Experiencing in reality what you desire in imagination

There is a secret to making your dreams come true, to experiencing your dreams in your real world. The secret is to pass over from desire to gratitude.

When you have a burning desire for something – you are making a very definite statement. You are saying, “I don’t have it.” You are actually robbing yourself of the chance of attaining it by desiring it, for the feeling of desire always separates you from it. As long as you continue to desire it you will live without.

You must pass over from one state of mind to another state of mind – from the state of desire to the state of gratitude – if you are to experience in reality what you desire in imagination.

Student: How do I do that? How do I pass over from desire to gratitude?

Teacher: You must become what you want to be; you must identify with the “I AM” that would have what you want to have or that would successfully do what you want to do. You must imagine that you are that person who possesses that thing you desire, and you must imagine it until you can vividly FEEL the realness of it.

Student: And then what?

Teacher: That’s it. Then you will naturally find yourself doing what needs to be done, and you will find yourself quite coincidentally meeting the people you need to meet to help you make your dream come true, and you’ll find yourself attracting the perfect circumstances that will help convert your fantasy into fact. When you feel the realness of it, you have the power of the entire creating cosmos on your side. End the error within yourself and your exterior will have no errors when converting your abstraction into live action.

Student: So you’re saying that if I become what I want to be so I can have what I want to have, then I am saved from what I was, which was the only thing that stopped me?

Teacher: Yes, well spoken. The I AM that has you feeling grateful is not the I AM that has you burning with desire. Being able to pass over from the desiring I AM to the grateful I AM requires the Power of Personal Transformation. It is great encouragement to realize one has that power.

Truth knows that it is true

Student: So many family members and friends seem to think they know what is best for me; how will I know when I’m being true to myself?

Teacher: Truth knows that it is true; when you are being true to yourself, there are no doubts.

Student: Are there times when I should be loyal to those who really do want the best for me?

Teacher: Pledge your loyalty to yourself – your true self – and all of your questions about being loyal to others will be answered.

What about the sane ones?

The psychology teacher was asked, “What about the sane person? You have spoken in detail about the insane person. What about the sane ones?”

The psychology teacher answered, “When we find a sane person, we cure him.”

Children are sane ones. They sense their freedom, their capacity to create; they love their curiosity, their ability to express freely. We cure them. We teach them how to talk and then we tell them to shut up. We introduce them to society’s rules (1) look good (2) be liked (3) go along to get along (4) insist you’re right at any cost (5) dominate others to avoid being dominated by others. We introduce them to all kinds of “isms” — Catholicism, communism, Judaism, capitalism—the list goes on.

Are you one of the sane ones? People who are sane are antisocial. Society is not against them; they are against society. They refuse to allow society to tell them what to think, how to dress, what God to worship.

The suggestible type – to be or not to be

I used to think that I did not want to be “the suggestible type;” I wanted to be of my own mind. I thought being suggestible was being weak.

Well, wisdom has taught me something very differently. I find it most gainful for me to read with an attitude of suggestibility when I’m reading a good book that give great tips on how to live productively and happily. I want the authors to influence me.

What I don’t want is for others to decide when I’m “the suggestible type” and when I’m not. When others urge me to listen to what they believe, insisting that I be suggestible to their suggestions – I am quick to be aware of the choice I make.

A wise individual will switch back and forth, from being “the suggestible type” to being closed-minded, depending upon the subject matter and the point of view being offered. He ponders the information being shared before he makes his decision.

Does the fledgling eagle listen to its mother when she encourages it to come to the edge of the branch and fly? Indeed, it is smart advice and the fledgling listens.

Does the lamb walk into the jaws of a growling lion? If it does, it’s a fool and the results will prove it.

Let the above images be your guides when circumstances come where you must decide – “Shall I be “the suggestible type” or closed-minded.

The madman and the chain

There was a madman who was convinced that he was tied to the trunk of a tree with a chain. He’d only go so far from the tree and stop. He’d claim the chain, tied to his ankle, would let him go no farther. He’d go round and round the tree but insisted he couldn’t walk far from the tree. If you told him there was no chain, he wouldn’t listen. The villagers called him a madman.

Isn’t that the way most of us live our lives? Are we not all chained to an invisible tree in the middle of our comfort zone? We can go only so far from what we believe we’re capable of achieving, and we retreat back into the zone. So, it’s the same madness, except we all agree not to call each other mad.

Teacher: Do you know who grows and expands and achieves more today than he did the day before?

Student: The person who’s crazy enough to break the invisible chain of limiting beliefs that we all secretly agree exists in our lives?

Teacher: Yes, and I hope you all go crazy!

Don’t make light of your imagination

Your inner world is as real as your outer world. You aren’t getting anywhere in your outer world without the cooperation of your inner world.

Your dreams and visions are the prophets of your actions and accomplishments. You cannot even make a cup of coffee in the morning without first imagining yourself doing it. The imagining may happen in a nano-second, but without the inner vision, there is no outer action.

How do you explain mankind living in a cave with a bonfire to living high-rise skyscrapers with central heating? Someone had to begin imagining something different than just dwelling in a cave with the rats and the bats. And from that imagining sprung forth another generation that imagined a little more, and a little more still. Look how far those imaginings have taken us.

Ancient script states, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” Okay, well that’s true. What do you want your life to be about? Are not those dreams and aspirations your “kingdom of heaven?” Are they not contained within you? How are you to turn those fantasies into fact if you do not give proper due to those visions that you entertain in your inner world? When you give them the respect they deserve, they evolve into felt-visions. And felt-visions become convictions that compel outer action that dress those visions in physical clothing.

The outer world that the observer observes comes from the thoughts, feelings and visions that he observes in his inner world. Choose this day what you will imagine your tomorrow to be about. Think on it, think on it, think on it until you are moved by it. And that internal movement radiate outwardly, moving circumstances to make those imaginings reality.

Don’t make light of your imagination, and it won’t make light of you; it will take you seriously, and make that inner kingdom of fantasy that you hold dearly the outer kingdom of experiences that has you exclaiming, “Wow, really!”

Can you see how practical it is to respect your imagination? See it even deeper.