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Use Your Television Powerfully

Here's a real insider tip on how to train your mind to work for you. Use television as a tool to help you notice how quickly the world can grab your mind’s attention. You turn on TV, and within a minute or two you are cast under a spell - you become completely involved with the news or the reality … [Read more...]


There’s nothing more liberating than to be free from negative self-talk, from harmful inner voices that make you feel inferior and insecure. The rewards of such freedom are out of this world. Are you tired of emotional torment that tricks you into believing your dreams are just foolish fantasies? … [Read more...]

What is a random act of kindness?

Well, if an act of kindness is random, then it must fulfill two stipulations: It must make a difference in someone’s life in a positive way It must occur without premeditation I remember, years ago, when I got a flat tire way out in the country, one hundred miles from nowhere, on a very hot, … [Read more...]


In the beginning, when you were born, there was no feeling of cowardice; there was only the original you – the brave-hearted you - acting courageously. A coward listens to his fears and reacts accordingly, whereas the brave of heart, the courageous, goes forward valiantly in spite of feeling … [Read more...]

When you feel it you real it

It’s not a difficult formula, and it is a most powerful one: what you feel is true becomes real for you. Or, as the title of this blog implies – when you feel it, truly feel it, you reel it in, you make it real in your life. There’s a lot of hullabaloo about the Law of Attraction. But, the Law … [Read more...]