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Who Wears the crown?

Is the butterfly master of the caterpillar?
Is the sun master of the moon?
Is the rich man master of the poor man?
Is the boulder master of the pebble?

In doing it’s work, is the universe master of you?
In doing your work, are you master of the universe?
In doing its work, is the universe not doing your work?
In doing your work, are you not also doing the work of the universe?

The caterpillar wears a kingly crown,
The moon wears a kingly crown,
The poor man wears a kingly crown,
The pebble wears a kingly crown,

A crown as kingly as King Richard I wore (known as “Richard the Lionheart)
Richard was a crusading king,
He gained fame for his chivalry,
For his courage,
For his indefatigable spirit.

Does not the caterpillar, the moon, the poor man, the pebble display these same qualities, as did King Richard I, in their own unique ways?

Look at you:
Learning to walk & talk,
Read & write,
Swim and ride a bike
All, by age six.

Remove the veil of inferiority
Until the sublime truth about you,
In all of your greatness
Is revealed.

I say to you, “You are an intricate and valuable part of all of it. Never lose sight of that fact. Go about your daily service today – service to your family, service to your job, service to your country, service to the world, SERVICE TO YOURSELF – knowing that you are, indeed, an intricate and valuable part of all of it. If you weren’t a perfect fit, you wouldn’t be here. And if the crown of mastery weren’t a perfect fit, you couldn’t wear it. You are a perfect fit, and the crown is a perfect fit – wear it proudly.”

You are the maker; you are the made

Your concepts of self, what you think about yourself, determines your reactions to life. And your reactions to life give you your experiences of life.

You hold the magic wand. The wand will manifest a life that is in harmony with the contents of your self-concept. The contents of your self-concept become the product of the magic wand.

You are the maker; you are the made.
You are the creator; you are the creation.
You are the conceiver; you are the concept.

Which one of the three statements above can you best identify with? As the creator, so goes the creation; as the maker, so goes what is made; as the conceiver, so goes the concept.

What happens if you worry about getting the flu? Soon you begin feeling ill.

What happens if you rejoice in how healthy you are during flu season? The season comes and goes with not ill affect on you.

“Let the weak man say he is strong.” What if the worrier took on a very different point of view? What if he held a very different opinion about himself? What if he believed he was blessed with healthy genes that assured him a healthy life?

If there be hobgoblins in your mind – there will be hobgoblins in your life. If there be angels flying about in your mind, waiting to help you – there will be people in your world ready to support you with the wonderful things you’re up to.

How might you think and speak and act tomorrow so this message today may be used for your betterment?

Your consciousness is stealing over the earth

Have you ever heard the ancient script: “The consciousness of God is stealing over the earth, touching all things”? Well, when it comes to your world – your consciousness is the power that touches all things; it is the attracting force that gives you your reality.

That of which you are conscious is what you attract into your life. And that of which you are unconscious does not exist for you. Thus, your consciousness is the “consciousness of God,” touching all things in your world.

Your consciousness is the light that takes flight by projecting outwardly into space, and reflecting back to you in real time at your place. If you only knew, and paid attention to what you wanted to experience – your world would unfold wondrously for you.

All things are revealed to you according to what you pay attention to. And when your attention dwindles from a thing, it dwindles from your life. That’s a lot of power you wield in your particular world. What to do:

Step 1: Know what you want; be specific.

Step 2: Vividly imagine it until it FEELS real, so much so that it has you reeling.

Step 3: Go out into the world and act as though it is already so in spite of your rational mind screaming “NO.”

Now choose one specific outcome you desire to accomplish this week. Take the above three steps seriously, and you will pass into the plane of “manifesting that outcome” gently. It need not be a lot of hard work and undue strife.

A very powerful practice

It’s a very powerful practice to learn to go through your day (in your mind before falling asleep at night), and redoing it the way you would have it done, now that it’s over. Make revisions in what you’d say or do if you could do it over again.

If you got into a foolish tiff with a work colleague this morning, how would you handle it differently? Mentally revise it to conform with the values and ideals that you want to make regular and real in your life.

This one simple practice will be the beginning of powerful changes in your life. With your imagination, you are able to exercise the Power of Intervention, and redo your whole day so it satisfies you. The lessons you learn will be invaluable to you when tomorrow comes. You are practicing the Fine Art of Course Correction. When you course correct constantly – “The ways are ways of pleasantness and all thy paths are peace” – ancient proverb.

In the Beginning

In the beginning you were an unconditioned being. As a baby, you had no habits, no belief system, no rules. Your attitude was “bring it on, I can handle it.” And you did that wonderfully. My goodness, you were up and walking and talking by age three. You were reading and writing by age six. There was no stopping you.

And then, slowly the unconditioned being that you were became conditioned. You were handed rules that you must follow. You were told things about yourself in good moments and bad moments that became part of your belief system. You began imagining yourself to be someone specific. And soon you were conditioned to be that which you imagined.

What you didn’t realize was that if you’d been raised in an entirely different environment, with very different people, you’d have been handed different rules, been spoken to differently (given different beliefs), and you would have created yourself to be a very different YOU than who you are right now.

This very moment right now is “the beginning” for you, if you want it to be. You can recreate yourself anew, anytime you want to. That’s what’s great about being a human being. Unfortunately, most folks don’t take that privilege seriously. And if they don’t like who they’ve created themselves to be, unfortunately they usually end up living their lives out in quiet desperation.

“All things when they are admitted are made manifest by the light. For everything that is made manifest is light.” – EPH 5:13 When it comes to you -YOU are that light. The qualities of character upon which you shine “your light of awareness,” become part of your personality.

If you want to brighten your life up a bit, begin by: (1) understanding that “your awareness” is the light … and … (2) direct your awareness toward the kind of person you would love to see expressing through you. This one simple beginning can create miraculous changes in your personality. “All qualities of character that are admitted into your personality are made manifest by your awareness of those qualities. And without your awareness those qualities cannot exist in your personality.”

The Power of Seamings

“What seems to be, IS, to those who it seems to be.” – William Blake. It seems that William was on to something with that statement about the “Power of Seamings.”

What life seems to be for you, determines your destiny. It isn’t “reality” that plays as big a role in your fate as does your model of reality. And your model of reality is comprised of all of those ideas that seem very true to you. Thus, what appears as solid reality depends not so much on what is actually there as on your assumptions (what seems to be there), when you look.

Let’s take this a step farther. What seems to be happening in your reality gives you your responses to life. And your responses to life give you your experiences of life. And your experiences of life validate what life seems to be about for you.

Oh my God! Could it all be a dream? Are we making all of this up with our seemings? Is that what Emerson was referring to when he said that the world is plastic and fluid? Wait a minute. Maybe that’s not scary news. Maybe that’s great news. Does that mean that we can change our world at will if we simply take the time to have life seem different today than it seemed yesterday?

What if you made a firm resolution to say three dozen times a day, “It SEEMS to me that life is beautiful and I am here to enjoy its many treasures.” What if the subconscious part of your mind picked up on this new SEEMING, and considered it your high command? Is it possible that all kinds of exciting and new things might appear in your world for you to enjoy?


Never go to sleep

Never go to sleep feeling angry
Never go to sleep feeling disappointed
Never go to sleep feeling discouraged

Never fall asleep with the feeling of dissatisfaction
Never fall asleep with the feeling of guilt
Never fall asleep with the feeling of unworthiness

The subconscious is listening
It’s paying full attention to you
The subconscious has a job to do
Which is to physically embody whatever mood you embrace

The subconscious manifests objectively
The mood you impress upon it subjectively
It clothes your moods in physical form
For you to realize in your reality

Thus, it is said:
“Whatsoever things are pure, are just are lovely
Think on these things constantly, and faint not”

Take the above advice seriously
For your own good
For your own growth

I say with authority, “Thou art good, and are worthy of all that is beautiful”
Take these words seriously
Adopt the attitude they offer you
every evening before dropping off to sleep

Crash Program – How to be Joyful

Student: How can I guarantee myself joy in my day, in my life?

Teacher: There’s a process that works at will, if you’re willing to allow it to.

Student: What might that process be?

Teacher: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Student: I go to the toilet. I get a cup of coffee. I look out the window to see what the weather’s like.

Teacher: Have none of those be first. SMILE; just smile. If you made it a habit to smile, even before you breathed, before your toilet trip to be relieved, before you took that first sip of coffee, before you checked to notice the weather – you’d drop the need to feel satisfied with some condition before you decide to be joyful. That places you in charge of your mood, not the conditions in your life.

Sense the tulip bulb sprouting

Being human is an incredible opportunity. You get to create yourself as you want to be. How sad it is that most of us place ourselves in a cardboard box; we place ourselves in an emotional environment of barriers and obstacles. And the biggest obstacle is our very own collection of self-demeaning opinions – erroneous notions that we cling to and insist are true.

Have you considered the fact that ‘You are a marvelously made being; a rich and majestic child of infinite intelligence with immense potential”? What if you added that fact to your collection of self-opinions?

To the extent that a person discards being “marvelously made” to his collection of self-opinions, he fences out all that is good and beautiful about himself, thus making “glorious and joyful living” alien to his experiences of life.

A tulip bulb that sits in a cardboard box remains a tulip bulb until it rots. And never is the incredible tulip – sealed within the tulip bulb – revealed. Only if the tulip bulb is taken out of the cardboard box and planted in nutritious soil, will it get to display its wondrous nature.

To the extent that you deny that you’re a “marvelously made being,” you’re like that tulip bulb sitting in a box. Some call that box a comfort zone. Yet, there’s really very little that’s comfortable about it. Other than the comfort of living an unrevealing life, where there’s no risk, there’s no joyful feeling of revealing.

Breaking out of one’s comfort zone is a matter of breaking down the flimsy cardboard walls of that box that separate him from his hidden talents, his awesome inner strength, and his mysterious powers of manifestation, his many dormant qualities.

What’s it take to break free of such a sterile environment, one that stops a person from expressing his hidden talents gloriously?

It takes a bolt of lightening to rip that box to shreds so he can be whatever he or she wants to be. He begins by being his own bolt of lightening. He dares to speak proudly, “I am a rich and majestic child of infinite intelligence. I am marvelously made. And, I am here to express and experience those marvelous qualities that lie deep within me.”

“Who spurred with true desire, plunging at once into the sacred fire.” Are you spurred with that true desire, so much so, that you are willing to perish of the old personality; willing to burn it up in the flame of your burning desire so the bright truth of the “marvelously made YOU” can blossom through?

Don’t wait for a crisis to strike before you decide to strike the walls of your box with a bolt of lightening unlike anything it’s ever felt before. Shake it to the core right now. Speak the truth about yourself in a fashion that has you FEEL IT, FEEL IT, FEEL IT. You cannot FEEL IT until you dare to REAL IT – incarnate it into your reality.

Are you ready for a major change in personality? Are you willing to do what it takes to become ONE with that ideal image that you hold of yourself, deep in your field of consciousness? That image that makes you feel fully alive? You’ve got to be willing to think and speak and act from the truth about your marvelously made nature until you can sense the tulip bulb vibrating and sprouting in the deep of you.

“I am a rich and majestic child of infinite intelligence. I am marvelously made. And, I am here to express and experience those qualities that are unique and beautiful about me.”

Here’s how you plant the above tulip bulb in nourishing soil, deep in your field of consciousness:

  1. Take inventory:

    • What do you really like about yourself?
    • What one quality do you want to demonstrate on-goingly?
    • What new project can you begin that will exhibit that quality?
    • What inhibiting role do you play, that it’s time to let go?
  2. Write it all down. If you’re going to give birth to this marvelously made NEW YOU, it’s important that you don’t forget what you’re up to.

  3. Take Action. You are a “bulb of flourishing life” just waiting to sprout and blossom on the planet. Speak this truth about yourself, in your own words, including the specific quality that you want to clearly demonstrate through you. Speak it repeatedly before you ACT, and for heaven’s sake, do take one step toward its manifestation before you do anything else today. ACT on it.

The purpose of the project you’ve committed to completing, is to prepare you to take cosmic command as you make contact with your day – trusting that your instincts and your intuition and all of the powers of infinite intelligence will guide you to the right and perfect actions. It’s frivolous to assume that all of this can happen without your full participation.

Your life belongs to you. Act as though that’s so. Allow no useless self-opinions of yesterday to take command of your action. If one tries to do so – make note of it, and simply say, “Be on your way.”

You possess what no other living creature on this planet possesses – the power to rebirth yourself anew if you’re not satisfied with the identity that is right now determining your life for you.

You are sufficient, in and of yourself, to live wonderfully and express joyfully. It is time to meet “the Master;” go look in a mirror, and then take that feeling with you as you go out into the day.

If You Were To Turn To Yourself

If you were to turn to yourself, and watchfully notice your reactions and responses to life, and if you were to study those reactions and responses that you’re expressing every moment of your waking day, and if you were to notice how often they harm you in many ways, and if you were to trust that you have the intelligence to respond to life much more effectively if you dared to put your faith in yourself and if you rested in the fact that you are a marvelously made being, here to express and experience your many hidden strengths and talents:

  1. You would come to recognize that you have an inner compass that is flawless, and that will guide you in all matters that concern you in the world.

  2. You would come to realize that your intuitive intelligence is without bounds, and it will offer many insights to help you on your path through life, making it much easier for you to solve your problems and resolve your difficulties.

Perhaps the first part of the statement – “Ye shall enter the kingdom of heaven” – was lost, Lo, over these many thousand years since it was first spoken. Perhaps the statement was originally spoken, “If you were to turn to yourself, ye shall enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Student: So, you’re saying I can’t do anything lastingly right for myself until I see what I am ignoring about my true nature?

Teacher: Indeed, we imagine we are conscious of all there is to know about ourselves, but we are looking at only the surface.