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How to Win – learn to dream

You are here on this planet to dream; you are here to live into that dream, and you are here to outgrow that dream and then dream a bigger dream again. When you dream with the intention of knowing that your dream will be so, you will know what to do to cushion the blow when the world screams “NO.” Persist in the assumption that your fantasies can be fact, and I assure you that you’ll find it natural to act in ways the break the back of any NO that tries to haunt you. Though the world may scream “NO,” there is nothing that can stop you from making your ideals real when you absolutely FEEL that you’ve already accomplished what you’re dreaming of achieving. What would it FEEL like if you were the person you want to be so you could do what you dream of doing, and consequently have what you’d love to have?

Winning in life – a tip:

Learn to be a mind-detective; detect your words and feelings and actions; listen to your self-talk. If you take the time to pay attention, that one practice will be very revealing. Notice your thought-habits; those thoughts that you automatically repeat to yourself again and again. Also, take the time to notice your insights and revelations; those remarkable moments when you are able to see things differently than your usual point of view. Start doing something right for yourself – do this practice a few times a day for the next week or so, and you’ll quickly know what it means to be in control.

Success Tip: Notice how you resist opportunities to grow

Student: As much as I’d love to attend a seminar on self-growth this Saturday, I’ve already made plans for that day.

Teacher: It’s strange how so many so-called “students of self-advancement” protest when asked to go the extra mile so they might learn what they need to know in order to grow.

Student: How am I resisting?

Teacher: One way of resisting is to say, “I’ve got too much on my plate that day.” Coming up with excuses to avoid picking up some tips on how to radically change your life is as insane as saying, I’m too busy” if someone told you where you could go to pick up some diamonds.

Student: How can I see when I am resisting by coming up with weak excuses?

Teacher: See through your deep resignation; notice how that resigned part of you pretends to have your best interest at heart while actually it has you frantically scrambling through life thinking you have too much to do. This one insight can remove a huge obstacle that blocks an opportunity to have that crucial breakthrough you so yearn to experience.

How to have a breakthrough to a new you

Student: There’s something that stops me from breaking free of my comfort zone; it’s very disappointing. What can I do?

Teacher: You must be willing to hear a truth about you that you don’t want to hear.

Student: I’ve been told that I’m pig-headed and stubborn; is that a truth I don’t want to hear.

Teacher: If you run away and try to evade that statement; it is most likely a truth that could be a big boost for you. You see, most of us have the tendency to resist the very truths that could save us from ourselves – truths that would allow us to let go of bad habits that keep our progress slow.

A Rule of Successful living – go higher

Student: I often hear that “awareness” is the key to living richly and successfully, what does that mean?

Teacher: A woman went into a jewelry building seeking the perfect diamond. She went from jeweler to jeweler only to find that the stores on the top floor had the most exquisite of all stones. That is a metaphor for the “Law of Awareness,” which states that the higher you elevate your awareness above the mundane ground floor of life, the more valuable are the truths you find for living richly and successfully.

Success tip: How do I overcome my fear?

Student: Why is the world in such a state of fear, and how do I overcome it?

Teacher: Have you noticed what movies or what video games or what news shows are most popular these days – the more they scare people, the more they sell. Fear is a hot commodity right now.

Student: How do I stop myself from getting caught up in that?

Teacher: You must be willing to take a different point of view; you must be willing to say to the world, “go ahead and scare me if you will, but I will use it to remind myself that the opposite is also true – where there is anxiety, there is peace of mind to be found.” Remind yourself that reality consists of polarity, and that you are never left with only one way of experiencing things. Your simple goal is to turn things around if fear seems to be dominating the mind, and you best do this by letting fear fall upon your curious nature to understand it. With understanding comes self-reliance, which is an awesome power. What to do next will come naturally.

Success Tip on how to change your life

Student: If I were able to redo today and act differently, would the day end up differently?

Teacher: When you respond to life differently, life reflects your new responses back to thee; therefore the day would end up differently.

Student: If I make the same foolish mistakes day in and day out, can I expect life to offer me lessons for my personal growth?

Teacher: If you make the same foolish mistakes, life must produce the same conditions and circumstances because life is your classroom, and until you graduate to the next level of living, you have to take the same class again and again.

Student: Well it seems that I waste my life getting caught up in trivialities, and my life shows it. What can I do?

Teacher: You must begin by becoming aware of and breaking free of your usual way of thinking. Break away from your memorized method of seeing things by continually asking, “How can I see things differently?”

Today’s lesson: Right efforts produce right results; foolish efforts place you back in the same classroom

The secret to being authentic

Student: What does it mean to be your authentic self?

Teacher: Most people act from memory. They are habitual. They act from a set of already established options that come with their childhood conditioning. They’ve forgotten what it feels like to be spontaneous and creative. They live their lives from a memorized version of themselves.

Student: If someone is being habitual, where does that come from?

Teacher: In spite of the fact that he thinks he is being himself, his behavior comes from his parents, his older siblings and friends, and everyone else that he grew up with that had an influence on him. Eventually, his action becomes nothing more than an immense set of acquired memories.

Student: How does a person snap out of it, if he’s stuck in the middle of being so habitual with his reactions and responses in life?

Teacher: To do something freshly spontaneous and creatively new requires clear thinking, and this kind of awareness only happens when a person becomes convinced that his usual way of being is not going to get him the life he yearns to experience, and he’s completely fed up with it.

Get Out There and Start Dancing

It’s often spoken that the purpose of life is to be useful and happy. And just as often it’s said that one cannot feel truly happy without feeling grateful. Well, if the purpose of life is to be useful and happy, and we cannot be truly happy without being grateful, then there’s no way to make sense of our lives if we don’t join the dance and make our thanksgiving perpetual.

So, how do we get into the rhythm and flow of life by being not only thankful, but also useful? What might we need to understand that we don’t understand?

Is there a ray of sunlight, a drop of rainwater, a wisp of wind, a bumblebee or berry-bearing bush that’s not contributing to life? Is not everything in the world, from the ant to the acorn not working to serve you in myriad mysterious ways? Can you possibly count the peregrine falcons that fly high in the sky, the leaves on an oak tree, or the dolphins in the deep blue sea that join in harmony to dance with thee? Is not the flower in as much service to the bee as is the bee in service to the flower? And are they not both in service to you?

You are in an exquisite dance, not only with all that exists on the outer shell of the planet upon which you dwell, but with the myriad convections of heat radiating from the lava within the deep. If you plunge right to the center of the planet, is not the whole of all of its energy moving with exquisite harmony to serve you?

And what of the sun, the moon and the seven other planets of the solar system, are they not continually in a dance with, and contributing toward the health and welfare of mother earth? Let’s not forget the spheres in the sky twinkling up high beyond what the Hubble telescopes can view. The Milky Way Galaxy and the entire unfolding cosmos, all are dancing and turning with our solar system, all contributing to the gravitational and electrical field of energy, which is the foundation of your existence right down to the subatomic particles that give energy to the atoms that give life to your cells.

Wow, it seems, indeed, that you are the king of kings out there on the dance floor. You have so much to be grateful for. Everything exists to contribute to your unique gait.

Now let’s look at step two of your exquisite dance with life — being useful. That’s the act of having your own positive impact. It’s participating in the fine art of being in service and considering it as precious as being served.

If you are to hold the highly esteemed position of having everything move in flow with where you want to go, then you must engage in step two – you must think and act with the aim of making your value an actual fact. For, when your action is thoughtful and gainful, it not only makes your heart blossom, but it also adds to the enhancement of the ever-expanding cosmos.

We intuitively know that we’re living rightly when we perfect the delicate balance of being in service to all that serves us. Indeed, then we begin to understand that the Uni-Verse is but One Verse, and we are vital notes in its unfolding orchestration. No one can receive the marvelous benefits of the song of life without generously offering her or his voice.

If you are to be the kings of kings, in a glorious kingdom of beauty, then you must take command of your kingdom by being joyfully productive while respecting the atmosphere you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, and everyone you touch. Your deeds are always demonstrating whether you are a celebration or denigration of life.

A true king of kings is a mother of mothers, a sister of sisters, a brother of brothers. He or she sees everything and everyone from the heart of equality. The homeless person is as valuable as the bountiful millionaire. There are no skin colors, no races, not two sexes in the eyes of the truly loving king, for all are held in the highest of esteem.

When man stabs another man, does not all of humanity bleed? Does not the entire cosmos feel the ache? Loving and supportive is the wondrous cosmos. Is humanity falling out of rhythm with that creative life-force?

Like an incredible rose bud, you have the potential to grow and contribute your beautiful scent in fabulous ways that go far beyond what you can imagine. As a child you naturally sprouted and grew toward the unknown with joyful luminosity. Be that child once again – get back out there and start dancing. Might I offer you a few tips on how to step to your own joyous gait?

  1. Don’t take yourself so personally and don’t take life so gravely. Don’t over think everything you do, and don’t insist that everything goes as you want it to. Simply relax and act naturally, and things will work out wonderfully for everyone and everything, and also for you.
  2. The one thing of which you can be absolutely certain is the uncertainty of life. Accept that as true, and use it to your advantage. The universe is ever wiggling and expanding, and if you’re to joyfully and productively engage in action, allow there to be no restrictions on your own expansion. You’re not here to be brittle. Let life see you wiggle; let the world hear you giggle.
  3. Unless your dance is joyous, you find yourself tripping and feeling anxious. Be willing to bring a little more music to the dance by being a witness to the beauty that life offers you and you offer life. Respond to life creatively, and you will experience feelings of gaiety and prosperity that will inspire you to receive openly and give liberally.

The entire universe is a synergetic experience where the servant is ever becoming the recipient and the recipient is ever becoming the servant. If you’re to participate in that synergy, you must drop your defenses and pretenses and take a poetic approach where there’s no separation when saying “Thank you” and “You’re welcome.”

It’s only when you feel the delightful privilege of being one who is served and one who is in service, that you can feel true intimacy with humanity, with mother earth and all of her children, with the rain, the sunshine, and the celestial heavens. And with that intimacy comes the profound experience of being useful and happy.

Success tip: beware misleading advice

Student: I’ve made a lot of bad choices because of misleading advice that has been heaped upon me since childhood. How do I wise up?

Teacher: Never take the advice of anyone who doesn’t walk his own talk and take his own advice. And never take the advice of anyone who does take his own advice and is living a miserable life.