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Success Secret – stepping up in consciousness

It seems to be a secret, but it shouldn’t be, that if you are to step up your standard of living you must first step up your level of consciousness.

The rising from one level of plenitude up to another higher level of plenitude is the only thing you have to do to improve your life, be it financially, with relationships or spiritually. No one, except you, can lift you to a higher awareness of what you want. You appropriate the feeling of certainty about your aspirations and aims, and if you don’t, it won’t come to pass. Consciousness is everything. When you breathe and speak and act as though your dreams are absolutely so – you do the right and perfect things to turn those fantasies into fact.

An ascension attitude is key to raising the bar and achieving higher aspirations. Turn from the world for help by turning inward to yourself. You are the supreme master when it comes to what your life is about. “Greater is he that is in you than any he that is in the world.” Ancient script often points to the truth. So many times we miss the point because we’ve been taught to play the role of helpless victim. You are either a victim or a victor; that of which you are conscious becomes so!

If it is to be it is up to thee – what do you assume yourself to be?

Success requires being kind

Success requires that you be kind to yourself. We all have our shortcomings. If you are harsh on yourself because of your shortcomings, you will never overcome your shortcomings, and if you don’t overcome your shortcomings, you will never achieve those dreams of which you conceive.

President Abe Lincoln had many shortcomings. He forgave himself all of shortcomings often. He understood the way to overcome shortcomings was to aspire higher and give it all you’ve got in spite of your shortcoming.

Abe Lincoln’s kindness to himself was his strongest inner strength, and it shined through him brightly as we all know. Abe kindly accepted his shortcomings as handicaps, and concentrated on the task at hand in spite of them. He believed in himself because he was willing to be kind to himself; he never put himself down.

Abe failed with four businesses he started; he had a nervous breakdown; constantly felt awkward; he belched often; was not considered elegant or good looking. Furthermore, he failed when running for congress; he failed twice when running for a senate seat; he failed when funning as vice president … and then!!!

Be kind to yourself. Honor your limitations, and keep going in spite of them. You’ll be successful; there’s no denying it.

Does success and failure really exist as separate entities?

Quantum physics will tell you that success and failure have no reality – they are simply two sides of the same polarity. They are descriptive terms pointing to two opposite points of view. One man’s success is another’s man’s failure. I’ve heard one man say, “The biggest mistake I could make, I made. I got rich in real estate and it destroyed me, my family and my spirituality.” I’ve heard another man say, “The best thing I could have done was get rich in real estate. That money has done wonderfully for me, my family and my spirituality.”

So, I say to you, “be careful with what you hope will come true. Will you really feel successful, or will the outcome fail you?” You are the maker; you are the made. What you make yourself out to be is what truly matters in the end. There are people who live joyfully and give generously who are barely making it financially. And there are other people who are bitter and angry because they have no money and they feel life has dealt them a bad hand.

This then, is the first condition in which you awaken when you begin to wise up: If it is to be, it is up to thee, and you had better think it over very carefully before deciding what you want to have, what you want to do and who you want to be. You are the maker; what will you make yourself out to be so you feel as though you are living successfully? Your success is in the feeling, not in the situation.

When you take on the role of the maker, and you find the kingdom, which is within you – you will find your place in it. Relax. Be with the message I have just offered you. It is sinking into your subconscious as you think about it. It will serve you wonderfully if you allow it to.

Be a potter; live your dreams

Teacher: Ancient text speaks of every child born, being born into bondage. Do you know what that means?

Student: Huh?

Teacher: It means that every child is born into the psychological environment that his parents live in, and the child grows up in that environment, which has a tremendous influence on his decisions and choices about the future. So his choices are limited.

Student: So, we’re predestined to be whatever we become?

Teacher: It is also spoken in ancient text that every child is free to have a second birth. Do you know what that means?

Student: Huh?

Teacher: It means that each of us is capable of recreating ourselves anew, and letting go of the psychological point of view imposed upon us by our first birth when we were born into a specific family. Therein lies your power to be who you want to be, so you can do what you want to do, so you can have the successful life you dream of having.

Student: So if I dare to break free from the conditioning of my family then I am free to live my life as I want it to be, and to live it successfully?

Teacher: Yes, You are like clay, and you were born into a potter’s pottery, and the potter molded you the way he wanted you to be. Now that you are an adult, you have the power to be your own potter and mold yourself differently. Your heart has known this in secret; now the truth is out, and your head is buzzing with it.

Student: I can feel my head buzzing; I’ve got molding to do!

Moses teaches success

Moses wrote his own obituary. I’m not talking about his epitaph, that which one wants written on one’s tombstone; a lot of people write that for themselves. Moses actually wrote a very brief biography of himself as though he was deceased. And then he died. And to this day there is no clue as to where he was buried.

Moses teaches a great lesson in success with that move. He decided it was time for a big change in his life. He looked at his case history, up to that point, and wrote it down in obituary form. And then went through a born again experience by reinventing himself anew and living a totally new life – leaving the old Moses behind as a dead man. That’s why there is no clue as to where Moses was buried; he didn’t die physically, he died of the “old me” that he used to be and took a new identity.

That’s what successful people do when they have a major breakthrough and begin a new career, or a new life. They review the old life they were living. They let it go entirely. They create themselves anew. They live into their new identity and never look back.

Now that’s courage!

Using your greatest tool to succeed

In ancient text it speaks of putting off the old nature which belongs to the former conversation. Exactly what does that mean? Are you ready? Your old nature is your habits of hesitation and procrastination. The former conversation is that habitual self-talk in which you engage that puts you down, having you walk around like an old hound dog with a frown.

If you are to put off the old nature, you must use the most valuable tool of success available to you – your self-talk. You must remain alert to the inner conversations that you have with yourself, and clean them up so you feel optimistic and playful like a young pup.

When you engage in new conversations that lift you up, you put on a new nature – you rebirth yourself in the form of a new individual. The more you speak the new conversation – which is to engage in positive self-talk – the more you identify with the new person that arises from deep inside of you.

Here is an essential Law of Life that is important to remember and never forget: What happens in your inner world manifests in a similar likeness and image in your outer world. Again – What happens in your inner world manifests in a similar likeness and image in your outer world. Succeed with recreating yourself anew, and your outer world will reflect the great results back to you.

There you have it – SELF-TALK is your greatest too when it comes to living successfully. With your self-talk you can carve out a life in the likeness and image of your wondrous imaginings; you can make fact out of what seemed only to be fantasies.

Success Secret – Wish it til it is

From Shakespeare to you, “That which is was wished until it were.” He is pointing out the fact that you are the “operating power” when it comes to what your reality is. When you think about something long enough, it finds a way of manifesting in your life. How well you operate your power to manifest your dreams depends on how conscious you are of what you are wishing to come true. When you imagine bad things happening and then take to worrying – you are wishing “that worry” into existence. Did you know that?

Pay attention to what you place your attention on, for it is impossible to give your attention to anything steadfastly – be it beautiful or ugly – without its physical counterpart coming to visit thee.

And there you have – yet another success tip that can make the difference between you living in a dry dessert or a rich oasis. What shall it be? It is up to thee!

Rules for Success

Student: Are there rules that guarantee success?

Teacher: Yes, there are.

  • Rule # 1 Choose a profession that you enjoy, no matter what happens.
  • Rule # 2 Create specific visual outcomes that you want to achieve so you know you’re being successful as you take your journey through life.
  • Rule # 3 Know the feeling you want to feel so you know you’re successful.

Student: Those rules seem too simple.

Teacher: Success would be a commonplace achievement if more people simply followed those three rules. * Succeeding is supposed to be simple. ** The job you go to every day is supposed to be enjoyable. *** Creating a clear vision of outcomes you want is supposed to be natural to do. **** Knowing what you’re going to feel like when you say – Yea, I did it – is supposed to be obvious to you.

Student: I think I complicate matters when I set goals to succeed.

Teacher: Most people make success a complicated mess because they don’t keep it simple. You don’t become a screaming success by screaming about wanting to be successful; you just quietly follow those three simple rules.

Success and the Law of Minimal Action

This has to be a short blog if I am to practice what I am preaching in this blog. How can it be a long and strenuous blog if it is talking about the Law of Minimal Action?

The Cosmos governs everything in the physical world via the Law of Minimal Action. Planets rotate around the sun adhering to that law; subatomic particles (photons, neutrons etc.) rotate within the nucleus of the atom, adhering to that same law.

Minimum Action means minimum energy and minimum time.

If you were to approach your aims and aspirations with the Law of Minimum Action in mind, what would you do differently? What extra motion would you exclude from the process? What soap opera would you have to drop in order to just take care of business with minimum action and in a minimum amount of time?

Ponder that simply. Don’t make a lot of it. Just do it. You’ll be shocked at how many more successes you can notch in your belt in the next few days, weeks, months and years.

Four Keys to Lasting Happiness

Key # 1 = Begin churning up “the feeling of appreciation” when you get up in the morning. Every morning take a few moments to remind yourself of all the simple things that you appreciate about life (a) plenty of air to breathe (b) lungs that work efficiently when you’re awake as well as when you’re asleep (c) eyelids that know to shut at the perfect and right moment to take care of your eyes. Keep going ….

Key # 2 = Rebel against negative self-talk. When you catch yourself grumbling to yourself – immediately call a halt to it. Remind yourself that you have a natural right to be happy and that you don’t intend to let dismal thought-habits interfere with that right.

Key # 3 = Take time out of each day to belly laugh. Make it a habit. Learn how to belly laugh if you don’t know how. For God’s sake, how are you to be happy if you don’t laugh a lot? And especially make it a habit to belly laugh at yourself when you are taking yourself too seriously.

Key # 4 = Seek to help others feel happy (a) compliment them (b) tell them about something funny that happened to you (c) be light and easy to talk to. Keep going …

The point is that you have to begin right now saturating your mind with thoughts that delight, rather than thoughts that cause fright. Being happy begins with you, on the inside. It is not what you get or what happens that makes you happy. It’s an outward projection, beginning from within that attracts reflections from the outside world back to you. The secret to happy living is happy giving.

knock knock … who’s there … Europe … Europe who? … no, ur a poo … HA HA HA