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What’s it mean to be gullible?

Student: What’s it mean to be gullible Teacher: It means you are lazy-minded; you are willing to believe anything tossed at you. Student: How do I overcome my tendency to be gullible? Teacher: Don’t be easily intimidated. Dare to ask a lot of questions. Dare to stand on your own two … [Read more...]

What’s it mean to “get real”?

If you're going to “get real”, you’ve got to study yourself in different situations. Notice how many different personalities you have. And, notice how you turn to at different personality many times in your day. You act one way in the office with your boss, and a very different way while on the … [Read more...]

The Truth is Supremely Honest

The truth never lies; that’s why it’s called the truth. It’s supremely honest, and delivers to you what it has promised. The truth shall set you free or lock you tight in a prison cell, depending on what you do with it. Will you use the truth to create heaven or a living hell for yourself? “I AM … [Read more...]

It’s impossible to put new patches on old garments

How many times has someone tried to put new patches on an old garment and found the new patches quickly falling off? It’s a metaphor. You cannot take with you any part of the old you, when you are creating yourself anew. And if you're intending to create a new reality for yourself, it begins with … [Read more...]

What’s God got to do with my life?

Student: I'm confused about the idea of God. Is there a God? What’s God got to do with my life? Professor: Those are difficult questions to answer accurately unless I know your concept of God. There are a thousand and one ideas about God out there. That’s why there are a thousand and one … [Read more...]