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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

The following is the most recent article published in the Huffington Post:

You are on your own personal life journey, here to express and experience yourself in all of your allure and artistry. Within you is every quality, talent and strength necessary to express your authenticity — beautifully and bountifully. However, the world will send you on endless searches looking for something outside of yourself to make you feel whole and complete. Don’t buy it. Expressing your own nature gives you lasting satisfaction; never is it what the world insists you strive to make yourself.

At this very moment there are unique expressions, in the deep of you, yearning to spring forth and demonstrate in the world. And only when you’re willing to transcend any beliefs that say you’re here to please others, can you allow these hidden talents to blossom and flourish.

Dare to rebel when people insist that you live according to their plans for you. When it comes to important choices and decisions, trust no one’s advice more than your own gut feelings and intuitive insights.

The kind of person that you want to be is the kind of person that everyone wants to be — a person who feels good about himself. I ask you, “How can you possibly feel good about yourself if you’re not being your natural self?” And, “How can you be your natural self if you’re allowing others to tell who you should be?”

The way of your own self is not about being an egotist with an arrogant attitude. In fact, it’s the opposite. The way of your own self is a way of expansion; it’s a self-revealing; it’s an experience that gives you a feeling of precious joyfulness. And that feeling can be ongoing because expansion is natural.

When you are authentically yourself, pure and unblemished, you look at your life without preconceived ideas imposed upon you by others. That unimpaired awareness opens doors to your unrealized potential and hidden talents unlike anything else.

All it takes is but one definite wish to be real, and it will feel very reasonable to abandon any role or act that you’ve put on to please others. In such moments, you are deeply touched with an affection and gentleness for yourself that comes from a higher state of consciousness. It’s as if you found a beacon of light that you would have thought came from a lighthouse out there somewhere, but now you realize the guiding light is shining from deep within. That realization gives you earnest trust in, and deep respect for self-dependence. What a marvelous revelation.

Here are five suggestions to help you feel earnest trust in, and deep respect for self-dependence:

  1. Don’t wait another second to decide learning more about yourself; it’s in the act of mindfully carrying on your daily affairs that you discover who you truly are and what you are capable of achieving.

  2. When the urge comes, dare to try something new even if at first it feels awkward. You may feel like you’re putting on airs, but if you’re true to the urge, the experience soon becomes a successful reality for you.

  3. Whatever you do when trying something new, for heaven’s sake don’t throw any of your spontaneous expressions away — all of it has purpose in your growth and development.

  4. Consider your world to be your stage, as Shakespeare described in his play, “As You Like It.” Don’t express yourself carelessly; mean it when you have something to say or action to take.

  5. Respond to everything in your life with the intention of learning — respond and learn, respond and learn, respond and learn — right there you cannot help but reveal wonderful things, not only about yourself, but also about your life.

A life lived authentically is an ongoing journey of discovery. You reveal the uniqueness that you can add to the world that no one else can contribute.

There’s no reason to put a grand plan together to make sense of all of this. Simply notice and act on opportunities that come your way today. Let yourself be motivated by tangible turnings of events that inspire you to realize more of your unrealized potential. Be genuine with your responses, and all of your expressions will unify and harmonize, and demonstrate exquisitely through your personality. And when you look back on your life, it will make perfect sense.

You now know how to give yourself the greatest gift you can give yourself — Be Yourself! Being yourself marks the beginning of creative direction and the end of aimless thrashing. Does that not deserve your honor and affection? It’s obvious when you’re doing that — you experience a passing over from a state of “longing to be yourself” to a feeling of “belonging to yourself.” How rewarding.

The faith of a grain of mustard seed

It would seem that the faith of a grain of mustard seed would be little faith because a grain of mustard seed is so little. Not so! The grain may be little but the faith is absolute. The mustard seed is aware of one thing only, “I am a grain of mustard seed, here to grow into a flourishing mustard plant.” There are no “if, ands, or buts” about it – no wavering, no doubt. The grain of mustard seed is alive with the conviction that “growing into a flourishing mustard plant is what I will do.” And that’s what it does.

The feeling of absoluteness – that the grain of mustard seed has – is the feeling you want if you intend to make a dream come true. No wavering. No doubt. Just lose yourself in the awareness that it shall be so, until the conviction grows so strong that the world cannot hand you a “No.” You naturally know how to do that. It’s what had you up and walking, talking, reading and writing by age five.

How did you accomplish those marvelous feats by age five?

  1. You acted affectionately – you acted out of the right to succeed with affection for success.

  2. You acted expecting to make mistakes for the sake of learning – act imperfectly frequently and you’ll be acting perfectly quickly.

  3. You act ambitiously – you acted boldly, as best you could, without apology.

It’s time to take action – like that – once again.


Student: What’s the harm in pretending you’re happy, even if you’re not. Can’t I fake it until I make it?

Teacher: The problem with pretending to be happy when you’re feeling something very different is that you can get caught up in the role of smiling so much so that you become a prisoner of the role. There are successful politicians and Hollywood movie stars who have proven that to be a big problem. In the end they do something desperate and foolish because they feel so trapped pretending to be something they’re not.

Whenever you put on a happy face while feeling down, be willing to admit to yourself that it is pretense, and be certain it is serving a deserving purpose; be certain that it’s not just a cover-up to look good or get votes. And don’t do it for too long or you’ll become a slave to the pretense.

Faking it until you make it by pretending that you’re happy will only make you more miserable. When it comes to happiness, it’s how much you appreciate life that gives you that delightful feeling. And pretending to be happy is never an act of appreciation; if anything, it’s an act that depreciates the value of life.

Student: All of this seems terribly important for me particularly to understand.

Teacher: If you’ve been pretending you’re happy, hoping that you could fake it until you make it, then you have no idea how important it is to understand what I’ve just spoken.

I intend to be happy – NOT

Folks come to me and explain their plans for “being happy” soon. NOT!

No one on the planet has ever attained happiness through proper planning. Happiness is a natural state of being; It requires nothing – no money, not good weather, not the perfect soul mate – NOTHING.

A friend said to me, “I am happy, now that I am healthy.” Does that mean that the next time he catches a cold, he will be miserable? Can someone be happy and have the flu? Was it the sudden turn from poor health to good health that brought happiness upon her? Or was it a simple shift in attitude that she took on in that moment?

Do you know what bliss is? It’s being happy, and not knowing why and not caring why.

The real question to ask yourself is this, “Are you willing to give up all of your stuff around what it takes to be happy – where you have to be, who you have to be with, what you have to have or what you have to be doing?”

Thomas Jefferson wrote of our unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And then he stuck it in the Declaration of Independence. Maybe that’s why so many Americans have so, so, so many things to be happy about, but still aren’t – they’ve been taught that ‘happiness is something you pursue and pursue and pursue and pursue.

Question: What’s the answer to happiness?

Answer: Live every moment as though “this is as wonderful as it ever gets; live with that attitude even when you’re yearning for more.” Do that, and you’ll find yourself happy. Watch out – even if you don’t believe it will work, if you take that attitude on – it will.

You are indivisible

The whole of you – every part of you – is never but an instant in distance from you. We often refer to different parts of us like they aren’t all ONE. We’ll say, “my mind” or “my body” or “my emotions” or “my heart” or “my spirit”. And yet, the truth be told – you are ONE wonderfully complete and indivisible whole being – hopefully living and breathing and expressing and rejoicing in many ways that light all of you up and turn all of you on.

If you were to consider all of the supposed parts of you as ONE, and set all of them into motion in the same direction – what would you choose to do right now? WOW, what a life you’d live.

Imagine your heart and your mind and your spirit and your emotions and your body all moving in harmony toward the same aspiration. What possible obstacle could have a chance to stop you from transforming your visions into reality?

A rose has a beautiful scent, gorgeous pedals, a long, wondrous stem with thorns that is attached to a larger green bush with roots dwelling in the deep of the soil. Imagine the rose thinking in terms of “my pedals,” “my scent,” “my stem,” “my bush” and “my roots.” It would become so confused that it never reach the perfection it seeks in expressing itself.

Verily – t’is the “Whole of YOU” that gives you access to the Infinite Intelligence from whence you came so that you may realize your bountiful nature. Trust yourself to be whole and complete right now, and things will get a whole lot easier for thee; you’ll see.

Think true to thyself

Think true to thyself.

Act true to thy self.

And thy life will be filled with good and noble deeds.

If you willingly think the truth about your noble nature, your hidden talents, your unrealized strengths; if you go out into the world and act true to your potential, which is immense beyond measure – no matter how circumstances may poke and pull and tug at you – you will, at the end of your days, look back and say, “I regret not anything that I’ve done; sometimes I’ve failed, but always, in the end, things worked out with good for all concerned, including me.”

That is what is meant by living a right and noble – not always winning, but always striving with a winning attitude.

Cut if off

In ancient text it is written, “if thy hand offends, cut if off.” This did not mean that if you caught someone stealing something, you should lop his hand off at the wrist. “Thy hand” meant “thy speech.” If you caught yourself speaking offensively then you should “cut it off” – you should stop speaking immediately.

Cutting off thy speech when one is whining, blaming, criticizing or shaming is a great idea. The mind of man becomes the mouth of man; feed the mind only the best and let the mouth speak the rest.

It’s for your own benefit to condemneth not with with your thoughts or your speech. The vibration you create when you condemn, radiates outwardly, and eventually it objectifies physically. It comes back to visit you.

Do you want your life experiences to be good and beautiful? Then make whatsoever thoughts that are pure and just and lovely, worthy of your attention. Don’t take this advice too lightly. It is now accepted universally by pretty much everyone – poets and scientists alike – that destiny and fate, good fortune and bad fortune, luck and happenstance are all euphemisms for: “the consequence of your thinking and speaking.”

Your thoughts and words today are previews of tomorrows coming attractions.

Declaring the end from the beginning

You are powerful. You are able to declare the end from the beginning. That means you can see the unseen and commit to doing whatever it takes to make it seen in the world.

What goals have you set, that no one could see. And then you went into action. You organized your time to do what you needed to do, and voila! There was the outcome for the world to see.

Have you ever thrown a surprise party? That would be a perfect example of you “declaring the end from the beginning.” It was your idea. You pictured how you wanted it to unfold, where you’d have it, and who you’d invite, You went into action and did what needed doing to make it a reality. Surprise!

In any aspect of your life – you can use your capacity to imagine an outcome and do what needs doing to move it from fantasy to fact.

Have you lost weight? Right there, you did it.
Have you learned to ski? Again, sweet success!
Have you got your college degree? Wowee, another victory!

All of the above are examples of the power you hold to intervene with your usual day routine, and rewrite your destiny. How far you take it is up to thee.

I am the light

Here’s a big one, made easy to understand.

Your consciousness is the light in your life. Without it there is darkness.

Your consciousness is separate from your mind. Your mind is a mirror.

Your consciousness is “the light” that reflects on the mirror of your mind.

The contents of ‘the light’ cause the mirror of your mind to vibrate. If the contents of your consciousness are negative, the light causes the mirror of your mind to vibrate very differently than if the contents are positive.

The mirror of your mind reflects the contents of ‘the light’ outwardly into the world, drawing unto you like kind vibrations. And thus you have it: what you conceive and believe in your consciousness, you attract and experience in your life.

And so it is, “I am the light of the world” means that the contents of your consciousness light up your world by using the mirror of your mind to make your thoughts and visions visible.

Hurry without hassle

If you’re in a hurry to get what you want, there’s a way without making it a big hassle. I call it the Power of Supposition.

The Power of Supposition can take you from a state longing to a state of belonging in the twinkle of an eye – no gap! Why’s that? Because concentrated attention on a supposition absorbs your emotions, which compels action that is incredibly effective.

When you suppose that something is tough to do, it’s not long before life proves the supposition is correct. It becomes a big hassle. Am I correct? So why not suppose that it’s easy? The journey from tough to easy is a psychological one; it happens in the mind. What happens in the mind happens in life.

Pay more attention to supposing that you have what you want; supposing that you have, right now, what you want to possess tomorrow. Just suppose. You won’t miss the mark when you suppose that you’ve already hit the mark. “Blessed is he or she that supposes – for there shall be a performance of those things.”

Don’t make it a hassle – give it a try. Persist with your supposition – great outcomes are available.