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There is only one door to success

Student: What’s one way for me to succeed with my dreams?

Teacher: There is only one door to success.

Student: Wow, I thought there were a thousand doors, a thousand ways to succeed.

Teacher: No, there is but one door. Your consciousness of “already having accomplished” what you desire to do or have is the only threshold over which you must pass.

Student: What does that mean?

Teacher: It means – until you actually feel as though your aspiration or dream is already so, you are fishing in the dark and there are no fish to be caught. It is the feeling of absolute certainty that inspires you to think, speak and act in the exact way that will attract the success you dream of having. That’s right – feeling as though your success is already so right now, in spite of a world that may be shouting “NO!”

Student: And so if I just work on the feeling of certainty, all else will come to me?

Teacher: I couldn’t have said it better; miracles will unfold.

You Were Born to Give

Student: Can you give me a few tips on how to win at the game of life?

Teacher: You don’t Need tips; you are a winner.

Student: Can you explain that?

Teacher: The small tomato seed that is planted in the soil is not aware of the possibility of losing. It sprouts of its own initiative, which is part of its basic nature. As it sprouts up through the soil, out of the darkness into the sunlight, it naturally knows its role as a plant on the planet. The seed, now a plant, knows it has to grow if it is to give what it is here to give – wonderfully luscious red tomatoes to the so that other beings may eat them and live.

Student: I don’t know what I’m here to give?

Teacher: Giving is the secret to living; the tomato seed knows that, and rejoices in that fact. Ask yourself, “What hidden talents and strengths do I possess that I am hoarding?” Ask that question a thousand times daily, sincerely seeking the answer. You will get the answer you seek, and longer will you wake up in the morning unsure of yourself and meek. There is no human being on this planet that hasn’t something unique and precious to offer the world. Trust that fact! Until you’re giving you’re desperately living.

Three Qualities of Mind That Place You Back on Track

There are qualities of mind to be disciplined if you’re to live and give as you’ve dreamt your life could be. Giving is the secret to living, and your potential to succeed with your wildest dreams is dependent on certain qualities working on your behalf. When undisciplined – these qualities run amuck and your cup is empty. There’s nothing to share because there’s barely enough for you to sip.

The First quality is Curiosity – curiosity may kill a cat (as the old saying goes), but it’s what has man fly the mountain tops with the eagles and eventually land on the moon. You have a great responsibility on your shoulder – what might you be curious about that could change your life and help improve the world?

The Second Quality is Imagination – if you allow this quality to run amuck, every Tom, Dick & Sally can influence you. Watch television – there’s thousands of influencers trying to grab your imagination’s attention. You can daydream glorious accomplishments or let them install nightmares into your stream of consciousness. Without proper mental discipline, their nightmares become your reality. Use your imagination to be a path-blazer, not a meek follower. Fill your soul with thoughts of joyful living and giving. Eat with those thoughts; sleep with them, rise in the morning with them.

The Third Quality is Will – the Power of your Will is immeasurable, but you have to exercise it. It won’t exercise itself. Yet so few put any energy into strengthening their Will. In this “instant gratification world” everyone wants everything for as little effort as possible. That’s apparent; just look at all the overweight folks wandering aimlessly these days; notice the ever-increasing number of government dependent beings, who more and more feel ashamed of themselves for not knowing how to contribute.

Now, it’s time to ask yourself, “What has this got to do with me?” Well, it has everything to do with you. Be not a gentle lamb seeking to be like a roaring lion when it comes to your life – be that roaring lion that can affect other roaring lions so that the world begins to work with a feeling of loving unity.

You are a rich and majestic child of Infinite Intelligence. You are here to contribute to the world in ways that you’ve not yet begun to conceive. Look at the stars? Each travels it’s own orbit in our galaxy; yet each star moves around a larger star called its “sun” … and all of that motion is in perfect unity. You are meant to be a star in this world. It’s time to get back on track. Imagine that!

You are far more valuable to the evolution of humanity than you yet believe. Have faith in that fact, and begin Imagining all that you would do if you were to use your Curiosity and Power of Will effectively. Am I a madman by insinuating that you are an extraordinary being here to reveal and share all that is good and beautiful about you? No, I am not; but you are a madman if you scoff at that ideal and refuse to make it real.

How to Control Your Emotions

Student: How do I control my emotions?

Teacher: You have to learn to control what you think about.

Student: How do I control what I think about?

Teacher: You have to learn to put distance between you and negative thoughts, and you do that by focusing more on what you do want and less on what you don’t want.

Student: How do I do that?

Teacher: With awareness! you do it by consciously choosing to entertain the blessings in your life and the lessons offered in the adversities in your life; it’s like changing the ingredients in a recipe.

Student: I like that metaphor; I have work to do; I allow my thoughts to direct my attention; I never thought of consciously directing my attention so I control my thoughts.

Teacher: By Jove, you’ve got it! Once you have your thoughts under control, then you can bake up a nice dish of positive emotions to nibble on all day.

Secret to Successful Living

HEAR YE HEAR YE – I offer you five diamonds, not to be frivolously traded for pieces of chard glass:

  1. Walk into your own life abruptly today – notice when you are a lamb trying to look like a lion, trying to affect the roaring of a lion. Life does not begin with lions nor lambs; life begins with angels and miracles, of which you are one.

  2. People find it easy to brand one another as a lamb or a lion; yet, we all seek peace; but how can we find peace in a world where we are forced to choose to be rough and tough or meek and mild?

  3. Today, descend upon the day like a ray of warm sun, like a refreshing sea breeze; your “creative might” will be unchallengeable by any lion roaring in the jungle or any ten thousand lambs baying in the field.

  4. Upon a moment like this, that moment you were born; Omnipotent Silence laid you on the lap of existence; the lamp light was turned on; take a moment now and tell yourself – what did you see?

  5. With awareness, the mountain climber – half way to the peak – pauses and looks backwards; he sees not a trace of himself back there; he has begun his journey upward, anew in this moment
    There you have it.

  6. Read again the five diamonds offered freely to you. Trade them not for pieces of chard glass. Let the wisdom absorb into your soul so that you may embody it into your life. These diamonds contain the knowledge you need to sit amongst the Gods with a power mightier than a thousand lions, a million lambs. That is the power that enables you to utter sweeter words to the world than joy itself can offer. And therein lies the secret to successful living.

Life is marvelously meaningless

Student: What’s the meaning to life?

Teacher: Here is what happens when it comes to the meaning that you give events in your life.

  • First: Whenever you take the time to focus on an event in your life – you make a choice.

  • Second: The choice you make is this – you decide to notice what is disempowering about the situation … or … you decide to notice what is empowering about the situation. You ask, “What sucks about this?” … or … you ask, “What’s great about this?”>

  • Third: Life never gives you one end of a stick; all sticks have two ends; and so it is that in every adversity is the seed of an equivalent good, and in every blessing lies a curse.

Just simply deciding which end of the stick you will look for gives you the meaning that you tab onto the event, and that meaning gives you a blueprint for the kind of experience you will have.

“Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach you.”
– Kahil Gibran

Passion is always in fashion

Student: Is passion important?

Teacher: Passion is always in fashion – to go from tickled with an idea to turbo-charged with a burning desire is the secret to outrageous success.

Student: How do you go from tickled to turbo-charged with passion?

Teacher: Take the time to put yourself in an outrageous state of YES by brainstorming on what you want in your life and what it will take to achieve it. Do this with no judgment. Don’t analyze it. Don’t use the logical mind to try to explain it. Make it fun to do until you’ve worked yourself into a frenzy of pleasure. If you do that, answers will come – I guarantee it. The only thing that stops you from getting what you seek is that your visions are weak and your feelings of YES are even weaker.

Student: I’ve never dared take myself to that level; I can see that I’ve been holding my passion back.

Teacher: Passion empowers you to expand and enrich your experiences of life; never never never hold your passion back.

Your greatest Power

There is nothing – nothing, nothing, nothing – that helps you to become all that you want to be, or do all that you want to do, or have all that you want to have … like your emotions.

So many folks run from their emotions; they try to hide from their emotions; they try to subdue their emotions. Mistake! Mistake! Mistake! Your emotions, be they pleasurable or painful are your allies and friends. They are trying to alert you to something – either you’re going in the right direction, so keep doing what you’re doing or you are definitely off track and it’s time to regroup. Those emotions you like are informing you that you’re on track, and those emotions you’d love to avoid are telling you that it’s time to find a new roadmap.

Do not wear your negative emotions as a badge of tenacity; for heaven’s sake refine what you’re doing so you can call into play those emotions that say, “Now we’re getting somewhere!”

If you want a life that works for you, then you must learn to manage your emotions so they are working for you. Are you ready to begin? Great – here’s four things you can do to access your greatest power:

  1. Pay attention to what you’re feeling – what are your feelings trying to tell you about yourself or your life?

  2. Give thanks to every feeling you get – be it positive or negative – knowing that it is giving you proper guidance.

  3. Dare to question that feeling – “What are you trying to tell me?” And dare to LISTEN!

  4. Now it’s time for an action-step. Never leave the scene of a lesson without taking some kind of action to reinforce it in the mind.

If you are willing to work with your emotions, then and only then is life willing to work for you. That which here appears to you as truth – absorb it and live it!

Questions that winners ask when confronting a problem

Student: What gives someone the edge in life?

Teacher: They ask themselves better questions?

Student: Could you give me an example?

Teacher: I will give you five examples of questions that winners ask.

  1. Winners ask – “what’s the mess I need to clean up?” They do not deny that there is a problem to be resolved. How are you going to clean the junk out of the garage if you don’t admit that it’s junk?

  2. Winners ask – “How far am I willing to go to solve this matter?” They look at the limits they set on themselves, and this question offers them the opportunity to extend those limits and go the extra mile.

  3. Winners ask – “What must I no longer tolerate from myself or from others if things are to get better?” They have the courage to stop making excuses about themselves or others if something needs to be cleaned up.

  4. Winners ask – “What is the lesson to be learned from this situation?” They know that life never presents you with a challenge without offering an insight or lesson that will strengthen you.

  5. Winners ask – “How can I proceed with solving this problem in good spirit?” They know a sour mood will definitely cause even more problems during the solution process.

Student: Wow, thank you for that; I never realized how important questions can be.

Teacher: The quality of your questions gives you the quality of breakthroughs that you have in your life.

What can you learn from super successful people?

I’ve met many folks who are super successful in their field of endeavor, from the likes of Rock Stars, Hollywood Stars. Professional Athletes, Real Estate Tycoons worth a billion dollars, and world renown Best Seller Book Authors. What I love asking them most are questions that help unravel the mystery of being a successful human being, and more specifically what truly makes a difference in their quality of living.

Here are four clues that will help you understand what the super successful do that most folks just don’t do.

  1. They take the time to evaluate the return they are getting on the action they are taking. I mean really pay attention to what they get from what they’re giving.

  2. They do not consider themselves to be their behavior, thus they do not get bent out of shape when they make a mistake. No excuses; simply learn the lesson offered and try again.

  3. They work themselves up into a feeling of certainty that what they are aiming for – they will achieve. They understand that the feeling of certainty has a lot more to do with hitting the mark than does anything else.

  4. They value winning over sinning. Did you know that “to sin” simply means that you missed the mark? Yes, the word “sin” began in the world of archery in Ancient Greece. To “sin” was not something to be ashamed of – it was merely telling you to aim again and refine what you did so you zeroed in.

There you have it. Did you learn anything from this? What new could you do after reading this through and through.