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How to be your marvelous self

Step 1: Observe yourself in action when with a friend – the intention being to see yourself as you actually are … not as you imagine yourself to be.

Step 2: Read an autobiography of someone you admire; notice how he/she shares how he found his own way. I can promise you, if it’s an honest autobiography, it’s not all sunshine and roses.

Step 3: Constantly remind yourself that nothing stands in your way of being the marvelous human being that you’re here to experience, other than your own thoughts habits and conditioned reactions to life.

Step 4: Get sick and tired of avoiding the life that you know lays deep inside of you.

Step 5: Dare to begin seeing things differently, including yourself … and dare to do new things.

Step 6: Make “freedom to be all that you yearn to be” your single aim; waiver not.

If it is to be – it is up to thee.

The Secret of Success

The secret of success is having right knowledge. Whenever we respond to life boastfully thinking we know it all – no matter how much we know, we find ourselves reacting foolishly.

So how do we drop the boastful personality so that we know what we need to know? Not by avoiding involvement in life, but by getting fully involved in life only after being certain that we do know what we need to know.

A poodle and a fox decided to cross a river by paddling together on a log.

The fox boasted, “I know all there is to know about paddling.”

“About water,” the poodle replied, “I know only one thing.”

‘Well,” bragged the fox, “I know a dozen things about how to paddle, and another dozen things about the river.”

“I’m afraid I only know one thing,” replied the poodle.

At that moment a large current of water swept them off the log. The fox began wailing out, “Help me, I cannot swim.”

The poodle brought the fox safely to shore, and then said, “The one thing I know, is how to swim.”

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind never sleeps. This is apparent by the fact that it thinks while your physical body and conscious mind are sleeping – it’s called dreaming.

The subconscious mind is a time-traveler. It takes you into the past and out into the future, and thousands of miles away, while you simply lie dead asleep in your bed.

The subconscious mind is a great alarm clock; you can tell it what time to wake you in the morning and it will. If it won’t, it’s only because you don’t trust it will.

Happy is the person who looks to his subconscious with gratitude, respect and honor. It’s a powerful servant but you must know how to deal with it.

The subconscious mind is amenable to suggestions, not to commands. That’s how hypnosis works – all through suggestion.

If your life is to be as you want it to be, it is up to thee. But you cannot design your personal destiny as you want it to be without the help of your subconscious.

Anywhere, everywhere, anything, everything, anyhow – without the subconscious on your side, the outcome is anyone’s guess.

Powerful lesson on self-change

“Steep not a kid in mother’s milk” is a statement found in ancient text that many misinterpret and few understand. It’s foolish to think the statement means that you should not eat meat and milk, or meat and butter, or meat and cheese at the same meal. The statement has nothing to do with your physical diet.

“Steep not a kid in mother’s milk” must be interpreted psychologically if it’s to offer you the powerful lesson it’s meant to offer. The statement has everything to do with how you train your brain to think.

The “kid” referred to in the quote is the SELF that you have given birth to by identifying with an idea that you assumed valid about you. It’s your creation. The “kid” and the “idea” are the same thing. And you are its “mother” – you give birth to the idea in your personality by identifying with it.

Mother’s “milk” is your attention – what you give your attention to, you strengthen in your personality. If you’ve given birth to the idea that you are clumsy, by identifying with that idea and assuming it’s true about you, then you’ve fed it mother’s milk; you’ve paid attention to the idea until it gained strength in your responses to life.

If you want to replace that idea about being clumsy with the ideal that you are refined and elegant, and if you want to make your new ideal real in your life, then you must stop giving attention to the idea that you are clumsy; you must stop steeping that kid in mother’s milk. Drop it by paying attention to what it’s like to be refined and elegant. Steep that ideal into mother’s milk until it gains strength in your personality.

It’s always fun to see the truth in ancient text, isn’t it.

Step away from the screen

It’s become a terrible disease, sitting for hours staring at the computer. The digital age has caused deterioration of digits. Every joint in your body is a digit, and few use them anymore.

Instead of running and gardening and participating in outdoor activity, most folks click the keys and push the mouse around for hours on end. Life’s a crazy ride; sitting immobile at the computer is a copout.

Computer screens are pieces of glass that separate human beings from life. When at the computer, you don’t touch life, you type “about life” and email it to others.

We are forgetting how to move to create things. Immobile creation is mental masturbation. Stuff that comes from the head is dead, unless it inspires physical action.

Go to a rock concert and watch the musicians play their songs – great example of head-trips transformed into physical manifestation. We love it; that’s why so many flock to watch them perform.

What melody is yearning to express through you?

Step away from the screen; step back into life.

Give more time to doing things that validate your existence in the world. Take a walk. Plant a garden. Take up mountain climbing. Go ballroom dancing. Something!

Life’s an exciting ocean, but you’ve got to go through the motion if you plan to sail the high seas and enjoy the adventure.

Life’s a melody – sing it loud like no one’s watching.

Life’s a challenge – plunge into life, head first, knowing you’re bigger than any mountain.

Life’s a dream – transmute that imaginal act into actual fact.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to experience.” What Kierkegaard’s saying – can you feel it? When you feel it, you real it – you make life real in your experience. And you can’t feel it, if in front of a computer you just sit and tweet quotes like that one.

Love life; it will love you back.

Love your computer, you’ll suffer an anxiety attack.

How to live your dreams

To live your dreams requires that you live with integrity.

To live with integrity requires doing what needs doing to transform your imagined acts into physical facts.

For imagined acts to become physical facts your outer world must match your inner world.

It’s through the process of course-correction that you make your two worlds match.

Course-correction requires learning from your miss-takes, so that you may refine your action until you have a successful re-take. No excuses, no blame.

Refinement of your miss-takes is not some foolish scheme; it’s the only way to guarantee that you will live your dreams.

Every fantasy contains two birds

There’s an old story about a very wise and successful man who owned two birds. It seems that he was able to design his personal destiny, as he wanted it to be, quite easily. He’d imagine the changes he wanted in his life; he’d let the two birds fly as high as they choose to, and the bird that flew highest was the one he paid attention to.

Of what were these two birds symbolic? They were not really birds; they were streams of thought that would rush to him from nowhere, just from the air. This man would conjure a vision of a change he wanted in his life, and he’d then notice that two streams of thought would rush to him (two birds flying in the air).

One stream of thought would look at his past and insist, “what you’ve got is all that you’re going to get; don’t be crazy.” The other stream of thought would look at the future and fly high with ideas to fulfill on his new ideal to make it real.

The wise man favored the bird that flew highest, the bird that offered answers to make his vision of fantasy action of fact.

How about you? Which bird do you pay attention to when you dream big and envision living into that dream? Do you look at your past and decide your dream is just foolish fantasy, or do you look at your future with new ways to act to make that fantasy fact?

When was the last time that you had a great idea? Which bird did you look to?

Do you know yourself as fully as you should?

At the heart of the matter – your personality contains all of the elements that you need to be successful. It is the outer expression of your inner dynamics.

Deep in the middle of all that floods you psychologically is a center of peace and poise that gives you command of your world beyond what logical thinking can understand.

Your potential is immense; your talents beyond measure, and yet you still wonder if you have what it takes to make your ideals real. Ah, such human insanity!

Jesus not only believed in God; he believed he was God – “The father and I are one and the father is greater than I.” If he believed that he and “the father” are one, did he not believe that he contained the same creative power as “the father”?

Jesus also said, “If you believe as I believe, the works I have done, you too can do.” That’s pretty clear. Is he not saying, “Imagine what you could do if you believed ‘the father’ and you were one”?

All evidence points to the fact that God you are when it comes to you and when it comes to your life. When it comes to your reality – you are the big decision-maker. And furthermore, your decisions make major incisions into the world that you feel is solid and real.

“Then why,” you ask, “if all of that is true, do I experience success spasmodically at best?”

Nothing other than your mistaken opinions about yourself, which give you feelings of confusion and doubt, stop you from succeeding continually. I suppose therapists would call it conditioned thinking.

You become an awesomely powerful personality by understanding that your potential is immense and your talent beyond measure, and when it comes to you and your world – if it is to be it is up to thee!

Could it possibly be true that if you believe as Jesus believed, the works you want done, you are capable of doing! Truly, truly, truly –only when you accept that statement, not as fantasy but as actual fact, will you experience the naturally spontaneous release of the awesomely powerful you.

When I speak of Jesus, I reference him as an incredible human being who was a demonstration of what we may be if we believed in ourselves as he believed in himself. I am not referencing Jesus as religions interpret him to be.

I ask you, “Do you know yourself as fully as you should?”

The annoying guests

My brother was complaining that he was getting a lot of undesirable houseguests showing up at his front door – our drunk uncle, his complaining mother-in-law and a whining old college friend to name a few.

He couldn’t understand what was causing this onslaught of unwanted company until he learned from his wife that he was writing them invitations in his sleep, and then sleep-walking to the post office to mail the invites after midnight. She’d follow behind to make sure he got home safely.

How might you be unknowingly inviting the wrong people into your life? What are you doing unconsciously that attracts troublesome folks?

Nothing happens by sheer coincidence!


Every human being, born of a mother’s womb, is born into conditioned living, born into the way of that family’s environment. Whether the child is born into royalty or onto the streets of the ghetto, every child is influenced by its surroundings.

However, sound asleep in the deep of every child lays a second child – the one that wants to roam free and decide its own destiny. That’s what is meant by being “born again,” to walk from one’s mother’s womb into an entirely different room; to have the courage to become the master of his or her own fate. To do that is to decisively appropriate a life that calls to you personally, and not to hesitate.

Your mother indeed did beget you, but does not own you, nor does your family or your local church or government. Forget that fact not, become self-taught. You will never let yourself down if you trust yourself to know what’s best for you. The truth is that you do know your raison d’etre – your reason for being here – and no one else can offer that advice to you.

If it is to be, it is up to thee. Dare to rebirth yourself anew so that you can experience the wondrous life you dream of living, successfully and freely.