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Money, Peace of Mind, Happiness & Success

You were born to be happy. You were born to be wealthy. You were born to be successful. You were born to enjoy inner peace. These are all normal and natural desires of the human spirit. It is your divine right to experience, money, peace of mind, happiness and success. You already are equipped … [Read more...]

The Wise and Passionate Life

I'm at a stage in my life where I have acquired the wisdom of a seventy year old and still have the passion of a twenty year old. I am seventy, going on twenty-one. What’s the secret? T’is simple. A life needs direction and constancy - when these two touch, it is established on earth. Your desires … [Read more...]

Promote yourself Up the Ranks

Here is a great method of self-promotion that I invented to help me feel ‘up’ when I was feeling down and moping around. It’s a great builder of self-esteem. It’s simple. It’s easy. Try it. You’ll love it. Step 1: when you awaken in the morning – consider yourself “a private” in the service. … [Read more...]

Being a Rainmaker

After decades of striving to get before giving, it has become increasingly obvious to me that learning to give is the right way to live. Rainmaking – the art of giving productively – is most important for right living. Rainmaking is nourishment to the spirit, as wholesome food is nourishment to … [Read more...]

There Is No Lack of Enthusiasm

“Hey Bobby, you’re pointing your enthusiasm in the wrong direction.” That’s what Billy, a high school friend of mine, would say when I began complaining about anything. He’d say it to be funny, but there was more truth to the statement that I then realized. If you are living and breathing right … [Read more...]