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The Power of Forgiveness

Student: What does it mean to “forgive” someone?

Teacher: You must GIVE up your current condemning point of view FOR something kindly and new.

Student: What does it take to do that effectively?

Teacher: You must give up your thought of condemnation with no mental reservation. Drop the morbid feeling of “being superior” because he did something wrong and you’re right.

Student: What does that do?

Teacher: Until you truly For-Give, you are not able to relax and experience peace around that person you’re condemning – you’re the one suffering most.

Success has rhythm

The rhythm of success is unmistakably upbeat. It carries with it the lyrics of knowing. It carries with it perfect aliveness, sprinkled with passion. It carries with it a sense of definiteness and a love for outcomes. The rhythm of success can be directed; it can be controlled; it can be intentional. In this experience, the goal that is set is centered in the heart, emanating from the person who has rhythm. It’s a beautiful, powerful encounter when you get rhythm. Would you agree?

A Success-Lessons from an elder, wiser traveler

Why has it been determined for you to be a servant, living on little? It hasn’t been determined! Why has it fallen on the likes of you to mix company with those many who suffer and barely get by. It hasn’t fallen upon you! Why do you find yourself gathering with the Cawing Crows – lamenting, quarreling and squabbling? You attracted it into your life!

Therein the above paragraph you will find a most powerful Success-Lesson to be learned. Awaken and learn well – IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO THEE! There is no power outside of you that can force you to live less than the glorious life you dream of living. Woe to the people who never change, but consider it their plight to live in a world of worry and fright. Such minds are a stagnant pool. You have the power and the right to cleanse your mind of such congestion.

The secret to quick success in any domain of life

Here it is. Absorb it. Activate it. Stick to it. You will win – guaranteed.

Step 1: Master Desire – hold onto one desire only; allow it to dominate all other desires.

Step 2: Master Thought – declare in a simple sentence the outcome that best describes your Master Desire; have that thought overshadow all other thoughts.

Step 3: Master Will – get out there and take action; take a baby step, but step forward toward achieving the outcome you desire; then keep going.

If you follow those three steps without wavering – that Master Desire, which was at first just a fantasy, will become an actual fact. Life is no more difficult than that.

How can I overcome?

Student: How can I overcome? How can I rid myself of my timidity toward life? How can I stop myself from feeling inferior in the face of a big problem?

Teacher: Begin by saying, “I can overcome.” “There is no reason for me to feel timid toward life.” “I have more than enough talent and strength to succeed, even in the face of big problems.”

Student: You make it sound easy. It’s not that easy.

Teacher: You make it sound hard. It is that easy. Abe Lincoln felt inferior to the task before him when he first became President of the United States. He approached his dilemma with honesty and simplicity. He examined the lives of many great men of the past, and discovered that, other than their attitudes, there was nothing different about them when compared with everyone else. Lincoln believed that if he simply took his usual thoughts of negativity and turned them into positive affirmations, he could drown out the “woes” and make room for the “wows.” He believed that one attitude change would offer him the answers he sought to make an incredible difference as the President. He then proceeded to prove it.

How to be rich

How would you like to be rich? Would you like to be rich with friend? Rich with adventure? Rich with health? Rich with money?

“What you are” has everything to do with “who you are.” That may sound confusing, but it ain’t. During your childhood rearing years everything was taken care of for you. Unfortunately, during those same years you were totally conditioned to think about yourself as you do.

“I AM a rich man” is a very different attitude about life than “I AM a poor man.” Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief – which “IAM” have you assumed yourself to be? That question has been around for thousands of years. Most people don’t take it seriously. They should.

If you took the time to elevate your awareness above your conditioned mind, you’d see the “I AM” that has taken you over. “I AM a poor man” has few friend, is always sick, barely gets by financially, and see’s life as a scary jungle filled with aggressive predators. The world is a mirror. If that is what the poor man sees, then that is what the world reflects back to him.

What do you imagine “I AM a rich man experiences in life? If the world is a mirror, what do you imagine the world reflects back to that rich man?

Here is the great news. You have the power to see yourself differently. You can change your mind about the “I AM” that expresses through you. It’s a matter of being born again. That’s right; you can rebirth yourself anew; you can take on a new point of view about you, and stick to that “I AM” until it shine through. No one can stop you. No one, no one, no one.

An inner rebellion against a life-stifling “I AM” is like an explosion. It sets something in motion inside of you that can change everything about you, which consequently changes everything in your world. Again I remind you – your world is a mirror. Have faith in the fact that your imaginal act of a new “I AM” can become an actual fact that shows up in your personality when you commit to designing yourself anew. Are you willing to prove it – be one of the few.

I believe in you; do you?

Winning in life – My Five Favorite Questions

I meet a lot of people who are very wishy washy about what really matters to them. And then there are those who know what they want, but they don’t take that desire deeper – they don’t delve into the “how”of it; they sit and hope things will work out. When you dare to ask “How do I make this happen,” you quickly come face to face with everything in your life that is stopping you – from negative beliefs to feelings of insecurity to physical obstacles placed between you and your aspiration. And lastly, there are those lo so many who achieve their dream, but are so driven to keep going that they forget the reason why it was so important in the first place.

And so what’s a fellow to do if he finds himself in this pickle. Gain clarity! With clarity comes enormous power. Here are five great questions that will get you off your duff and give you the courage to take on any challenge no matter how rough, and let you know when you’ve reached the mountaintop.

  1. What do I want? What really lights me up?

  2. Why does achieving that dream light me up so much? Why is it so important to me?

  3. Has anyone else accomplished what I want to do? How’d they do it? What do I have to do to get to where I want to go? What’s the first step I’ve got to take?

  4. What do I think about myself that stops me from moving forward? What obstacles do I see that intimidate me? Am I willing to admit that my biggest problem is my own negative attitude, and if I rid myself of that, I won’t sit here lazy and fat?

  5. What specifically will I achieve or what will I do or what will I gain that has me know I’ve won the game? What is the finish line for me?

And there you have it. What will you do with those questions?

Success requires getting comfortable

Whatever it is that you need or want, you can have it if you get comfortable with the idea of having it. Treat your mind ten minutes each day with the idea that you already have what it is that you want, and practice feeling comfortable having it. Just assume that you have it and practice feeling real natural possessing it. If you do this in earnestness, within a month you will begin attracting what you are wanting. Your ideal becomes real when you psychologically accept it as natural for it to become actual in your life.

Nothing new is being spoken in the above paragraph, but oh can we make more of something than need be.

Secret to success

Mother eagle: For the last time I welcome you, my fledgling to security of the nest

Fledgling eagle: What must I do next?

Mother eagle: Come to the edge and dare to fly

Fledgling eagle: If I fall and hurt myself I will cry

Mother eagle: You will soar high; to cry would be a lie

Fledgling eagle: In fruitful silence he soared high in the sky

Success and the World Voice

It is the World Voice (the media – the newspapers, TV, films and songs) that speaks of how tough life can be. It is the World Voice that magnifies the roadblocks to happiness and success. Have you ever watched a soap opera on TV? Have you ever listened to the evening news? The formula is 90% bad news and 10% good news.

If you do not agree with the World Voice, you are considered peculiar and looked upon as an outsider. I say to you, “It is not normal to have to struggle so hard to simply get by.” Each day put forth a little effort to look at life beyond the laments of the World Voice. Take the time to pay attention to that which is real. There is far more in life to help you than harm you. Trust that fact. Act on that fact. Prove the world voice wrong, and your life will go right. You are destined for sweet success if you make it a habit to trade beauty for ashes and praise for the spirit of heaviness. You may ask, “That’s all very lovely, but is it practical?” Life responds with a resounding, “YES!”