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Success and the World Voice

It is the World Voice (the media – the newspapers, TV, films and songs) that speaks of how tough life can be. It is the World Voice that magnifies the roadblocks to happiness and success. Have you ever watched a soap opera on TV? Have you ever listened to the evening news? The formula is 90% bad news and 10% good news.

If you do not agree with the World Voice, you are considered peculiar and looked upon as an outsider. I say to you, “It is not normal to have to struggle so hard to simply get by.” Each day put forth a little effort to look at life beyond the laments of the World Voice. Take the time to pay attention to that which is real. There is far more in life to help you than harm you. Trust that fact. Act on that fact. Prove the world voice wrong, and your life will go right. You are destined for sweet success if you make it a habit to trade beauty for ashes and praise for the spirit of heaviness. You may ask, “That’s all very lovely, but is it practical?” Life responds with a resounding, “YES!”

The key to successful Living

Student: What’s the key to successful living.

Teacher: You must live by The Law of Your Own Thoughts.

Student: What’s that mean?

Teacher: It means that you must determine the direction that your thoughts flow because that is the direction that your life goes.

Student: Is it a “cause and effect” kind of thing?

Teacher: Precisely. Your thoughts and ideas control cause, and your actions and experiences are the effect. Learn to live by The Law of Your Own Thoughts, obey that law and you hold the key to successful living. You are a thinker of ideas. Make it a point to consciously choose the ideas that you plan to think about. Now proceed to think about those ideas purposefully, and you will see that your life will go exactly as your thoughts command it should be. When your thoughts are original your life is unique. When your thoughts are mechanical, your life is machine-like and very predictable.

Student: I gather from this that when I’m living by The Law of My Own Thoughts, it means that I am thinking for myself. Otherwise I’m just a puppet dancing on string of thoughts offered by others.

Teacher: Well put.

Hallelujah – Victory is mine

In me, success is exalted. Visions are clear in my mind’s eye. Glory is awake in my heart. My legs can climb the steepest mountain. My arms can break the strongest chains. Glory to me whose chant is “sweet victory.”

In me, tearful and ashamed is my demeanor. Hesitant and sluggish are my legs. My ears are haunted with howling “NO’s.” Dreadful I am when my life is a sham.

A wondrous child of the cosmos are you. A dreadful wreck you can be.

Which shall you hail – the bright light or the lonely shadow? You are free to decide which you hold high.

Will you be a ruler of your life? Then learn to be a ruler of yourself.

To attract prosperity you must empty your pockets

You can enjoy no outer prosperity until you experience inner prosperity. If you’re to experience inner prosperity, you must empty your pockets of all thoughts that give you misery. Thoughts that give you misery are begrudging thoughts that give power to a “poor me” mentality and ideas of general vindictiveness that cause an attitude of hostility. Do you want prosperity? Then you must empty the pockets of your mind of all such treachery.

When your mental pockets are stuffed with negativity you cannot help but feel unworthy, and consequently you repel any prosperity that may be available.

You were born to be wealthy. You are here to enjoy all that is good and beautiful about life. If that’s not your experience, then know that it’s time to start emptying the pockets of your mind of all your pet peeves. When you complete your task of emptying your mind of all thought-habits of condemnation you will immediately begin feeling vital and alive once again. And with that you will attract incredible opportunities to enjoy the prosperity that you’ve secretly yearned for what seems an eternity.

The Power of Believing

Student: What do people who live a full life know that I don’t know?

Teacher: Those who live a full life know that their tomorrow is a reflection of what they affirm with a feeling of certainty today.

Student: I don’t understand.

Teacher: If you absolutely believe the words that you speak when you affirm that your dreams will come true – then the whole world rearranges itself to support you.

Student: Is that always valid?

Teacher: Yes it is always valid because your world is a mirror, ever reflecting back to you what you believe is true. Anything else that you affirm half-heartedly is nothing more than vain repetition.

Student: Wow, that’s a great demonstration of the Power of Belief.

Teacher: All that you manifest in your life begins with a desire transformed into a belief.

Confidence speaks directly to you

“You receive my confirmation unmistakably as a feeling of certainty begins to glow in your consciousness. I am a powerful and comforting inner presence that has you feel beyond a doubt that you can achieve your dream by using your own clout. When you learn to seek me first above all other things when aspiring higher, you will find yourself aiming straighter. With me as your partner, you will take greater risks without reservation, and will grow steadily stronger toward maturity as a triumphant victor in every endeavor you undertake.”

And there you have it, the feeling of confidence has promised you victory, and you will be victorious indeed!

Success Secret – you live in the presence of your own self-creation

Teacher: Right now you do not know how many hidden talents and strengths you possess, and so you set tiny goals that stifle your progress.

Student: How do I reveal these talents and strengths to myself?

Teacher: The quickest way to begin is to set the bar higher – set loftier goals, and trust that you have what it takes to accomplish the outcomes you desire. In order to gain that trust, you must be willing to let go of the “you” that you cling so tightly to.

Student: I assume there is only one of me. What do you mean when you tell me to let that “me” go?

Teacher: Your current personality is a small phase of your expansive human nature; there is infinitely more of you to explore. However, you cannot do that when you insist you already know everything there is to know about you. When you agree that there is a lot more of you than you can see – to the extent that you accept that as true, you grow into a new, more powerful you.

Money, money, money

When you think in terms of making a lot of money, never be too specific. You are deserving of more than you imagine, and you are capable of making even more than that. Therein lies the challenge – underestimating your worth, by believing your potential is limited, has you set a limit on how much money you make.

What is bound to happen when you assume untruths of limit about yourself is very predictable: no matter what amount of money you may affirm you’re going to make, or how hard you may work at making that money, you will fall short of your aim. That’s because your lack of expectancy will attract far less than what you hoped for.

Boy, the mind is powerful; isn’t it? The secret to success in any domain of life is to begin with the belief that you are more than worthy of living richly and fully. After that, the rest gets easy. Really! I have proven that to be true for myself in many ways. Shakespeare said, “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” If you think you are good, your thinking makes it so. If you think you deserve the good that life offers – including gobs of money – your thinking makes it so. You must decide what kind of seeds you plant in the garden of your mind. I hope they’re not weed seeds – that’s bad.

Success requires that one thing be certain

Student: What’s the one thing of which I must be certain if I want to be successful?

Teacher: You must be certain about what you want.

Student: How do I know if I’m certain about what I want?

Teacher: If you say, “what I’d like is …” or if you say, “I’ve always wanted to …” then you’re not certain.

Student: What do such statements indicate?

Teacher: Statements of that nature are halfhearted and lack conviction.

Student: Thank you for that tip. I often speak that way when I set a goal from a positon of indecision.

Teacher: It’s where your statement of certainty goes that your emotions flow, and therein lies your power.

Getting rich is easier than you think

You are the collective of thousands of years of humanity’s consciousness. Not only that, but you were born onto the planet with access to the infinite intelligence that created this entire cosmos. If you were to trust these two facts and go inward more often, you’d be shocked at the answers that await you.

What do you want? If you desire it, you can have it.

The answers to “how” lie within you. Haven’t you ever been puzzled by a question, only to have the answer pop into your mind later on? It matters not what the question may be. Trust yourself, and the answer will come to thee, or you will be intuitively guided to the right people who will willingly help you.

That’s pretty much how I went from rags to riches in the world of money. I am most certainly no more talented or intelligent than you. I simply learned to trust my inner guidance system when it comes to my aspirations and aims. “Whatsoever you believe you shall receive you will receive.” Who said that?