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Imitation causes limitation

Student: I don’t understand what happened. I attended a success seminar that said we should model the successful action of successful people if we want to be successful. I’ve tried it, again and again, and I still have not claimed the success I dream of achieving.

Teacher: A struggling individual, entertaining thoughts of weakness, cannot open the door to success any more than a camel can pass through the eye of a needle. Success does not come by imitating the outer action of others; it comes by right inner action. What you habitually think and the tone of your self-talk has everything to do with how you conduct yourself and what you achieve in the outer world.

Student: What must I think and say to myself in order to be successful?

Teacher: If your thoughts are weak, your efforts are in vain. At that point, it matters not what method you try or who you imitate. You must first work on your attitude. “Let the weak man say, I am strong.” Joel 3:10 Until you achieve an attitude of inner strength, your strivings will fall short of your goal.

Student: I remember reading Mark: 11:24 “Believe that ye receive and ye shall receive,” and I remember thinking that it cannot possibly be that simple.

Teacher: The first power that meets us at the door of success is the Power of Consciousness. That of which you are conscious must manifest. That is a fact. Too many folks have been taught to believe that outer action is the key to designing their destiny. If your destiny is to be as you dream it can be, it is up to thee to first get your thinking right. It’s only then that you have the might to set your life right. The might of which I speak is the faith to believe that you will receive what you seek to achieve. With faith, you need not model successful people because you will naturally act in successful ways. After that, receiving is easy.

What’s it mean to be gullible?

Student: What’s it mean to be gullible

Teacher: It means you are lazy-minded; you are willing to believe anything tossed at you.

Student: How do I overcome my tendency to be gullible?

Teacher: Don’t be easily intimidated. Dare to ask a lot of questions. Dare to stand on your own two feet.

Student: How’d I fall into this gullibility trap?

Teacher: You became too comfy with allowing others to think for you. Step out of your comfort zone. Dare to be your own independent investigator of the truth. Stand up for yourself – question everything.

Student: My lazy mind needs constant encouragement. Thank you for helping me to see that.

Teacher: Now You’re thinking! Don’t leave a legacy of laziness. Thinking without inquiry is like a bird without wings.

What’s it mean to “get real”?

If you’re going to “get real”, you’ve got to study yourself in different situations. Notice how many different personalities you have. And, notice how you turn to at different personality many times in your day.

You act one way in the office with your boss, and a very different way while on the subway with strangers. You have one personality that serves you when at home with the family, and quite another one while at the stadium watching a game with the guys. You have that personality you use to impress others, and that personality you use when you want to get your point across.

All of these personalities make up your psychology. And, each are dying to jump on the stage of life and express themselves through you. Learning about these many personalities is a powerful first step to getting real, to being authentic and natural.

When you come to Know Thyself, and the many personalities you possess, you are able to rid yourself of these multiple personalities. This creates space for the natural you to shine through. That’s what it means to “get real.”

The Truth is Supremely Honest

The truth never lies; that’s why it’s called the truth. It’s supremely honest, and delivers to you what it has promised. The truth shall set you free or lock you tight in a prison cell, depending on what you do with it. Will you use the truth to create heaven or a living hell for yourself?

“I AM a rich man, a poor man, a beggar man, a thief.” All of these statements are true. However, you can fashion yourself to be whatever I AM that you feel is right for you. Let no one make that decision for you!

If you choose “I AM a rich man,” the world gives you a very different scene than what “I AM a poor man” attracts. When confused about the best course for your life, know that it always comes down to the I AM that you assume yourself to be. Always!

What you are, essentially, is a faceless, formless awareness of unlimitedness. And, that is a touch of Godliness. It means you have the capacity to assume yourself to be whatever I AM tickles your fancy. There is no power out there in the world that can stop you from being the I AM that most enamors you.

“All things, when they are admitted, are made manifest by the light.” When you shine the light of your consciousness on a concept of self that feels right – you conjure up the might to make any dream come true.

Don’t take this message lightly. Your world is always unfolding to support the I AM that you assume yourself to be. Every incident, every event that occurs in your life, be it large and small, is a reflection of ME, ME, ME … the I AM that you assume yourself to be.

Begin right now to grasp the enormously important idea called IDENTIFICATION. There is nothing you can do that is more important than IDENTIFY with an I AM that supports you with your grandest aspiration. It’s a huge blunder to assume that you are less than a rich man in any area of life – rich with love, rich with friends, rich with money, rich with health.

Let your mind admit only the high and noble WHEN you hear yourself saying “I AM.” What will be the self-definition that will set you free to say with glee, “I AM a rich man; indeed, that is me.”

It’s impossible to put new patches on old garments

How many times has someone tried to put new patches on an old garment and found the new patches quickly falling off? It’s a metaphor. You cannot take with you any part of the old you, when you are creating yourself anew. And if you’re intending to create a new reality for yourself, it begins with creating a new you.

If you insist on holding tight to any part of the old you, that becomes a weight that pulls you down to who you used to be.

It’s been written thousands of times that if you intend to declare yourself a rich person, in any area of life, you’ve got to let go of all beliefs, tendencies, habits and patterns that have you feeling impoverished and poor. Now, the question becomes, How do you do that?”

To let go of the old requires taking your attention off every reminder that has you wailing out, “Woe is me.” Place your attention on feeeeling what it would be like if you were wealthy in that domain of life that calls to you.

As the feeeeling of inner-richness becomes more familiar, you find yourself naturally creating a grander concept of yourself – a concept that makes it easy to attract what was abstract. Your new self-concept naturally motivates you to act in new ways that make the fantasy fact.

You aren’t going to make real, anything new until you let go of the old you. The invitation is found in ancient script: “Ye must be born again.” Drop the old garment you’ve been wearing (the old personality). It’s time to try on something new. That’s what you do when you are ‘born again’.

A new ‘you’ creates a new vibration that rids you of old limitations.

What’s God got to do with my life?

Student: I’m confused about the idea of God. Is there a God? What’s God got to do with my life?

Professor: Those are difficult questions to answer accurately unless I know your concept of God. There are a thousand and one ideas about God out there. That’s why there are a thousand and one religions. Ideas and concepts about God are not God; they are conversations that arise out of questions about the creation of everything that exists – including the world and mankind.

The rational mind cannot understand the wholeness, the allness of infinite intelligence that lies behind everything – which is God. Therefore, the rational mind comes up with projections of personal desires and fears about God.

Existence is a reality. Stories about God with a human personality are fiction.

Student: Just understanding what you’ve now spoken offers me more clarity. I can see that I’m looking for answers about something that cannot be understood with words.

Professor: Once you understand your center as a luminous being that is inseparable from the “all-of-it” – from every aspect of this ever-expanding cosmos – it is impossible not to feel the presence of God. And when you feel this presence, you never try to explain it.

I do everything but the right thing

Student: “Professor, I seem to do everything but the right thing when it comes to making effective choices in my life. I’d be willing to give anything to start choosing rightly when it comes to me. It seems that I’ve got great advice when it comes to other’s lives, but I rarely take my own advice when it comes to my life? It feels like everything is destined to go wrong in my life.”

Professor: “The feeling that everything is destined to go wrong is simply an erroneous feeling. It comes from erroneous beliefs. Knowing you the way I do, I don’t feel that way about you; not one bit do I feel that things are destined to go wrong for you. Have you ever heard the quote, ‘condemn not, for that which you condemn, condemns you’? Well, ‘that’ which you are condemning is YOU. That’s a fact, and it’s that fact that causes you to make bad choices. Stop, right now; stop condemning yourself. Stop putting yourself down. It makes you feel unworthy. That’s insanity. Others have stopped condemning themselves, stopped feeling unworthy, and soon thereafter they found themselves making wonderful choices; choices that opened doors to a brand new world. If others have done it, you can do it.

Student: “It can be done.”

“Others have done it.”

“I can do it.”

Professor: “That, right there, is a perfect choice for you.”

The secret passage

Student: I wish I understood why I do what I do. I so often do things that are harmful to me.

Teacher: That’s what makes “Understanding” so powerful. When you truly understand deeply why you’re doing things that cause misery, you’re able to stop doing it.

Student: “Understanding” makes so much sense. I love the idea of letting go of my ignorance.

Teacher: A prisoner of war felt in his heart that there was an escape route. By keen observation, he noticed the guards would occasionally disappear and come back with cigarettes. Where would they go to get them? How’d they get there without going through the main gate? The prisoner knew what he wanted to locate. With a little bit of time, he found the secret passage. One night, while everyone else was asleep, he took the passage to freedom.

Everyone can locate the passage to freedom from bad habits. Some call the passage – patience, while others call it open-mindedness or flexibility. Call it whatever you like, but know that it’s always waiting for you.

When you value what’s true, rather than just bulling your way through, you understand what’s meant by living “habit free.”

Everything He Touched Turned into Trouble

I knew a guy who just couldn’t seem to get a break. He was always hustling, getting involved in one business after another, but always finding himself in financial trouble.

This guy did everything he could to portray himself as a success, as a man of money and poise. What bothered him most was that he couldn’t figure out why so many people bad-mouthed him. He’d say, “I work hard to make a good living, but look how people gossip and put me down.”

He came to me one day and asked for advice. I told him the truth, “I can’t reveal to you what I know about you because you will just get angry.”

“Damn it, tell me,” he said, “I can take it.”

I decided to let him have the truth as I saw it. “You’re willing to work hard, but you’re always trying to hustle someone. And in the end, it never works for you. Only when you understand that you receive value for value given, will you begin to attract the money you yearn to make. With the vanishing of the illusion that hustling is the quick way to riches, you will open the door to a new world of business.”

This guy took me seriously. It took him a while to act on the advice I gave him, but within a couple of years he’d opened a very successful dry cleaning company. He now has three locations in prosperous communities with his dry cleaning business.

The truth that hurts is the truth that heals. He was ready. Perhaps I’d hurt his feelings, but he acted on the truth I offered, and he’s prospering from it.

What truth are you refusing to look at? Nothing stands in the way of your dreams except some truth that you’re refusing to deal with.

Two Part Learning

Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, was not only a mentor, but a friend of mine. He and I had many interesting conversations. He said more than once to me, “What I teach, Rob, needs to not only fall into the mind, but must also edge into the emotions. Then, and only then does it have a positive impact on one’s life.”

Over many years of studying self-help information, I’ve taken Jim’s advice. It’s now obvious to me that both my mind and my emotions must be open to learning before any lesson can bear fruit in my life.

True understanding is a two-part passage – your mental and emotional systems must develop together if you are to mature into the productive, successful, happy human being you dream of experiencing.

Understanding with the mind alone is shallow. It’s only when the emotions get involved, that you assimilate the information deeper. And, the deeper you assimilate it, the more empowering the information becomes.

Mental and emotional thinking are like two Clydesdale horses working cooperatively together – the consequences can be astounding. Your growth and development depends on it.

How might you approach your learning process differently so that you involve your emotions in the learning process?

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Ben Franklin. Do you know how you get involved? When your emotions get involved.