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Success Requires That You Cut Off Their Heads

I have done incredibly well in the restaurant business. As a new comer, a few decades ago, I brought three new restaurants to the top of the Boston, Ma. charts.

“How’d you do that,” you ask? Whenever I could see that my plans had gone awry, I always asked myself, “Where Am I thinking wrongly about this matter?” And do you know what the answer was? “By thinking the same thing you always thought.” That answer was a reminder that I had to cut off the heads of my old thought-habits.

If I was to sight a new idea that could help me break through the challenge, it meant I had to throw away my usual mental map. That map was pointing in a circular direction, just taking me to where I always went; yet I was expecting a new destination. Insanity!

And so, what can you learn from this? Ask yourself, “What’s this got to do with me?” I can promise you that it has everything to do with you if you apply it to where your life is stuck. Let the truth shake you up, for it only wants to show you where your thinking is flawed so that you can make corrections in your actions.


Why Am I rich?

The other day (Wednesday), an acquaintance approached and asked me quite bluntly, “Why are you rich and not me?” I told him I knew why money comes easily to me, but I didn’t have a clue as to why he had a problem attracting money. He then asked if I’d tell him my secret to money-success. I said, “Sure.” And now I’ll give it to you.

John Wooden (a man who won ten NCAA national championships in a 12-year period while coaching basketball at UCLA, including a record seven in a row) said, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.” He was nicknamed the Wizard of Westwood, and I took that nickname seriously and so I took his advice seriously.

When it comes to making money, I have always been concerned with who I create myself to be, not with what others thought of me. I created myself to be someone who is very valuable to society, knowing that if I am very valuable to society then I will give great value to my community, and consequently I will receive great value in return. A simple matter of Cause and Effect – eh?

Deciding who I had to be wasn’t about what others might think of me, but it was about what I might think of myself. It seemed logically clear to me that if I considered myself valuable, I would engage in acts of value. I’d be on target and effective with my plans and intentions, and waste no time with foolish drama and soap operas. It makes clear sense to me that “that’s” what a person has to do in order to cash in on life’s many rewards.

Free to do right. Free to do wrong. I choose the former. That’s why I’m rich.

Four steps to success

Do you want to take your life beyond your present reality? Here’s how to do it.

Step One: What do you want? Write it down. Don’t depend on your mind to remind you daily. Write it down on a 3X5 card and tape it on your mirror. What is your deadline date? Include that on the card. Just the act of writing it involves both your body and your mind – that is a great booster to get the ball rolling.

Step Two: Stop doing what you’ve always done – that can only bring to you what you’ve already got. You’re in a rut. Listen to your gut. Do something new. Really! What good does it do to do what you always do if in fact what you always do has proven a dozen times to you that it just doesn’t work?

Step Three: Who do you have to be to achieve this new goal? Certainly you have to recreate yourself anew if the goal means anything to you. What new qualities of character do you need in order to strengthen your approach, or what new talents do you need to hone? If it is to be it is up to thee; take this reinvention of yourself seriously. If you always are who you’ve always been, then you’re going to make the same mistakes again and again.

Step Four: No longer tolerate old habit patterns that try to interrupt your new progress. What do you have to stop doing in order to advance toward upward? What old tendencies do you have to break through that are continually stopping you? What opinions of yourself is it time to drop? What do you say to yourself that causes you to sway? Break any physical or mental habit pattern that cause you any hesitation or procrastination.

The moment you firmly commit to the above four steps you set a new cause into motion, which will deliver unto you the right and perfect effect. You’re up. It’s not just the goal you’re after, it’s the quality of life you enjoy while pursuing it. Take that first step!

Feeling at home with failure

I say to you who feel at home with failure: You may feel quite comfortable with your limited successes and many failures. That feeling of unworthiness or inadequacy that has had power and authority over you for so many years is so familiar that you probably didn’t even realize it existed. Well, in fact you are a success – a negative success. We all succeed at whatever we set our mind to, be it good or bad, beautiful or ugly. So take a bow. You’ve succeeded!

Further I say to you who feel at home with failure: Why should you not expect the finest and best from life? No one – no matter what sex, what color, what education, what religious affiliation, what IQ, what political indoctrination is banned from living richly. But, you’ve got to want it and believe you deserve it. If you do, great things will come to you. Really, it is that simple. Unhesitating, unwavering positive expectancy most definitely attracts great things to you. Nourish your dreams with eager anticipation and your dreams will manifest without hesitation. The spirit in you awaits your recognition of this fact.

What’s all this foolishness about unworthiness or inadequacy? Let not such miserable myths linger in the halls of your mind. This is your time. You are a free agent as far as life is concerned. You alone decide what shall be for thee. But it’s your responsibility to open to possibilities.

Knock, knock … “Who’s there?” … “It’s me with a barrel of treasures to offer you,” replies life … “For God’s sake, open the door!” I say … “ Stop feeling at home with failure.”


T’is said that “We are like the plants of the field or the birds of the air,” implying that we can surrender our will to nature and all will be well. That’s BS (a bad Belief System).

You’ve been endowed with the blessing of being a superlative creator. Agree? Do you wish to disendow yourself of that great treasure?

To face a challenge and overcome it, is your genius of being able to see things differently and do something about it. Is that not an incredible attribute? Is it not the greatest of all gifts? Has a bird of the air yet to walk on the moon?

Success Tip: You have limitless potential; give that up for nothing!

You can always do better

There’s the story of King Phillip giving a writing assignment to his favorite scribe. He was to write a precise biography of the king’s life. The scribe spent a year writing diligently, trying to highlight all of the big events of the King’s life, being sure to leave nothing of importance out.

King Phillip received the manuscript in hand from the scribe, set it on the table and said, “I’ll get back to you.” The next day the scribe found the manuscript on his tower desk with a note on it: “you can do better than that.”

The scribe spent the next six months meticulously editing the manuscript, deciding to omit some stories, add others, and spice up a few of the key stories. He again hand delivered it to the king who placed it on the table and said, “I’ll get back to you.”

The scribe found the manuscript again on his tower desk the following day with a note on it: “you can do better than that.”

The scribe ruthlessly reedited the manuscript, proofreading and changing several things one more time. It took three more months. He then returned it to the king and said, “Your honor, with all due respect, this is the very best I can do. I hope you like it.”

King Phillip took the manuscript and said, “In that case, now I’ll read it.”

WOW! What’s that got to do with you? The king was a wise king; he knew that most folks don’t do the best they can do on the first try. Not even on the second try. Do you? Do you rush to get something done and simply decide that “that’s as good as it’s going to get” because you don’t want to put any more time into it? Could it get better if you did put in more time?

Unbidden – the truth calls in the night, that men and women like you and me may awaken and gaze upon what we’ve done and ask, “Is this the very best I can do?”

What is life to you?

Teacher: What is life to you?

Student: Life is a test

Teacher: If life is a test, does that mean that you could flunk? Can you cheat? What do you have to do to pass the test? Can you get an A on the test?

Student: What if I said that life is a game?

Teacher: If life is a game, is it a game that is fun to play? Does that mean there are winners and losers? Do you have the skill to be a winner?

Student: What if I said life is sacred?

Teacher: If life is sacred, does that mean you have reverence for life?

Student: What if I said life is a gift?

Teacher: Would that mean life is offering pleasant surprises? My point for asking this question is to point out the power of metaphors. Metaphors paint pictures in your mind. Pictures cause you to react to life according to the painted picture. We are expanded by empowering metaphors. We are contracted by disempowering metaphors. Changing one metaphor can change the way you look at your life. Pay attention to your metaphors – do they give you wings to soar or clamp you in chains?

Think for yourself

Teacher: Your mind is your most precious possession.

Student: What does that mean?

Teacher: Think for yourself. Don’t let anyone else insist they know what’s best for you to believe. If seven billion people all think the same way, and you think differently – do not let any one of those seven billion persuade you to agree with what they think. Evolution is depending on you to be revolutionary, and thus evolutionary with your thinking. 

Student: I feel like authority figures in my life put restraints on my thinking.  

Teacher: Your inner world belongs to you.  You are the supreme emperor of your kingdom of thoughts. Be as free as the eagle that soars the mountaintops when it comes to your thought. Let your thoughts  fly high and allow no one to shoot them down. For if you do, you find your life-ambitions are tethered to the ground. You mind is your most prized possession; it’s priceless. Hold tight to that fact and you will know what it is to be absolutely, completely and totally free.  Sweet liberty!

Student: So, you’re saying that when I lose possession of my mind, I lose possession of my life?

Teacher: Your life is clay. You are the potter. When you lose possession of your mind, you no longer mold your life. Yes, you’ve got it right.

What’s it take to break a bad habit

Okay, here we go. You’ve got a bad habit and you want to break it; what do you have to do?

STEP 1: You have to believe that you can break it. If you say, “I’m addicted to smoking; I just can’t stop,” then you will prove yourself right about that. Period! You need go no further.

STEP 2: Study the pain that you get for keeping the habit. Look at the pleasure you’ll get if you stop the habit. List the pros and cons and weigh them against one another. You’ve got to get emotionally involved in the project!

STEP 3: Study the psychology that got you involved in the bad habit. What was going on when you started the habit? Have you resolved that problem yet? It’s difficult to break a habit if the motivator that began the habit is still in your life. While working on breaking the habit, work on resolving any inner conflicts that caused it in the first place.

STEP 4: Replace the habit with something that’s constructive. If you create a void, by abstaining from the habit, the habit will rush back to fill the void.

STEP 5: Don’t be overdramatic about breaking the bad habit, but be willing to see when your bad habit is getting the best of you. Now work it through. Aspire higher than the habit offers you. You deserve it. You can do it.

That’s it 🙂

The secret of effective affirmation

The reason most folks do not bring their affirmations to manifestation is that they focus their mental energy on the thing they want and not on the feeeeling that comes with having accomplished it. Do you affirm owning a nice condo in town? Stop getting so hung up on the details of where it is, and how it looks. Yes, give that 10% attention so that you are clear about your desire. BUT, then when affirming that the condo is yours, spend 90% of your attention while affirming your intention, but use the other 90% of your energy getting into the feeeeling state that you already own it. What is your facial expression when you have accomplished your mission? What do you say to yourself? What do others say to you? How do you feeeel when your dream becomes real? What does it feeeel like when you are finally able to say, “YES! I did it!!”

Centering your attention on the feeeeling of having ALREADY achieved your dream is the key to turning your fantasy into fact. With the right feeeeling you become a magnet; you attract the right and perfect conditions and circumstances; you feel compelled to act in the right and perfect fashion. From all of that you imaginary act manifests into actual fact. Feeeel it, feeeel it, feeeel it, and you will real it, real it, real it … you will reel it in so you can feel it with your skin. It’s no longer an ethereal imagining, it’s physical reality.