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It’s all there

There’s nothing missing in your field of consciousness. It’s all there, from the fatted calf to the ruby ring to the silken robe. Whatsoever you can desire, you can have, and you don’t have to create it. All things that are manifest, are being manifested, or shall ever be manifested IS ALREADY CREATED. The microwave oven was already created when cavemen ruled the planet. They simply weren’t evolved enough, scientifically, to call it forth.

Now let’s look at you. You are plenty evolved to make your dreams of triumph come true. All you need do is focus your attention on the particulars of what you want in your life until the vision FEELS so darn real that you LOOK into your future and KNOW it will be absolutely so – you KNOW you will possess it.

LOOK and KNOW is a feeling of faith. Faith is an unwavering feeling of certainty that fulfillment of your vision is your destiny. You do it all the time. What you now see as your reality is a result of using your mind effectively in the manner I’ve just described. You focused your attention on what you wanted until there was no room for error. Perhaps you did it unconsciously, but you did it, indeed.

Now comes the caveat – those things that you desire and don’t yet have will never come to you if you LOOK and NO. To LOOK and NO is to envision your desire and wipe it out with doubt – that’s the NO.

If you want to see how you’ve successfully played the manifestation game, “LOOK and NO,” take the time to notice the kinds of friends you’ve attracted and the kind of life you live. Without the certainty of KNOWING, those friends and that life wouldn’t be showing.

If you want to see how you’ve successfully played the game, “LOOK and NO,” take a moment to recall those broken dreams and unfulfilled wishes. If they never manifested for you, it’s because you didn’t give them the chance to. Your feeling of uncertainty and doubt was a loud NO-Shout. And the result is you’re living without.

“Plant thy seeds and reap, for the harvest of this world is ripe with riches” – Rob White

You Are That

You are that which you believe you are. You are the conceiver of the image you hold as true about you. You are not only the conceiver, you become a living demonstration of the concept. As the conceiver, you are able to change your mind about the kind of person you will be. As the concept, you are able to express and experience a new identity at will.

Find it NOT strange that you can reinvent yourself anew. This and more you can do. Who told you that you had to be the person that you now consider yourself to be. Where is it written that if you don’t like how who you consider yourself to be, there’s nothing you can do about it?

You were born with the ability to recreate yourself anew anytime you want to. It doesn’t happen without a deep conviction to prove as true the new YOU that you conceive yourself to be. But with conviction comes right effort and consistency, and with right effort and consistency comes transformation. Consistency is required if you’re going to break through the beliefs that stop you from expanding into the new you.

  1. What will it feel like if the “new YOU” were to take over your life?
  2. What new mood would dominate your consciousness?
  3. What would your attitude be when you think about your future?
  4. Learn to imagine yourself as that “new YOU” in vivid details until the new mood and attitude begin to take you over.
  5. Sustain that feeling for seven seconds, and then drop it.
  6. Do it again a few minutes later.
  7. Do it seven times.

To get into the feeling of satisfaction seven times for seven seconds will begin the process of transformation. Your new self-concept begins objectifying physically when you make it a habit to visit that feeling seven times daily over seven days. Proof that you are on your way will show up in your personality on the seventh day if you’ve been consistent with the process. If you haven’t been consistent – start again.

What have you got to lose; try it.

The Miracle of Creation

The ability to see that which is not seen, and feel as though that mental scene is already seen – that is The Miracle of Creation.

A miracle is simply something that occurs that is too easy to explain. The surface mind cannot use its shallow reasoning process to make sense of a miracle. Miracles occur within the deep of you, not to be explained by the ‘cause – effect world’ that you are used to.

Ancient text speaks of god calling forth things that are not seen as though they were. When you are ill, and see yourself as healthy, do you not call forth “good health” and soon it comes to pass? Certainly you do. When you have the flu, there is a moment that you say, “I’m beginning to turn the corner on this flu.” That’s the moment you stop wailing out “poor me; I’m so miserable.” It’s the moment you begin to see yourself as healthy once again. The mental “seeing” is what begins the physical transformation from ill health to good-health. It happens so quickly – so easily – that you simply didn’t realize that you had so much to do with it. You did.

Don’t question how you manifest your visions into your life; simply know that you’re gifted with the innate ability to imagine something so vividly that “the vision is made flesh” – the abstraction takes action, and the fantasy becomes fact.

When it comes to your world, you have the power of god; you have the the ability to see what you want your future to be, to FEEL as though it is already so, and with faith in the fact that when you FEEL IT you REAL IT – are able to determine your destiny.

Just be with this conversation. Don’t agree. Don’t disagree. Don’t judge it. Simply be with it. It may just be a transformational moment, if you allow it to be.

What a tiny baby taught me

I watched a tiny baby; for months, I studied her intently. I saw the truth about her – I saw her as a remarkable unconditioned state of consciousness. “Unconditioned state of consciousness,” I mean that this tiny infant was clearly aware of being, simply being – everything goes! Possibilities unlimited!

This tiny infant was absolutely free to be whatever she choose to be. She had not yet been conditioned to be aware of being a child (not an adult), or a girl (not a boy), or pretty (hopefully, not ugly), or intelligent (hopefully, not stupid), or anything else for that matter. She was simply self-existent – hanging out in bliss. She was simply aware of her beingness with no judgment, no opinions, no positive or negative points of view.

And then, what comes along are the Terrible Two’s – the beginning of conditioning, of enculturation, of indoctrination. I wonder how all of that will turn out for her? Will she consider herself to be an intelligent, beautiful expression of humanity? (Oh, I so hope so). Or will she assume she is not smart enough, not pretty enough, not lovable (Oh, I hope not).

If I could take you back to when you were a tiny infant, and this time endow you with wisdom so that you would know that what you allow the world to condition you to be can cause dire consequences in your life. And if I could imbue you with the knowledge you need so you could decide your own conditioning, conceive yourself as you want to be – in spite of what the world may try to impose upon you – what would you assume differently about yourself? Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief – what shall it be for thee? How shall you be a rich man? What would you believe about yourself that would have you live beautifully and prosperously so that you not only lifted yourself higher, but also lifted all of humanity? Imagine!!!

Who Am I?

Question: Who Am I?

Answer: I have come to reveal yourself to you, so that you may have a better understanding of the “I AM” that truly resides in that body of yours.

Question: Why do I accomplish so little in the face of working so hard?

Answer: You’ve not been rapidly brought into success and prosperity, in spite of all of your effort and hard work, because the “I AM” that you’ve deemed yourself to be is one who must struggle long and work hard before achieving triumphant victory.

Question: Do I have a choice?

Answer: When you choose to see yourself differently than how you now assume yourself to be, then you will find what you are seeking much more easily.

Question: How should I see myself to be?

Answer: You are a rich and majestic child of infinite intelligence. Can you accept that as true? You are marvelously made and destined to win at whatever you set your mind to. Will you declare that to be so? You are worthy of all that is good and beautiful. What about that are you having difficulty understanding?

Question: Are you sure about that? I don’t feel like a child of infinite intelligence; I don’t feel marvelously made; I don’t feel like I’m worthy of all that’s beautiful.

Answer: Never, never, never can you feel like that until you do the inside work that helps you to believe that you are that. Be not just a hearer of these words. Be a doer! The doing is on the inside. Renounce that false identity that you’ve come to be comfortable with – that “I AM” that has you feeling insecure and uncomfortable in the world. That’s your work – do the inside work to resurrect the truth about you. Persist with that mission, and as morning follows night – soon you will find the outside work getting easier and easier, and the prosperity you seek coming quicker and quicker.

Be more specific

Woody Allen was heard to say, “All of my life I wanted to be somebody; I should have been more specific.” That is profound! Now, I ask you, “What kind of person, specifically, do you want to be?” If you’re to be truly productive and feel happy, specifically what qualities of character must you assume yourself to have?

So, let’s get one thing clear right now – no one out there in the world, and no power out there in the universe can change the kind of person you are right now. Only you can do that. Only you can decide to see yourself differently, and assume the new qualities are true about you. Changing the “ME” that you must be, so your life shows up beautifully, that’s your job.

There’s no way to find your personal power without personally empowering yourself. Looking to someone else for help, or praying to some power out there in the universe for a miracle – that’s disempowering. You begin the process of empowering change by understanding the nature of what you are. You are a superlative creative being – so much so that you’re responsible for the “ME” that you’ve created yourself to be.

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief. It’s not in the genes, it’s in your consciousness; it’s what you assume is true about you.

Student: “Maybe all of that stuff, above, is true, but I am bothered by so many things in life.”

Teacher: “No, you’re not bothered by so many things in life; you’re bothered by the ME that you assume is YOU. That ME is bothered by so many things in life, and you think you have no option but to agree. Take the time to look at yourself with new eyes. This time, add qualities of character that you’d love to point to and say, “That’s ME.” Take Woody Allen’s advice – BE SPECIFIC! Now go out in the world and act as though “the new ME” is so. Right now, and right now act as though it’s so. With enough repetition, you’ll wake up one morning assuming the new ME is true. The old ME will have fallen away. And all of those things that so bothered the old YOU will feel like nothing the new YOU.”

It’s never too late to be happy

It’s not what happens to you that makes you a victim or makes you feel happy. It is what you think about what happens that does that to you. How you interpret the events in your life determines whether you’re happy or miserable.

It’s entirely up to you to decide that life is tough and you’re one of the unfortunate ones .. or .. to decide that life is filled with all kinds of things that are good and beautiful and you plan to enjoy your share.

  1. Choose to see the beauty in the ashes. Why? For your mental and emotional health.

  2. Choose to promote joy instead of mourning. Why? For your spiritual and physical well-being.

  3. Choose to praise rather than condemn. Why? For your family’s sake (they’ve got to live with you).

It’s never too late to be happy. It’s never too late to offer others the healing balm of good cheer. The degree to which you are happy or miserable is self-determined. Taking your power back and experiencing an extraordinary life; casting yourself in the role of victim by wailing out “WOE is me;” it’s your choice; what shall it be?

Life never deceives you

Student: I am so easily deceived by life. How can I see through the lies, so I can make better choices with my own life?

Teacher: Life never deceives you. Perhaps your interpretations are deceiving? A better question you may want to ask is, “How can I see myself clearly so I don’t deceive myself so easily?”

Student: There are so many things wrong in the world; certainly I cannot take responsibility for that.

Teacher: When you are able to see the things that are wrong with your current ways of thinking, your eyes will open to things that are right with the world. And then, you will no longer think that life has ever deceived you.

What is self-awareness and being in the moment?

Question: What is this self-awareness and “being in the moment” stuff that so many speak of?

Answer: To be self-aware is to examine one’s thoughts, one’s feelings and one reactions in the very instant they are happening with the intention of noticing where it’s all taking you or what it’s introducing you to. It’s an experience of magnified alertness.

Question: How does “Living in the moment” fit into this?

Answer: If you examine your life, right here, right now – not intellectually, not conceptually – but from a sense of magnified alertness, you experience the world very differently than when you are living mechanically.

Question: What’s it FEEL like to magnify your alertness to everything unfolding in the very instant it happens, both inside of you and out in the world around you?

Answer: Everything you do, and everyone you meet, and everything you say FEELS like a brand new opening to a vast new world. It FEELS like it is the first time you’ve had that experience in your entire life, even if you’ve had something similar occur dozens, or even hundreds of times before. The moment expands in new ways that put you in a state of profound appreciation. These moments open you to the ecstasy of FEELING fully alive.

Question: What’s “feeling fully alive” FEEL like?

Answer: Your thoughts are sharper, your words are clearer, your responses are cleaner, and your feeling of joy is much stronger.

Manifestation is the intention of the seventh day

It has been advised, down through the ages, that we spend six days being active with what’s important to us, and spend the seventh day at rest. Do you know what it means to be “at rest”? It means to calm the mind, and spend some time getting into the FEELING state of reaping the harvest for the six days of labor.

  1. What do you want to accomplish with your hard work?

  2. What does it look like when the outcome is accomplished? How do you look?

  3. What does it FEEL like to be able to say, “I’ve accomplished my mission and I’m satisfied with the manifestation in every way” ?

If you fail to make the distinction of what it FEELS like to achieve the desire that you’ve worked six days to acquire, you miss the mark; you find plodding off to work, week after week, wondering what the hell it’s all about.

You win at what’s important to you when you learn to spend one day a week resting the mind so you can FEEL the realness of those dreams that you’ve been working hard to make come true.