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Along Came A Resident Guru

032814_guru_spider225-1One of my students at Northeastern University asked me if Ordinary Gurus come once, teach a lesson, and then go away. He said that he has a daily guru that continually reminds him of something that he still hasn’t completely absorbed into his mind-set.

Wow, that’s a great noticement, Ken. Yes, indeed an Ordinary Guru can drop by again and again to remind you of something that is important for you to know. A Cardinal singing outside your kitchen window every morning may remind you that it’s a beautiful day, day in and day out. Such a wonderful gift!

I have a resident guru that lives in my bathtub. It’s a spider. He’s been living there all winter. I have no idea where he’s getting his food to eat, or what he finds entertaining in a sterile, porcelain tub. I would consider such an environment a barren desert, but this spider is very happy there; it seems.

What I find even more amazing about my Spider Guru is that whenever I step into the tub to shower, he magically disappears – whereto, I know not. And, within a half hour after my shower, when the tub is fairly dry – there the spider is, once again.


My Northeastern student, Ken, has now become an Ordinary Guru for me – introducing me to the idea of resident gurus that drop by daily to remind us of something important for us to remember.

The spider is a resident guru that daily reminds me that there is no such thing as a barren desert; there is beauty everywhere. I simply need to take a little extra time to notice. What a great way to begin my day.





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  1. Sooth.

    It seems a function of mindfulness, of being present in every moment. Our minds are hardwired to make sense of the world around us based on present outlooks, which are the product of past experiences juxtaposed against desires.

    When we allow negativity to take root, we bias ourselves to see that spider as evidence of failure. We’re no good at cleaning. But when we consider the world around us from a place of positivity, our minds seek to justify that position in kind.

    Changing the frequency, then, can begin with the simple adage: fake it ’til you ARE it. :)

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