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How To See The Perfection: Insight Two of Three

This is a three part blog that began on Wednesday, with a new piece of valuable information offered today on Friday. Part three will be published the following Monday. And then you will have a good glimpse at the secret to seeing the perfection in your unfolding life.

Day Two Insight

120313_See_Perfection_3A hungry, lost explorer is trying to find his way out of the thicket of the jungle, and find his way back to the ocean shore, where his boat is moored. The howling sounds of jungle animals make it difficult to hear the splashing of the waves on the shore. He patiently listens alertly, and a moment comes when the howling ceases, and he hears the distant waves. He knows he’s headed in the right direction.

When your mind is howling with frantic wails of NO and WOE, and when you are seeking the strain-relieving attitude of WOW, know that you are caught in a mental jungle. But there is a way out. Be patient and listen deep within – the still guiding voice is trying to reach you. Remain vigilant to the faint sound of inner guidance, and a moment will come when the howling mind will cease and you’ll know that you are headed in the right direction.


120313_See_Perfection_4Practical Suggestion

Your conditioned mind, with its wailing WOES, has no answers. Consider that conditioned mind the jungle that you don’t want to get lost in. See by observation that this is the truth, and then go silent, go deep – listen for that voice that offers inspiring suggestions. See the perfection: The jungle or freedom – anyone can awaken to his natural freedom and peace.

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