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How To See The Perfection: Insight One of Three

This is a three part blog beginning today, Wednesday, with a new piece of valuable information offered on Friday and the following Monday. And then you will have a good glimpse at the secret to seeing the perfection in your unfolding life.

120313_See_Perfection_1Day One Insight

If you were willing to see that your very own thinking causes your glorious and your miserable experiences of life; if you were willing to accept that you are the originator, the cause of the kind of life you live – this is the beginning of the end of thinking that there’s imperfections in life that have nothing to do with you.

When you meet with the self, – purified – and see the entirety of your unfolding life a consequence of your radiating energy, then you begin to see that if you allow your energy to remain pure, your life will flow easily and without strain. Nothing other than your own notions of inadequacy or unworthiness pollutes the purity of your radiating energy.

120313_See_Perfection_2Practical Suggestion

Admit the fact that life is fun, and when it’s not fun it’s because you’re not fun. Lighten up. Sadness and badness is madness. You bring that on, not life. Admit that to yourself when it’s happening. See the perfection: Now make a 180.

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  1. I’ve been having an interesting revelation and it’s funny to come to your blog and find this post.. I’ve learned to pay attention when several people have the same observation…and what they are observing is that I’m not happy. This is interesting and puzzling because while I have moments of frustration I feel quite rewarded as I face and overcome challenges. I think I’m pretty happy. I think this is the face fear is wearing…no answers yet.

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