I Love Money and Money Loves Me

Rob was the keynote speaker for The Luxury Marketing Council of New England last tuesday. This weeks blog is the outline of Rob’s presentation on the Three Vital Steps of Establishing a Prosperity Consciousness. Rob takes the conversation deeper with co-host Deeone Higgs on this weeks WROAR broadcast of “I Love Money and Money Loves me.”

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Prosperity consciousness … a flow of power from abstractions we hold in mind to the dirt on the street. (Carnegie believed the streets were literally paved with gold)

Our word creates our world. There are three steps to take in order to create a consciousness of prosperity; a consciousness that has you awake to higher levels of abundance in your life, in all domains of your life – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, socially, and with family.


Step 1 – clarity … a prerequisite for being prosperous

A. Clear visions of what we DO want … not what we do NOT want.

B. Moving toward a life of continual enrichment, not moving away from those fearful visions that we want to avoid.

C. Clarity comes with guiding principles that we never waiver from…

If it is to be, it is up to me.
WOE to WOW. 

D. Clear visions of material comforts, of action to be taken, thoughts to be thunk, and of our psychological evolution – Authenticity over artificiality.

E. Clarity of emotional desire – a deep burning yearning that gets you up in the morning and puts you to bed at night. The quality of your desire to experience prosperity gives you the quality of your experiences of life.

F. Clarity is a place to begin; it’s a habit we want to cultivate –
“Do the thing, and you shall have the power; do not do the thing and you shall not have the power.” – Emerson
In this case: cultivate clarity of inspiring visions and you shall have the power to manifest them; do not cultivate the clarity, and you shall not have the power.


Step 2 – humor and simplicity …
“The greatest ideas are the simplest.” William Golding, Lord of the Flies

A. Angels fly because they take life lightly. To be too worldly is to depend completely on a rational, linear mind where there is not laughter. This is not how great accomplishers accomplish great things.

B. When you look at a dream with a sense of humor, and break it down into it’s simple parts, it lifts your spirit, and you gain an understanding of the nature of the relationship of everything. This leads to intuitively knowing what to do next.

C. Certainly rational, linear thinking is a positive quality to cultivate, but it is not what gave Einstein his understanding of the fundamental nature of time, space and energy.

D. When I learned to approach money from a perspective of humor and simplicity, I came to understand the rules of money, how to attract and manage money, money’s real purpose in my life and the role money plays in my life.

1. Rule of Money – I love money and money loves me.

2. How to attract money – Seek excellence in whatever you do, and give incredible service.

3. How to manage money – pay yourself 10% first, and make a multiple claim on all money that you benevolently offer to others.

“I love money. I believe it is one of man’s marvelous inventions of circulation. I accept this fact. I accept this fact right now. I accept this fact as the basis of my financial affairs. I manage money with wisdom; I release it with joy, I send it forth without a feeling of risk but in absolute safety – knowing that a multiple return is coming back to me.”

4. The purpose of money is to use it in meaningful ways that fulfill your Raison D’etre (your reason for being).


STEP 3 – MASTERY… doing what it takes to go beyond your current comfort zone

 A. You gain mastery when you see everything in your life as a ‘means to a greater end’ … not a reward.

1. Money is a means of accomplishing more in your life, and a means of experiencing more enrichment in your days and weeks and years. When money is a ‘means to a greater end’, we no longer have to deal with feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness.

2. In this room right now, everything in this room right now offers a means to help you fulfill on your dreams – the people around you, the chair you are sitting on, the climate control … everything!

3. Everything becomes an effective facility (means to an end) when you improve your ability to seek excellence in all that you do. Excellence is an important part of mastery.

a. Going the extra mile.

b. Whirlpool ad – excellence is an endangered species.

4. What do you have in your life that supports mediocrity? What do you have that supports excellence and mastery?

a. Drop the phrase, “Oh, that’s good enough.”

b. Clean out the garage, the glove compartment; clean off your desk.

c. Mastery requires discipline, alertness and practice, it requires an elevated consciousness … which brings you back around to a consciousness of prosperity.


“Best Comment of the Week.” This weeks best comments come Evelyn Lim of Abundance Tapestry and Carol Anne. Thank you for your heartfelt sharing. See their comments hereIllustrations by nick














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34 thoughts on “I Love Money and Money Loves Me”

  1. OMg OMG! That was. Awesome. Just the whole clarity thing totally blew my mind. I can really see where I just deal in “the abstractions”. It’s like, I know what I want but I have no idea what I want.!!! I have a vague notion of what it looks like what it feels like or whatever but I never really put it into a solid vision. Deeone is a brave soul. I love listening how you went through that exercise. It was so so so helpful in my own life. I do the exact same thing Deeone does. I started out with an idea that all I want is to make a good salary in a good position in marketing in Manhattan. And I want to feel successful. What does that really mean? I don’t really know. But when I started thinking about the desk and the view of the New York skyline behind me… and my sexypower suit of course!:) things started to get really really real on a level I’ve never really thought about. So that’s it for me thanks so much everyone thank you Deeone you’re incredible XO XO XO love you Rob

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence, Kara. 🙂 I think you’re pretty incredible as well. And I totally see you strutting your stuff in that sexy-power suit in Manhattan, on your way to your corner office that overlooks the skyline of the city. You are wearing success very well, my friend. 😉 Smooches.

    2. Hi Kara. The higher inner world is always peaceful and pleasant, isn’t it, Kara. And we get to it when we know how to communicate effectively with it. That is what we are doing when we learn to work the mind correctly. Can you feel it? Thank you

  2. I must say, Rob – I’m with Kara on this one, OMG OMG!! 😀 Pure awesomeness! This lesson was like tasting the sweetness of honey for the first time! I totally clung on to every last word of this invigorating message, that opened my consciousness up to what it’s been yearning to understand with better clarity. You were absolutely on point about my seeking this out, lately. I knew that I wanted to be free of the poverty stricken mentality and environment that I’m currently in now, and all I kept thinking about was being able to break free of it. I saw myself sitting on a deck, being able to work on my book, with only the sounds of nature to empower me. I had no idea at the time, that what I was doing was creating a clear vision, seeing myself escape from the mindset and environment, that I no longer wanted to experience. But, it’s exactly what has taken place in my life, and continues to shape the world I’m creating for myself.

    In two weeks, I will not only finally be free of my present environment, but I will be exposed to a way of living that I never thought would have been possible for me. We will be living in a gated community in a cabin, with mountainous views and a lake, literally in our backyard. I will even have the opportunity to learn how to play golf. GOLF! I’ve always wanted to learn, but thought it was something that only rich people do. I have been saying “WOW” every since we found this news out. Who knew a country boy from Hobgood, N.C. would be able to have such an experience – heck, I didn’t even know I even liked mountains until I was able to see one up close. 😀

    From now on, if I only have a glimpse of an understanding about something, I will own the fact that I just don’t know – that way I will allow for room to get better clarity. Especially, now that I know how important having clarity is – Authenticity over artificiality. That’s powerful stuff, man!

    Thank you for sharing such enlightening wisdom with me… with us! I am making a multiple claim over my life, my finances, my speech for future speaking engagements, EVERYTHING… there’s a great change coming – GREATER than the one that’s already present!

    I’m reminded of the story where the women wanted only to touch Jesus’s garment. She said, “If I can only touch the hem of his garment, I know I would be made whole again.” Well, I’m much like she was in my thinking now – If I can only continue to clinch tightly to your garment, I too, will eventually be made whole. Thank you, dear friend, for seeing enough potential in me, that you’re allowing me to hold on to a fiber of your garment. Many blessings to you. Again, like Kara, love you dearly, Sir Rob. Dearly.

    1. Hi Deeone. You have a great sense of humor. I like that. Getting to where you want to go with a fuzzy picture of the outcome in mind is like trying to push a marshmellow through a cement wall. You are beginning to see clearly what you want your life to be about – in the clarity of sight you will continually do what is right. It’s beginning to happen, isn’t it. Thank you.

  3. Hi Rob. For the first time in my life I think I feel good about money. I used to sabotage myself by dreaming of making millions. I would come up with all kinds of hair brained business ideas and convince myself that I had the answer to what everybody needs. That was the no-it-all Alicia. I’ve come around to just making enough to pay my mortgage and wake up to a job I like. If I can get out of bed like I’m shot out of cannon, who cares about how much money I make doing it? When it comes to mastery, I think the most important thing I can master is having a well balanced life surrounded by loving friends and family. I count my blessings that they forgive me and still welcome me into their hearts and homes. I’m learning to be quiet and appreciate the people around me instead of trying to fix, change and try to tell them how to live their lives. As you taught me to say, “know it all Alicia don’t live her NO more!” Peaceful, easy and pleasant Alicia is becoming more clear day by day.

    1. Hi Alicia. Mastering your mind so you can enjoy a well balanced life – now that’s keeping the right aim in mind. Everything looks better when your life is balanced and you experience inner peace (which comes with balance). You can sense that now, can’t you. Thank you

  4. Yes, I think that’s useful to remember, that money is fundamentally a means to some greater purpose, as opposed to just approaching money from a point of view of making sure we have enough (or avoiding not having enough, which is a mindset I know people, including me at times, can fall into).

    1. Hi Chris. Yes, Chris, money is nothing more than a facility. It is a means to a greater end. When we use money effectively to help us live gainfully, then money comes to us easily. How much of wrong living is externally influenced by using money counterproductively? So much. Thank you.

  5. Hey Brother man. This was a good one for me and I really dug how you coached Deeone through the show. I needed some coaching to get myself down to planet earth. You know I’m all about just spreadin’ the love and feelin good. I’m not really that in to obtaining material goods so I don’t have specific things I try to visulalize. I want to live a life of peace, compassion and kindness. That was a hard thing to visualize at first but then I just pictured myself walking down the street and smiling at strangers and them returning the smile. I think it is that simple. Then I see myself in line at the Post Office and chatting with strangers and everyone just feels good and laughs together. I want to become a Master of spreadn the love brother! I’m pretty good now but I want to just exude that warmth and compassion so there is no more room left for negativity in my space. I must say, Deeone is a man on the verge of something big. I went through (and still go through) a lot of the same struggles. I sense he is like me and just gonna stay up and keep getting better and better… and better and better…ad infinitum 🙂 …

    1. Hi Rus. Here is my tip for you: aim for harmony amongst all the parts of you, including thoughts, words, visions, feelings, actions and reactions. Now see a specific picture of how this is working for you right here in the world, right now. Incredible things will begin to unfold. Thank you

  6. I think  you just gave me one of the most profound and life altering tips to date, Rob… Clean out my glove compartment! 🙂 I’m kidding but I’m not kidding. My Glove box is a total mess and I have to say it drives me nuts every time I look in there. It’s so bad that I don’t even want to start. So I absolutely see how that is a reflection on how I deal with my life. If I let the little things go then whats to stop me from letting important matters get sloppy? I’m seriously going to clean that thing out and just de-clutter in general. I have stop ignoring little things like that. I do notice when I do my best work I am meticulous and my tools are all in their proper place. But every once in a while things fall to pieces and I am disorganized and in shambles. I don’t know where I put anything and I can’t find anything. I spend the whole day agitated and I go home agitated. Those little things sure do add up in the end, don’t they?

    1. Hi Roger. If you are to seek and gain mastery, then you must clean out everything in your life that points to mediocrity – the glove compartment, the garage, the cellar, the closet, your office desk, under the sink. Begin with the little things and it gets easy to clean up your mental manor. Now there is no stopping you. Thank you

  7. Hi Rob. When it comes to money I can be all over the place. Feeling-wise it has always been a “peaks and valleys” experience. I have plenty of it and don’t need to worry about making anymore, yet I still can get a bit of a tight wad. My parents were products of the depression and they passed on that old new england penny-wise mentality down to me. I still save every pickle jar because I think I’ll be able to use it for something. Thank god my wife throws them away behind my back! I’m generous with my Grand Children and love spoiling them rotten. But when I go out with my friends it is like a keep a running tab in my head of what everyone owes. If I pick up the tab it is more an act of braggadocio than it is of generosity. I found there is a big difference between feeling generous and prosperous and pretending I am being generous and prosperous. I’ve learned over the years that when I go out with friends it is best just to make things even steven. This keeps everything clean and easy and cultivates an atmosphere of camaraderie that endures for a lifetime. When I say I love money and money loves me… what I feel is I am grateful for good friends and family and they are grateful for me. I guess Paul Mcartney had it right all along… ‘Cant buy me love…”

    1. Hi Georgie. You are thinking deeply here. Quoting a truth is very different from understanding it and acting on it. Isn’t that the case, Georgie. You are seeking to take the truth deeper by gaining a broader perspective and acting on that new point of view. I see great things in your futur, Georgie. Thank you

  8. loved the radio show Rob. Well done. Having a clear vision seems like such an easy and obvious thing to do but I do the same thing Deone was doing. Right now my main goal is to feel confident and self sufficient. That means traveling and feeling free. When I try to conjure up a specific vision it gets tricky. I know the words and the feeling I want but I was at a loss to come up with specific images. I think that’s the ego playing tricks and trying to keep me in the fog! I did figure it out though. Now, I just picture myself in specific locations in different countries. For instance I see myself climbing an ancient mayan ruin and I see myself looking up at the pyramids in egypt!

    1. Hi Carol. When your visions are concrete, feeling helpless and deserted becomes history. Realize that feeling helpless is a false feeling, and the clearer your visions become, the more apparent it becomes that the feeling is false. Now what is there to stop you? Nothing! Thank you

  9. Hi there Robert. I’m on board with humor and simplicity theory. It’s worked well for me in my life. I always say that I have to grow old but I don’t have to grow up. My greatest success in life has been maintaing my mischevious fun loving nature. I think I’ve done this by finding the humor in everything and keeping my life simple. I’m not the over achiever who wants to climb a corporate ladder and live in a McMansion. By having a clear vision of what’s important to me things just seem to come together. No matter how hard times are I’ve always had plenty of prosperity to maintain an adventurous life. I think the resources to do what we love are always at our disposal when we have no doubt about it. My tip to your cartoon man is to start visualizing hiring somebody else to maintain the boat – varnishing every spring gets old after a few years

    1. Hi Salty. You express humor, and your messages are wonderfully simple, Salty. I appreciate these qualities about you. When knowing what is right for your life you are not burdened with complications or grumblings about the environment around you, are you Salty. You prove this daily. Thank you.

  10. For some reason, though I’ve come to this site many times in the last few months and read the posts, I never listened to the podcast! What was I thinking?! Got it subscribed now so I can listen to it along with some of my other favs on my daily commute to the “day” job.

    I have to say that I really got what you were saying about making it a picture instead of an abstraction. I feel like much of what I have done has been dealing with abstraction, particularly in some areas of my life. Oh, I have some things that have been clear to me for a long time, like this image of one of the rooms of my “dream” home that’s filled wall to wall, floor to ceiling with books I’ve read. There’s a recliner with a floor lamp that peeks over the shoulder for lighting and maybe a translucent skylight in the ceiling for a little natural lighting. It’s a fairly large room, too… at least 15 foot by 20 foot. Oh, and a sofa to relax on.

    But I’ve been vague on other details like what I do to feel confident or how I earn a living. After listening to this podcast and reading the post, I feel I need to sit down and go through some of that some more to get a clearer picture.

    And I’m going to have to go back and listen to those older episodes!

    Ever notice how when you do hear someone, their voice doesn’t seem to match what you envisioned? Just had that experience with you, Rob 😀

    Anyway, great post and podcast!

    1. Hi Grady. We cannot put an abstraction into action until we create a clear vision of what it looks like in the world, can we, Grady. When asking,
      “Where am I thinking wrongly about this dream of mine?” the answer is always the same: VAGUENESS. You’re catchin on, and the more you catch on, Grady, the quicker your life catches up to your dreams. Thank you

  11. Hi Rob and Deeone. Thanks for doing this show. I know you talk about self talk all the time, but this week something really stuck with me. When you said “our word creates our world” and I connected it to my own self-talk it was an eye opener. I’d never thought of my “words” as my self-talk yet its chattering away all the time. Something struck me because it made me think that if I’m having these words 24/7 I’m creating my world 24/7. And how much of this is positive stuff and how much is just toxic negative BS?? I consider myself a positive guy but I think my self-talk is still like 50/50 positive/negative. So it was a good lesson in paying better and closer attention to the world I created and linking it back to my words. If I’m really going to get to a mastery level of anything (hopefully as a musician) then I got to stay on the up and up. Ya know what I mean?… I got to be at least 60/40 to make a buck as an artist! 🙂

    1. Hi John. I love your distinction, John. ‘The self-talk you participate in 24/7 is the life you are creating for yourself 24/7.’ There is such power in simplicity. Truth alone can change one’s life, but each of us must ask for it. Thank you.

  12. OOhhh snap ROBOBOBOB! You and D-1 are killing it!! i’m like Dee’s numero uno fan these days. DUDe just fkn keeps it real. No DOUBT. I love the weird CRazIEE contrast of you two jawing and jabbing and just talkn reALL. I feel like a a mix of you 2. Little wonder I always feel like a MUT. I got equal pARTS RAW enTREPrenueral energy and RAW SEEOX energy. I just realized I’m just tryin to make all this SHIZ come together so I can leave all these chumps and all thes weak-ass-never-will-be-and NEVER EVAH WUZ pickleheads in the dust!!! 🙂 Yo Y’all KNOW what I’m sayin. It’s like there is a Million and one dudes who talk about getting a beach house or gettn a Bimmer – – or BEntlizy!! 🙂 but just talk, talk talk about it. It’s like they be tryin to win some kind of whacked out lottery that dont even exist!! They’s be better off dreamn the same dreams bankn on Scratch ticketts or …. GOoD GOD the losers lament of KENO HAHAHAHhAHA!!!!:0 you know who they ARE!!! HHAHA. But I dont get that form d1 (d1+1-1+ INFINITY = DEEEeeEE-ONE!! My boyYYY!) I feel ya son… we just tryin to stay ahead of the Pickleheads. When I look at them I feel good… But when I look at how far I HAFTA go it can be tuff as a stolen-Dominos-Pizza-at-3AM! HAHAHAHHAAH! Yo.. dont laugh.. i done that! But for real, that was TREEEE_MEEENDousss for me to hear. We all got the same BULL_SHiz to overcome whether you be rolln in the MILLIONS like ROBBY…or plantin yo Seeds like me an D. PAx OUTTTT!

    1. Hi Magic. You are truly out of your mind! And yet, there is that wonderful charm that shines through. Open even one small window of your mind. Magic, and flows forth a tornado of ideas. You’re funny. Thank you

  13. Rob: Your blog is really cool I love the pictures they are awesome! You put a lot of thought into your post and that is why they are always awesome. Do you use photoshop to create your images for your posts?
    Anyways, you have a lot of wisdom my man. Everyday my vision is becoming a little more clear and that is through continous meditation. Lately, I have been trying to eliminate any and everything that does not line up with my vision. That way I can better put my focus on mastering my craft. I want to be the best and anything is possible if I keep my head up and pratice everyday, but only time will tell.
    On another note, the comment above mine is pretty hilarious! ( :

    1. Hi William. Yes, the comment above yours (Magic’s comment) is pretty hilarious. I just metioned to him that I find him to be funny. Now on to you. If you continue to make your mission one of being clear – imagine what you will achieve over the next couple of decades. Watch out world! Your mind can only do dynamic things for you when you make it clear what you want it to do. Thank you

  14. Hi Rob. When I get fixated on something I go all in. That’s one thing I like about myself. Sometimes I can be all over the map with half started projects and ideas, but when something sticks nothing can stop me. My tunnel vision kicks in and I tune out the world. I’m definitely happiest when I’m so busy with a new project that I can forget about all my bad habits and stupidities. But when I got nothing going on my life is total train wreck. I drink too much, I eat too much, I sleep too much and the week becomes like a thing to endure until the weekend…. just so I can drink, eat and sleep too much! I really want to avoid that cycle and just find something that is like constant, steady stream of being excited to get up every morning. Sometimes I think I just need a girlfriend and family to keep me on the straight and narrow. I’m curious if having all these ups and downs, feast or famine type cycles is just the way I am. Or maybe I just havent found my ONE thing yet and until I do it’s going to be more of the same.

    1. Hi Alan. You go ‘all in’ when you are fixated on something because when you are fixated, you are clear. It’s that simple. A proper fixation is a clear vision of what you intend to do to make your dreams come true. Thank you

  15. Hi Rob. After I got my divorce I think I felt a strange entitlement to money. I was accustomed to a lifestyle that I took for granted. Everything I needed was at my finger tips and I had no idea or need to know how to pay the cable or electric bill. I’m a bit embarrased now (Maybe some day I will put my picture and my “real name” in my comment… but I’m trying to be honest first!). All of a sudden I was thrust into dealing with all the minutae of life. At first I hated it but now I feel absolutley, 110 percent better. I am independant and confident. I watch my Credit card balance like a hawk and never miss a payment. In a lot of ways I am more prosperous “making ends meet” than I was living in a fantasy world where I had no concept of money. When it comes to things like saying “Thats good enough” I take it to mean that now I always find the best deal and never pay extra and never pay late fees. I may be a bit behind most people my age, but I intend to become a master of my finances and a master of living an independant life. Thanks for this lesson. You and Deone are lots of fun together! 🙂

    1. Hi Joan. There is power in the simplicity with which you share your journey from scarcity to prosperity. The traveler has become a discipline of success. NICE! Thank you

  16. Hi Mr Rob. I like this new way of seeing and saying things. Where I come from my family is very prominent and they have passed down a vision of prosperity and success to all of my brothers and sisters. But in so many families that surround me in my neighborhood here in the states it seems they teach only that life is unfair or they need help of the government. I think anyone is exposed to a healthy view of prosperity their lives will be greatly improved. I think what you point out here is a great way for all my neighbors that I talk about to start thinking different. My parents and grandparents say the same thing with how they teach by example everyday so it is easy for me to understand. But people who have no conception of this thinking will benefit from the way you teach. My best to you and your family – Padma 🙂

  17. Hi Padma. From the guidance that you’ve received from your family while a small child, you’ve grown more and more conscious of right guidance coming from deep inside of you. This extraordinary truth is important to understand. This is what you have shared with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  18. This is so funny, Rob – just as I am mentally preparing to release my current home, I have been visualizing quite clearly where I wish to go next. I had two intuitive flashes of what would be a perfect home and I have been holding it in my thoughts, working on clarifying it. I went to look at a few places, and as soon as I stepped over the threshold of one I thought,”This must not be it because I don’t see Mexican tile in the kitchen.” A second later the Realtor said,”I don’t know why but the homeowners remodeled and put Pergo in throughout but I saw the kitchen before the floors went in and the Mexican tile is perfect underneath.”

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