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Life is in the Language

Words are things. When I say “Words are things” … what do I mean? I mean:

(1.)  You can gather a flock of words together and throw them into the world.

(2.)  You can say something and make it
come true.

(3.)  You can be a prophet if you want to.

You can embrace someone with a string of comfortable words that make them feel good: “I really like you.” “You are very talented.” “That’s a wonderful thing you did.”

When you use language this way, you gather words, put them in a sentence, and toss them out there in the world … and they make someone feel good. NICE!

You can also throw words at someone just like you throw a hand grenade. You can destroy their attitude with a string of words. You can harm their psychic state with your language. Can’t you! Horrible?! Folks are vulnerable.

Words are things; they are forces of energy. A string of words can cause healing or cause infections. You can offer them as a gift, or offer them as a poison. When you gather words together, string them in a sentence and toss them out there in the world, they have an affect. Do you take your language that seriously?

Language is the invisible part of life ; it is not concrete; you cannot measure or weigh it … but it has a great impact on the visible part. President John F. Kennedy said, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade …” When he said it, thousands got a mental picture of what it meant … and within a decade man was walking on the moon. How are you languaging your future?

What are your plans for the next decade? What is the language you use when speaking to yourself? Do you speak to yourself about the next decade? Do you take your personal self-talk seriously?

Your life unfolds from the language you use with yourself. Words are the things from which miracles unfold. If words were not things, there would be no faith healing, there would be no marvelous breakthroughs in science, there would be no uplifting changes in society.

If language was not available, your life would be mechanical and robot-like. You would not be able to design your personal destiny.

When you believe you are marvelously made and destined to win at whatever affirmation you listen to, and you language it in a way that motivates you – powerful universal forces work with you. Language is a magnetic force. It attracts the interactive forces of creation to comply with your wishes.

Your self-talk blesses you when the language you use attracts good things unto you. Your self-talk curses you when the language you use attracts bad things unto you.

It is important that we pay attention to the language we use with ourselves and with the world.

(A.) Language consists of a collection of words.

(B.) A collection of words is an accumulation of thought-energy.

(C.) An accumulation of thought-energy is a powerful force that can cause White Magic or Black Magic.

You really are here to live an extraordinary life of enriching experiences. Allow your language to cause White Magic.

Your language contains a great force. It represents your thoughts. You are a powerful thinker because you can language your thoughts. Your language creates your world. There is no such thing as coincidence.

Please share what stirs in you after reading this post. What truth sits clearly before you about language and your world? Your input offers clarity to what is being spoken.

Thank you & blessings

“Best Comment of the Week.” This weeks best comments come from Deeone Higgs of Releasing Me Today and Brian Driggs of dr1665. Thank you both for your honest, heartfelt sharing. See their comments here.

Illustrations by nick

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  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts today, Rob. Powerful and timely.

    Really appreciate it.

    • Hi Brian. Pay attention to what you say (to yourself and others). You are a winner. Your dreams are waiting to POP! What can deflate them? Crummy self-talk. blessings

  2. I love this post.

    I learned a lot of really important things about language back in school. Things I had never thought about before. For example, it’s almost impossible to think without words. We can string together images and such, but can you imagine trying to come to some sort of logical decision about something without words?

    Furthermore, the culture we’re raised in, and the words we have grown up using, influence our thought in many unseen ways. I’ve heard that the Eskimos have over 15 words just for snow. Although it’s their proximity to massive amounts of snow that led to them using this many words. In a lot of ways, those words influence how they see reality.

    Because they have different words for the same overarching phenomenon we call “snow”, they literally see it differently. They have different schemas set up in our minds. How fascinating is that?

    I once accidentally took a 4000 level Philosophy of Language class as a philosophy freshman major. That class blew my mind, man. Wittgenstein is a crazy mofo!

    • Hi Fred. I like what you have added to this blog. It brings the conversation deeper. Each single sentence you speak, each word you murmur is creating something for you and for those you offer the words to … remain alert! YES, Wittgenstein is OUT THERE! blessings

  3. Rob,

    I was just kindly suggesting (instead of “bugging” – see how I changed that right there?) to someone that every time they use the phrase,”I am trying to,” they should replace it with,”I am working on.” The reason is that you can “try” forever and never succeed whereas you are more likely to finish the things you are “working on.”

    When it was first suggested to me that I needed to gatekeep every single thought that entered my mind, I thought that was crazy and never going to happen. Who was I going to complain to? Who would I hash the bad stuff out with? Wouldn’t I just be supressing my negativity to no good end? The answer surprisingly was, NO. I actually changed everything to the positive, over time. The thoughts we have absolutely create our reality.

  4. Hi Julie. Your examples bring freshness to this blog. Exchanging the sentence “I am trying to” for “I am working on” … that is perfect! There is a totally different quality of communication between these two sentences. Thank you

  5. Rob,

    Words have some amazing power. Maybe the old cliche of “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” should take on new meaning.

    Words can drive progress, destroy confidence, or dream worlds. What a great topic you started here.


    • Hi Bryce. I love the ‘sticks and stones’ reference. YES, words can hurt us. We are (unfortunately) very insecure beings because of the 60,000 NO’s we hear between age two and six. “NO” is a word. Hear it enough time and it can break our bones. Thank you.

  6. Rob,

    Yes words are truly powerful. We must always be vigilant of our language and the questions we ask ourselves. When things aren’t going well it’s easy to turn to negative self-talk and irrational thinking. To manage these moments and turn our life around awareness of our thinking and beliefs is critical. There is also a personal responsibility we have to be encouragers and uplifing partners to others in our life. If everyone recognized the influence they have by the words they choose a mass change really could occur.

    • Hi Joe. INDEED, we have a personal responsibility to take care of ourselves by managing our inward self-talk properly. We also have a personal responsibility to take care of others by managing the words we use to communicate with them. Once we become aware, dark words begin to disappear. Thank you

  7. OluwaRotimi Adesina says:

    Hi Rob… Thank God I’m reading your post once again, after been away for 10 days. I really missed the last post.
    This is an interesting topic. Reminds me of my late grandpa’s old saying, ‘think clearly before saying anything to yourself or to anybody, because you dont know the invisible angel passing by at the time…and the angel is always ready to say ‘amen’ to whatever is been said’. These words remained in my heart for many years. I believed it, though I couldn’t get adequate explanations for what it actually meant. This post made it clearer… Now, I understand… So, it’s actually true, that ‘you attract what you say’ and that ‘what you say to a warrior will determine whether he offers you a kolanut from his sack or he draws out his sword from his sheath, preparing for a big fight’… All this might sound superstitious, but I believe it’s true. It’s all in the way we use our language-the collection of our words. Lovely post here, Rob!

    • Hi Oluwa. Welcome back. your presence is precious. I like that you offer your life to your comments. It brings more ‘heart-mind’ to the matter. When your mind is exposed to uplifting words, there is emancipation at hand. Emancipation from what? Emancipation from the 60,000 NO’s you heard between age two and six (60,000 NO’s that locked you in a tiny cell where you dared not excel). Thank you.

  8. Hi Rob,
    I read something the other day that stopped me dead in my tracks: language and words can be an invitation to conversation or querulous challenging.

    • Hi Riley. I like what you said here. YES, words invite many emotional states of being – many challenges, many opportunities, and many possibilities. The universe is here. You are here. words connect us with the creative forces of the universe. What will we do with this? blessings

  9. Roger Pascal says:

    I am definitely guilty of launching hand grenades at innocent bystanders. I used to never even think twice about berating someone who messed up on a job. I can tell I’ve done some more growing over the past couple of years because I have been able to bite my tongue and handle things calmly. And if I do blow up I take responsibility and apologize. I now believe if you want people to good work for you, you cannot let that stuff linger. Not only are words things but they stick around for a long, long time. Learning how to control my language has also helped improve my overall attitude. I was taught that venting was necessary. It gave some temporary relief but in the long run it just leaves a lot of hurt feelings and bad energy.

    • Hi Roger. your comments are much more insightful than last year. You have grown a lot. We’ve all tossed hand grenades at innocent folks passing through our lives. We do it less when we ‘do it less to ourselves’, when we stop tossing hand grenades at ourselves with our inward self-talk. Thank you.

  10. Rob,
    I love how you say that our language is here to cause white magic!
    So true.
    I grew up in a very negative environment. The heard the word “awful” at least 20x per day. Everything was always “awful.”
    I believe that part of the reason I’m such a positive person and do choose my words so carefully is because I saw first-hand how negative words created negativity and negative situations. Frances Scovel Shinn wrote an amazing book called: Your Words Are Your Wands and in it she states very clearly that you are painting your life with every word you speak.
    Thank you for bringing up this very important topic here.

    • Hi Angela. I love ‘Your words are your wands’. That is perfect. White magic happens when we use our words as wands that pull beautiful and bring images out of our hat. We are missing the greatest gift when we do not use choose words that are bright and light. Thank you

  11. My very first thoughts were about how true this is – so true that people in think tanks are paid millions of dollars to show certain people how to use words to control, to destroy, and to create converts.

    The American Food Industry pays millions of dollars to figure out how to control what we eat so they can make the most money/profits….

    I think having been verbally abused during my childhood, makes me a very keen listener for criticism and negativity. I still take it in, but am now much quicker at finding counter balance

    I too think many of us would never say to our friends and family, how we talk to ourselves.

    Your post is full of powerful/wonder full words and energy – Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Patricia. ‘Think Tanks’ … ‘Brain Storming’ Both are wonderful examples of the power of words. YES, we can use words to destroy. Many of us were born into a conversation that was filled with negatives. It was there (in the family circle) before we showed up. It is our responsibility to be transformational with our language, and break through such conversations to freedom! Thank you.

  12. Carol Anne says:

    Hi Rob, I always have new interns coming through and I take the language and tone I use very seriously. I try to educate them as best I can in the world of business, and you can’t do that if you sound like a dolt! I see it as my responsibility to have my interns become astute and articulate. This is not always easy with college “girls”! Sometimes I wish I could wash that Valley Girl talk off with a bar of soap! Learning to be a professional business person is whole language in itself. I always want to encourage and get the best out of my interns. I have to firm when it is required and give kind support if they are vulnerable. Mentoring is a huge responsibility because they will take what they learn with them the rest of their lives.

    • hi Carol Anne. I love your reference to ‘Valley Girl Talk’. INDEED, there is no quicker way to ‘dummy down’ an intelligent girl than to introduce her to a conversation that locks up her creative energy. She is born. She reaches for a heavenly state of growth and development. The door closes when she is hypnotized by a community that offers ‘Valley Girl Talk’. This is a perfect example of using words in a growth-hampering way. Thank you

  13. Hi Rob,
    The book of John in the bible opened with the following:

    “In the beginning was the WORD…. And the WORD became flesh”

    I believe this is what your post here is about. We possess the most powerful ability ever given to us. It was a gift from the beginning. What we thought and subsequently spoke became our reality.

    The key is to be consciously aware of this great truth. But so many walk this earth not knowing what they are spewing from their mouths. Or they think
    words are harmless, therefore they spew more damaging words. Still others
    activiely and knowingly speak contempt about others.

    You put it extremely well – you either provide a gift or poison when you speak. My concern for people would be how we can help each other actively say better things. Make it a habit and we will be moving mountains in this universe.

    Kennedy’s words put man on the moon. What other greater things can we do with the tapestry of words.

    • Hi Jimmy. I love what you did here. You explained your point exquisitely, and backed it up with perfect references. Tantra is a beautiful state of being. It is the highest understanding. That is what you are seeking. Words are a great vehicle to help you. Remain loose and natural, as you were when you wrote this comment, and the world is your oyster (filled with incredible pearls). Blessings

    • Wow! Powerful comment Jimmy!

  14. Hi Rob,
    It is true that words are things and they exist on another plane just outside of human perception. Its no different than radio and television signals that are are all over the place yet they are not “physical” in nature.

    I do thoughtfully choose my words because I know the effect that it can have on myself and others. Words have vibrations to them as well as different meanings to different people.

    My understanding is that at one time human beings used telepathy and feelings to communicate and it wasn’t until later times that language/words were introduced as a means of communication.

    • Hi Justin. I like your reference to radio waves. YES, our thoughts translate into words, and then the thought-impulse radiates outwardly for other ‘like-kind thinkers’ to receive. Einstein was a big believer in this. Only that which is yours can be yours. When you vocabulary is filled with encouraging words, an encouraging life can be yours.

  15. Hi Rob – as a writer, I can’t stress enough how much I agree with the concept that words have power. But there’s a paradox too because words, in and of themselves, don’t have objective meaning – but rather they mean whatever we as speakers/writers and listeners/readers: in NLP terms, if meaning was a territory, then language would be the map of that territory… but they wouldn’t actually *be* the meaning itself.

    It can be important, when we’re thinking about the power that other people’s words can have, to remember that in and of themselves, words are just collections of sound. The concepts I associate with each of those collections of sound may be different to the concepts you associate with them… That means it can also be important sometimes to check in with another person and confirm how they meant to use a given word before giving that word the power to influence or define us or our actions…

    • Hi Tanja. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); Ah, I knew Richard Bandler well (one of the founders of NLP). Alas, if folks were so awake to check in with other folks about what they mean when they used certain words … wouldn’t life be simple. Unfortunately, most folks (including me) can get caught in the passion of the moment. Hitler used words to hypnotize a nation of intelligent people into believing the words he spoke against the Jews. the Gypsies, the Russians, the world. Look at the damage he created with his conversations. T’is a paradox, indeed. Thank you for your perception. blessings

  16. Hi Rob, I immediately think of all the different teachers I have had over the years. The ones that had the biggest influence on me were always the ones who had words of encouragement. From grade school through college I could tell you exactly who my most influential teachers were (In 2nd Grade Ms. Connell recognized my outgoing nature :) ). AND this is HUGE I can remember exactly who made me feel nervous and inadequate. There were some professors I had that made me feel really kind of dumb. To this day I carry some of that with me. I do believe some of that doubt I picked up leads me to believe that I can’t cut it on “the big stage” of the marketing industry. It’s like they wanted me to think it so hard and only for the elite few. Sometimes it’s like a battle between the voices of our supporters and the voices of negative nellies out there. But you’ve taught me to recognize that self-talk and tune out jerks and tune into to the love!

  17. Hi Kara. You are an expert, these days, at treating your mind like a radio … and tuning into uplifting self-talk. It is very apparent in the way you conduct yourself. You have learned the power of your ‘languaging’, and use it well. Thank you.

  18. Great post, Rob … again!

    Words truly are real things and produce real consequences. They build and lift and inspire and create and expand and turn the possible into reality. Or they can hurt and destroy and corrupt and undermine and cripple and turn the probable into the impossible.

    Thanks again for the insight!

    • Hi Ken. Indeed, words can lift us and they can crush us. When we determind the motive behind our words, and are absolutely fearless with our choice of uplifting words, a consciousness of prosperity is available to us. This consciousness is a powerful magnet. blessings

  19. You know Rob; this is post I seriously needed to read. I’ve struggled a lot in the past week with my self-talk and it needs work. I always said that no one will ever be harder and more critical of me, than me … how true that is. Words do indeed hold tremendous power. I think I’ve lost my way a bit and need to correct this. Funny, I try to empower others with words of worth and value specifically for and to them; however, I fail greatly when it comes to extending myself the same. Ah, this journey … so much still to work on. So another very worthy post for me to pay attention to – I’m convinced that I’m drawn here for purpose and reason. For that I’m incredibly grateful to you and to the powers that be – that draw me this way.

    You’re a good, kind man Rob … you are the blessing!

    With a full heart,


    • Hi Elena. You use words in a powerfully inspiring way with this comment. Be present to what you say, and be attentive to the mood in which you say it (like you’ve done here); the world will unfold in remarkable new ways for you. GUARANTEED! blessings

  20. Hey brother man. You got it. I love making my words rays of sunshine. I get the biggest kick out of talking to kids because they are so easy to fire up. Simply ask them about their favorite things and they are going a mile a minute about becoming a fireman or a baseball player. I try to do the same thing with grown ups too. I try to say things that get them to talk enthusiastically like kids again. It’s usually simple stuff like asking about their family. The important thing is to just let people speak their truth freely and without judgment. With the right questions and responses all of a sudden a conversation is happening that just lifts the energy in the room. Good conversation is the ultimate energy enhancer and mood lifter… and its absolutely free and available any time to tap into. Powerful stuff man!

    • Hi Rus. I love what you say here: ‘the right conversation is an energy enhancer.’ Now everything a person desires can come to him / her simply and directly. Thank you

  21. Hi Rob,

    Excellent post as usual my friend. Indeed thoughts and the language we use have a big impact on us and our lives.
    I remember when I wanted to attract the woman of my dreams to me, I only used positive and encouraging words. When I used to tell some people that I’m going to be marry (this specific woman), I got answers like “what if she doesn’t want to?” I used to reply, “Yes she wants to” as I knew the way I think about the situation has a big effect on what happens. Also, when I used to see her family like her sisters, I used to say in my mind, “these are the sisters of my wife, these are her father and her mother.” What I was doing here is I was sending signals and energy into the Universe. It didn’t take long afterwards for us to be together. I pretending that we are together in my mind first, then it manifested in my life. Now, I’m doing the same with money and I have faith that it will work ;) Thoughts really are powerful. Thanks for another excellent post my friend

    • Hi Dia. If you could do what you did in the domain of romance, you can do it in the domain of money. YES, this is true. Emotionally doubting words makes us forget the true way. Words of certainty create an inner cause that produce the outer effect we are looking for. You’ve proven that with your example. Thank you

  22. Exactly Rob. Words have an energy, an undercurrent, that acts like a radio station pumping out our message. Best then to employ massively upbeat self-talk, stunningly supportive talk to others, and major contributionary language to the consciousness. It goes out then comes back after all!!

    • Hi John. You are like the Jasmin plant. You have your own perfume. Take the plant with you, and it brings its rich scent with it. Wherever you go, you bring your scent with you. It is found in your conversation. I notice its sweet scent weekly. Thank you

  23. Hey Rob, It’s funny how in some areas of my life my language works for me and it others it totally works against me. In my professional life I talk the talk and feel very confident. I am easy going and witty with my co-workers. I definitely think my language and the way I talk really uplifts the whole office dynamic. In that setting my language is always on point, useful and positive. BUT… and heres the big BUT you know is coming… In social settings (ie talking to women) my language is like a wrecking ball. That’s kind of what I feel like when I’m fumbling for the right words. Just kind of swinging around and leaving a radius of debris. It’s like the worse it gets the worse it gets too. I guess I must have an inner dialogue going on that is completely opposite in different areas

    • Hi Alan. When your language is a wrecking ball, no matter what the domain of living may be, it’s because you see ‘impossibility’. It is time to see things differently. You are awakening to this fact. Take your hand of the lens of your spiritual binoculars … allow the truth about your incredibleness reveal itself to you. blessings

  24. Hi Rob, this a timely follow up from your last blog. I was just commenting how all my Positive Affirmations added up to a hill of beans. They were very hopeful and uplifting words I would repeat, but for some reason the never took root. We can use language to fool ourselves too. Certainly, I’ve used language to talk about things I want to do and they became real. I think we have to learn how to speak from our True Self all the time and we won’t get into trouble. Maybe my PMA words were for things that were out of range and I just sabotaged myself along the way. And maybe other things are more in tune to the wants and needs of my True Self and therefore manifested in my life. So, I want to have big goals, but I don’t want to fool myself anymore. It’s hard to tell where that line is sometimes. Thanks for this.

    • Hi Joan. As you continue noticing how you speak to yourself in easy times and in challenging times, you begin noticing that you have a talent. You have a talent for clearing negative self-talk that prevents a clear view of your superlatively creative side. Hone this talent. blessings

  25. Hey Rob, I take particular pride in the words I choose in my songs. Talk about a powerful way to use language. When I combine the right words with the right music I feel like I can move mountains. Of course, the best song writers know this. To me the simpler the better. Once we start using too many words we loose our authority and authenticity. Real truth is concise and terse. You can always tell a BS artist because they talk way too much and way too fast! To me the most powerful thing we can do with language is to learn how to say only what needs to be said. That’s true when I write songs or talk to my mother.

    • Hi John. That’s a powerful statement you make: “too many words and we lose our authority and authenticity.” Well spoken; fabulous use of words to make a simple (yet powerful) point. You are meant ot be a great song-writer, John … that’s what I think. blessings

  26. Hi Rob,

    I love your suggestion that words can create “White Magic or Black Magic.” Words do set the tone for the moment, and for how people perceive you. Thinking before you speak is important, but also having a kind heart and being open to others without judging is helpful. Thanks for the reminder to respect ourselves as well as others with our words.

    • Hi Cathy. I sense that you have spent time in the past learning to respect yourself. We learn to direspect ourselves after we are hit with 60,000 NO’s between age two and six. Now, this is one word (NO) that certainly has caused a lot of damage to the process of human evolution, hasn’t it. Thank you

  27. GeorgieBoy 1969 says:

    Having two daughters definitely tunes one into the power of the words I choose. Fathers of teenage girls become acutely aware of the words they choose out of necessity to survive! My daughters are grown up now, but I can recall very specific moments where I wish I could have bit my lip. At a certain age kids just soak up everything like a sponge. If I were to do it over I would be more aware of everything that came out of my mouth in front of my daughters. Chances are they could have avoided some of their own negative tendencies which I can see now are a direct reflection of my own.

    • Hi Georgie. INDEED, we pass our language down to our children, and it can effect their whole lives. This is a great point you make. Be awake to how you speak with your children; keep the harsh “NO’s” to a minimum. They are listening more than you think. blessings

  28. SaltySailorMan says:

    Yes it is interesting. You have me thinking about how much significance we attach to the language that comes out of peoples mouths. People can quickly establish authority if they sound like they know what they are talking about. Politicians make their careers out of convincing people they know what they are doing. I’ve learned to become skeptical of anyone who talks in absolutes and hyperbole. A big part of being a free thinker is learning to listen in between the words of language and figuring out what people are really saying. Language is inherently deceptive. Even positive feedback can be a manipulation. Their is nothing I loathe more than a silver tongued sea serpent.

    • Hi Salty. “A silver tongued sea serpent.” How perfect is that? I love your use of words here; it makes a perfect point. Nice demonstration of the power of words. Thank you.

  29. Great post, I beginning to use language much more to change the way I feel and behave.

    • Hi Chris. The more you are awake to how you use words, the quicker you become commander-in-chief of your mind – what a glorious day! ‘Mindnod.com’ … I like that. blessings

  30. Ooo… White magic or black magic. That says it all to me. I’ve learned to be more mindful of my words and spells they cast. I’ve spent so much time blaming others for saying things that offend me, but it took me a long time to realize I could be guilty of casting bad spells on people. I did it very subtly and unconsciously. In reality it is just passive aggressiveness. I can be a bit self righteous at times and had a tendency to want others to feel guilty for not being more spiritual. I’ve stopped preaching so much because I finally saw that I have a long way to go on my own journey. Now, I take care to encourage people and let them know that they will make mistakes along the way. What I’ve learned is when I can talk to others like that, I really feel better about myself. I think I was way too rigid and hard on myself in the past and projected that on to other people. It’s much easier to use words that offer true love and support… easier on ME and those around me are especially grateful I’m off my high horse!

    • Hi Alicia. Congratulations for getting off ‘your high horse’. It is so easy for all of us to mount that ‘high horse’ and be a know it all. Our language reveals whether we are on it or off it, doesn’t it. You have come a long way. blessings

  31. Good day, Rob! :)

    Thanks for sharing this powerful post and also for the very kind compliment of having this weeks comment. :)

    I have been really dealing with the power of words here lately. I honestly don’t think that many really realize just how powerful our words can be. I have really delved into thinking about it though, and this is what I’ve come up with.

    Take the Bible for instance. In St. John, the very first verse of the first chapter; it states, “In the beginning was the “Word”…” Now, if you go to the beginning, that being Genesis, in the first chapter the third verse it reads, “And God “said”, “Let there be Light: and there was light.”

    Now, I don’t profess to be anything but who I am, a man that is constantly seeking his own personal growth. To be better than I was on yesterday, while achieving my hopes and dreams daily for a better and promising future. However, what those two verses tell me, is that within our words lie waiting so much power that we often fail to unravel it, out of fear of what it truly would mean in our lives.

    I think that man often tries to ignore the power that lies within them. If in our minds we don’t own up to it, then it makes it void and useless. This is furthest from the truth. The power is there whether we own it or not. And our words that we send out into the Universe sets into action whatever it was sent out to do.

    I’m becoming ever so aware that I have that power within me. I have seen spirits healed from simply reading my words. I have seen people light up through the words I’ve shared with them. I have also thought about how in the past, my words have killed, hurt, and caused damage.

    The latter, I no longer desire to be known for. I don’t care to be known in a way that my words have caused anyone feelings other than happiness, joy, and so on. I now send out positive affirming words. Words that cause growth, and healing.

    what it does, and I can attest too; it comes back to me full circle. Good things deliver good things; words aren’t any different.

    I desire to only grow in how I go about choosing my words. I still mess up from time to time; that’s the human in me. But I now am fully aware the power my words carry.

    • Hi Deeone. It is clear that you take the time to choose your words. Look how well you write! AND if you take that much time to choose the words that you use to talk to yourself, you are practicing the first principle of proper self-work (which I know is true for you).

      If in the early morning you cannot see how mountain trail, you know that with the dawing of the sun it will soon be more light. This is what self-exploration, self-growth, and self-expression is all about. This is what DEEONE is all about. Thank you for being a contribution to this blog site and to humanity in general. blessings

      • Thank you Rob, for this website and the words in “180”… they both have been an great contribution to my journey of self-betterment as well. You are truly a phenomenal gent, my friend.

  32. Magic Marc says:

    Yea Son YEA!. You know I got the White word MAGIC!!! If there is one thing I was put on this earth to do it is to run my mouth till the world is eating out out of my hands! My mastery of the spoken word is so ginormous I hafta exercise it with TREEEMENDOUS care! Like they say, “WITH GREAT POWEr COmes GREAT RESPONSiBILITY. When I was in college I used my mouth to be hookin up left and right like EVERY SINGLE night! I thought it was cool at the time but I left a trail of destruction in my path! Now my game plan is to use my words for the force of good. I want to inspire nerdy dudes and never-will bes to step up their confidence game. I’ve BS’ed my way through a lot of situations too… whether landing my first job or finagling professors for a better grade BUT I’m sick o that SHIZ now. I got the mad confidence and the right words that always come to me NOW im all about using it for the force of GOOD and ONLY GOOd. I think thats why we love the best stand up comedians like Chris Rock – they just speak the FLAT OUT truth but it is uplifitng because it is so raw and honest. That’s what I want to be like now — Just mad TRUTh 24/7. If I keep on that I’ll find away to make some $$$$ with it. I got all the right ingredients inside me, now I just got to cook that shiz up like Emeril in a Meth Lab!!! bam BAAM!! HAHAHAHHAH!! MAGIC MARC is gonna be a look a new kind of drug thats gonna be getting the whole world HIZIGH son!!!! And if the harrahfied housewives will be getting CONTACT HIZIGHS OFF THis!! PEACE OUT ROBBY. HOLLA

    • Hi Magic. Your comment makes a lot of sense. It offers great lessons. You have outdone yourself with this comment (and certainly in your own style). Think deeply about the absence of a boasting ego when speaking – you have a glimpse of the value you offer the planet. blessings

  33. Richard Roma says:

    Hey Rob. Man when I was at the top of my sales game I was weaving webs of black magic with my language. I would say anything to close that sale. I kind of think I still carry a lot of guilt with me for being deceptive. I mean I didn’t kill anybody, but I was less than truthful to a ton of people to make a few extra bucks. In the end it was too much to carry with me and it all came out as self-sabotage in the end. Divine justice I suppose. You know, I’m determined to change all that now and am actually quite proud of myself. I’ve passed up a few opportunities to make a quick dollor in favor of nurturing a longer term business relationship yet. I haven’t made a dime yet, but I’m trying to believe that honesty is the best policy these days. I may have money pressures but at least I’m sleeping better and don’t feel the need to burn the candle at both ends anymore.

    • Hi Richard. Give yourself a small task every day that moves you a little closer to a consciousness of prosperity. What you are doing is right. The conversations you have with yourself about money are wrong (if they weren’t wrong, money would be running to you).

  34. Words. Yes I have become very attuned to how they can hurt or heal.

    So let me take your own words and stir a little pot of controversy just for discussions sake. And my point is not accusatory, just observational. You used the term ‘white magic’ as opposed to just ‘magic’ or ‘black magic.’ Over the years I’m sure I am not the only one to have noticed the tendency to label every negative thing black: blackmail, black sheep, black Wednesday etc whilst most things that are positive are considered white: angels (apparently), white witches, white flag, peace… and we make these constant negative and positive associations using mere words.
    Richard Roma above me in the comments has used the term ‘black magic’ also in the way it is now accepted as the negative, evil version of magic.

    Considering the fact that we are a human family divided into colours which include black and white (even though neither black or white folks are actually those colours), you can see how our generally accepted casual allocation of white-means-good might not be so advantageous to some quarters.

    I have visited Africa, Jamaica and even in India have seen first hand how these subtle (and not so subtle) continuous messages have led to a great deal of undisguised self hate and prejudice against the darker hued people there who would rather burn their skin irreparably and painfully with chemicals than be dark, owing to all the negative connotations and historical ramifications of the word ‘black.’

    One person started this with mere words and look at the centuries long psychological damage.

    So I have always known the power of words and I have learnt to respect if an individual prefers ‘black’ or ‘African American’ and not ‘coloured,’ or a disabled person prefers that to ‘handicapped,’ or ‘mixed race’ is preferable to the old fashioned ‘half caste’ or even ‘half breed,’ or ‘excuse me’ is preferable to ‘hey babe’ to some (quite a few) women. – Even if it seems frivolous and pedantic it means something to us all to be addressed daily by the words that we have decided uplifts us.

    Of course it would be impractical to comb through every syllable to ensure that someone hasn’t been offended by our choice of words, but my own attempts to do so daily indicate just how important I consider words to be. Does this make sense to you rob? Do you get my point or have I rambled? What say you?

    • Hi pea. Here is what I say to your comment: I LOVE IT. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE. In fact, when I used the language ‘white magic’ and ‘black magic’, I could feeeeel that my choice of words wasn’t quite what I wanted. Thank you for pointing this out (especially in a post that talks specifically about the power of languaging). Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your courage to bring it up. I like your style. I suspect you are a person that’s going places and helping people. blessings

  35. Hello Rob,
    The language that you share is captivating, and always draws me in. When I read what you write, or hear the words that you speak, I also feel it…it’s mind grabbing, in the best way.

    You asked a question after mentioning JFK:
    “How are you languaging your future?”
    That question jumped out of the screen at me. From time to time I’m reminded that my long-term plan is greatly unplanned or even thought about. My focus for the last 10 years has been about the next 5 years ahead…really no further.

    I recently used my language as a hand grenade to an opposing coach (I coach my son’s football team) that unprofessionally accused me of cheating. I used my language to intimidate. I didn’t say anything overly offensive or curse at the guy…but I did speak in a tone that was aggressive in nature.
    And that’s not the example that I want to set for others as a leader in my community and to the kids I coach. I’m laidback, I get along with and I generally don’t allow others to push me to the point of striking out. Unless I’m physically assaulted or verbally threatened, then I’m laidback.
    Anyhow, that situation taught me how powerful my words are…not only to me, but to others as well. This particular post taught me a much more rich lesson…that I can speak things into my life. That I can benefit greatly by allowing my language to speak the words of the achievements that I want to unfold in my life.
    It seems like most of the things that I can think of that I currently have in my life are things that I’ve one time or another languaged; both good and bad. While I may not have spoken these things out loud, I’ve thought them with words.
    Great stuff here Rob. Thank you so much for the valuable lesson.
    I can’t tell you how excited I am for Miami! See you next week!
    Thank you

    • Hi Jk. Next week, at the Miami International Book Fair, will be mind-blowing (if we allow it to be). Let’s allow it. Now, about your comment. GOD SENDS NOTHING BUT ANGELS. God sent you a ‘pop quiz’ by giving you an encounter with a person who felt you were cheating. YOU GET TO GRADE YOUR RESPONSE TO HIM. I am glad you were honest when you graded yourself. Clearly, you can see that you did not pass the ‘pop quiz’ With flying colors (you did lkay, but not great). What’s great about this ‘pop quiz’? You get to free yourself from old defensive behavior. NEXT, YOU ARE IN THE ‘NEWNESS OF THE NOW’ … and what you do with this can create miracles! I love your style. blessings.

  36. Hi Rob,

    You say, “A string of words can cause healing or cause infections.” There is total truth in that. We can destroy other with words or help other to reach for the stars with words.

    I was reading your comments here and they are very interesting. When reading the one about white magic or black magic. When I hear people refer to black or white, I look at the colors as day or night. White is the day time when we can see clearly and understand. As for black, that is night. When things can hide in the shadows and we miss them. These to terms to me are “should I say black and white to me.”

    It does go to show how people can put the wrong meaning to the words we use, so when speaking we have to get to know each other by the words that are use. Everyone can take any given group of words and put there own meaning to them
    Great conversation article Rob. Keep up the good work.
    Blessing to you always,

    • Hi Debbie. You are such a ‘soft touch’. By this I mean that you touch one’s soul softly; you make folks feel good (you do that for me). You are teacher who helps all of us soar by dropping our decorated but useless wings for the real thing (our naturally soaring inner spirit). Thank you

      • Thank you Rob. You are making me blush! What I have realized getting to know this wonderful group of bloggers, that it is ok to be me and hey, I am LOVIN it. Reading your post sometime really make me think and we know that is always healthy, but they do help let the inner me come out from under my basket! Thank you again and have a beautiful weekend.
        Blessing to you,

  37. Angry Ramone says:

    Tell me about it. Unchecked language has been the bane of my existence in the past. I use to be literally out of control with what came out of my mouth. That’s just the way it was in my family and thats what I took with me out into the real world. I really thought chastising and berating people was the only way to get things done – otherwise the world would walk all over me. Even when I got fired for mouthing off at a manager when I was waiting tables, I left thinking I was justified and came out on top because I got last word in. It inflated my ego and I looked like a hot shot for a little while – but the reality was I was out of a job and soon to be broke again! Some victory… I’m learning to let cooler heads prevail and have only recently realized what a strength that can be. “Discretion is the greater part of valor…” or something like that. Lately I’ve seen how much more strength their can be in saying nothing and turning my cheek rather than loose my temper. Hey, it looks like all this self-help stuff is actually making some real changes… I’ll get there yet Rob. Thanks.

    • Your life lesson (the one you share here) is priceless for ‘hotheads’ Ramone. You spoke from experience, and it is a wonderfully valid lesson you offer those who suffer from ‘running off at the mouth’. I’m sure a few folks have learned something from what you’ve shared. Thank you

  38. Rob,

    There’s a great book you might have already read called the Three Laws of Performance. One of the quotes from it that really stood out to me was this. “As you label an object or situation so you behave towards it. The thing with language is that it’s been part of our world for so long that we can’t remember a time when it wasn’t there. It actually constructs our experience of reality. It’s actually inseparable from reality.

  39. Hi Rob,

    Self talk can propel us forward into a future of positive achievements and joy. Words definitely can also be a weapon. We may not see the wounds, but they are there. I like this line – “…toss them out there in the world … and they make someone feel good. NICE!” Words are invisible in the real world, but hold so much power. Thanks for sharing another insightful post.

  40. Hi there. There is great power in the word ‘AND’. Indeed use the word ‘AND’ in place of the word ‘BUT’. ‘AND’ allows the mind to ease up. ‘BUT’ is a direct challenge; it gets the mind all riled up; it causes conflict; it feeds into a closed minded attitude that often comes with ‘EITHER-OR’ thinking. blessings


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