A New Way to Think About Doubt, Belief and Faith

Student: What is doubt?
Teacher: Doubt is dis-ease of the mind.

Doubt is a psychic illness; it’s not natural. Doubt comes from believing in oneself, but not having faith in oneself. There is a big difference between believing and having faith.

Children are ‘taught to believe in themselves’. It seems like a good idea. The problem with ‘believing’ is that it’s a head-mind trip; it’s an intellectual endeavor; it comes with repeating and memorizing positive affirmations.

“I am powerful, I am wealthy, I am talented.” Say this enough times, and you believe it. BUT if you don’t experience it – if you don’t get out in the world and make these ideals real – you still have doubt. This is why so many human beings grow up feeling disappointed with their lives. They are taught to believe in themselves, but they were not taught to take chances to prove their beliefs are true (which brings the feeling of self-faith).

When you believe, you have doubt.
When you have faith, you are doubtless!
A belief can be changed.
Faith is unchangeable; it’s immutable; it’s unmoveable.

If you have a choice of believing in yourself or having faith in yourself, take the action necessary to choose the latter.

With faith, there is no doubt, and the mind is at ease.

With even the strongest belief, there is a glimpse of doubt, and the mind is dis-eased.

I’ve believed in myself and still had doubt. How do I know? I was still indecisive; my future still felt unpredictable.

Student: What can I do about doubt?
Teacher: Stop believing in yourself.

Cardinal Rule: anytime you believe anything, doubt is hiding deep within the belief. The fear is there. The more you insist your belief is true, the deeper in hiding goes the doubt, but it is always waiting to strike!

 So, how do you get from believing to faith? You must go through the dark passage of doubt. And how do you do that? You must act on the idea that you want to believe is true about you; act on it, in spite of the 1,000 reasons why you don’t have time right now!

You must start that business that you plan to open, and sell your car to get the start-up funds, if necessary. How else are you to prove the doubts wrong! A thousand affirmations won’t do it. If you stick to taking action, it will be very worthwhile! A deep heart-felt sense of faith will overcome you.

A TIP: You cultivate beliefs in your mind.
You go deep within yourself to nourish faith.

Faith is always deep inside of you, like a fertile seed waiting to be nourished. You must take action, learn from your miss-takes, and re-take the action to nourish the seed of faith. If you act, and quit with your first mistake, the seed of faith lies dormant.

People who become great achievers move away from the crowd. They dare venture onto the unchartered sea, aspiring to reach a rich port that has not yet been mapped. How can they trust the universe to support them on their journey if they simply believe the port exists? They cannot. They must zig zag, zig zag, zig zag, their way to the port until they have faith that it exists and they have faith that they will reach it. NOW, ALL OF THE INTERACTIVE FORCES OF CREATION JUMP ALIVE TO HELP.

The heart-mind knows faith.
The head-mind knows intellectual beliefs.
This is why the heart-mind is essential to your growth and development.
You cannot intellectually think your way to higher levels of living.

Which shall you cultivate – your heart-mind or your head-mind?

When I went into the restaurant business, I did NOT believe that I had the expertise to succeed … BUT I had faith in myself …. I had faith that I would succeed. I could not come up with one good reason that would substantiate a belief that I’d succeed … BUT my faith brought me three very successful restaurants in three years.

When I wrote my first book, I BELIEVED it would be a best seller. I affirmed it would be a thousand times a day (head-mind work). I did not have faith in myself. It sold 28,000 copies so far. That is not enough to make the New York Times Bestseller list. The greatest of failures become dynamic when one looks at them with self-awareness!

Okay, so what do you think?

What did you learn from this?

Can you share a tale of when you were of great belief, but little faith, … and failed?

Can you share a tale of when you were of little belief, but great faith … and won?

 Thank you, and blessings


“Best Comment of the Week.” This weeks best comments come from Jimmy of My Life Architects and OluwaRotimi Adesina. Thank you both for your honest, heartfelt sharing. See their comments here.

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57 thoughts on “A New Way to Think About Doubt, Belief and Faith”

  1. Great explanation of the differences between Faith and Belief.

    Faith is the rock that we tie our Life Ship to. No storm will pull us away. Belief is like a buoy, it bobs with the waves and floats from place to place. It can keep us positioned for a short while, but when the tempest comes, we’re in trouble.


    1. Hi Bryce. Nice meta[hor. Poetic. Beliefs include mental agitation, which makes us forget the path we’re on when the going gets tough. Faith is a feeling of peacefulness in spite of tough going, because we know where we’re going. Thank you

  2. I can’t share an experience just yet because I am still digesting your definitions. And how true they are. My my! i was only thinking of something similar today as I was writing regarding how people quote common sayings with no evidence that they work, because as you say, they have never put them to the test themselves. I have to say rob, I have heard a lot of self development things regurgitated over and over but you always have a thought provoking slant to it that makes every visit an ‘I thought about that’ experience.

    Bryce’s interpretation is a little scary for me, (and I’m not sure having read the post twice if it is also your interpretation). It sounds like people who have that kind of faith are closed minded, which doesn’t allow growth, admitting you might be wrong and trying something new. That’s people generally, as I don’t know Bryce!

    1. Hi Pea. I like your style, your honesty, your frankness. It seems that you are seeking the truth with your own original mind, and are wary of when your conditioned mind takes control. EXCELLENT.

      The only way to transmute a belief into faith is to act on it and prove it is true … prove it is true to who? … to you! If the belief is true, it will prevail. YES, many folks volley quotes back and forth, thinking somehow that the volleying will cause changes in their lives. Thus … millions of disappointed lives. blessings

  3. Quite agree Rob; faith is the seed, doubt is the weed. When we doubt we dry up our roots to all the nutrients of life’s joy and our authentic abundance withers down and away. But with faith fed by the sunshine of being our natural self (and rain of tears from painful periods that accompany faith), we grow, flourish, energise, and blossom. Yes, faith is the seed, belief is the feed, and we brightly and rightly, flower!

    1. Hi John. Interesting interpretation: ‘faith is the seed, and belief is the feed’. YES, that can be true. Then what’s the difficulty? Most folks want instant faith, and quit too soon. They don’t take time to feed the feed (the belief)with action.

      By the way … faith resides in the part of man’s consciousness that fully accepts that it is one with the universe. That’s a tale for another time.


  4. This one is particularly powerful, Rob. The route to faith is “Stop believing in yourself?” Damn. It’s like the record’s been skipping all this time and no one noticed.

    I have believed in what I’ve been trying to do with my little magazine for over two years now. I have believed and I have experienced the doubts creeping up from the depths telling me I might be the only one who really cares about this.

    This post was that skipping record jumping beyond the catch. I can’t believe I’m on the right path. I must have faith those whom I show this path will want it for themselves.

    Thank you, Rob.

    1. Hi Brian. WOW, this is a powerful comment. By jove, you got it! The first principle of profitable self-work is persistent and honest self-observation. You did this remarkably well here. blessings

  5. Hello Rob,

    As soon as I started to read this I was reminded by the article that you shared over a year ago “BRAIN THINKING VS. HEART THINKING”. That was a breakthrough lesson for me. That blog post lead me to a change in my life. It sparked my drive to learn how to win at life. It introduced me to a new understanding of the properties of thinking. Life changing!
    As you know I recently started a business. This wasn’t something that just jumped in my mind over night. I had this goal sitting on my list for a very long time. I had businesses in the past that did so-so, but not at the level of where my expectations are today. That being the case I sat on that goal and used every excuse in the book on not moving it forward because I didn’t want to enter the realm of “so-so”. Because of my self-doubt, I created issues to keep me from moving the business forward: it took months to come up with the name, Growth Effect. How silly is that. Two words took months. Why? I believe because I had so many doubts and continuously extending the time it took to get things done allowed me to keep the goal tabled and not face my doubts.
    What led me to finally take action was my willingness to satisfy my curiosity even in the public domain. I gained this willingness by allowing myself to grow. Allowing myself to be challenged; to learn new things that directly contrast with what I believed previously. These things have developed my confidence and I now have a better understanding that any mistake can become a better re-take. I believe this 100%.
    I believe that me starting this business is much more than just me starting a business. For me it’s a symbol that I’m developing; I’m not allowing fear of failure to paralyze my actions. I’m dropping some of my conservative nature and taking some risks. I’ve developed some conservativeness from experiencing some challenging situations growing up on the financial front. Having that in the back of my mind had made me a bit more conservative than what’s innate in me because I never want my children to experience some of the things I did. But I feel that washing away. I feel like I’m getting over that past, controlling my today.
    When I think about it with my heart mind, I have no reason to have anything but total faith in myself. No matter what magnitude of failures I’ve ever experienced, I’ve been able to rebound and excel after learning from them. No matter what embarrassments I’ve felt – no one has ever made me feel that way…it’s all been a product of my own thoughts. And to be sure that I have faith and not belief. I’m taking action and instead of just talking/thinking about it.
    Rob – Thank you for this terrific lesson. I’m counting down the trip to Miami like my kids countdown the days until Christmas. I’m excited about my first publication and I can’t thank you and Nick enough for making it happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Jk. You are giving yourself smaller tasks every day to make your mind work better with daily challenges (business, personal and family challenges). Who taught you to do this? IT IS PERFECT ADVICE! To climb tall mountains, first climb smaller hills. Force your mind to rely upon itself. Nice, nice, nice, nice. blessings

  6. Hi Rob! This one is perfect for me. I want to have complete faith I’m going to be a marketing Exec. in NYC! I’ll admit I have my doubts still. I used to play the game of pretending I had no doubt and thinking about it would be enough to get me there. I think I wasted at least a year thinking I could think my way there. I was nutso! I would just make vision boards and repeat my mantras everyday but do NOTHING to take action. UGH! What a waste. I have learned to do more practical things like look for pro-bono or charity events I can participate in. I’ve even had to learn how to properly look for marketing jobs. To think I spent a year not even knowing a practical thing about what it takes to work within marketing! Having faith is not an easy process! I know, know know that if I stick to this plan EVENTUALLY I will get a break. I’m saving this one to re-read every week!

    1. Hi Kara. ‘Having faith is not an easy process … unless it is! Think deeply about the absence of ego-involvement (with its 60,000 NO’s). This will lead to a glimpse of another way … the way of the faithful (those who have faith in themselves). The NO’s no longer glow. blessings

  7. Rob,

    That’s a beautiful explanation of how it works. I would say that I never had any trouble in my life until I started to understand the difference between the heart and the head. At which point I realized, wow – none of that even mattered. The accomplishments that were so easy to obtain were simply meaningless. THEN the hard work starts, but it is also the fun. Where exactly it will lead, no one knows…but the fun is in the action.

    1. Hi Julie. ‘The fun is the action’ … ACTION is the ingredient that makes life truly fascinating. When two self-actualized individuals meet, they instantly understand one another. Imagine a world of self-actualized beings (how fascinating would that be?). blessings

  8. Rob,

    First, off, thank you for featuring my comment as one of the best comments of the week. As I re-read that comment that came so authentically then, I teared a little. That comment I make about we humans are the real miracles of life must have touched many more souls out there. I know I was one of them again.

    This post brought fresh meaning to the two concepts of belief and faith. For the longest time, people have associated them as common brothers to help people overcome things. But I think you have rightly pointed out the stark difference today. One is conditioning the mind, the other is backed with action.

    Trying to believe through affirmation is just like psychoing the mind, but until the mind witness certain emotions through experiences, belief will always remain as just some feel good talk. Faith on the other requires us to take action. Faith without action is useless so the bible said. Faith is more than belief, it is the certainty of knowing that what we think and feel will come to pass someday. But this will not happen by us standing idly by. Faith is God’s way of making us his miracles of life.

    1. Hi Jimmy. You are tossing out delusions that you once called facts. Now you are able to speak the truth, and folks are listening. Truth is what ‘it is’ … not what millions think it is. you’re getting there! YES, action is required for faith to exist. Thinking is required for beliefs to exist. Faith is overwhelmingly powerful. Beliefs have power until they are challenged … and then it’s anybody’s guess. blessings

  9. Wow great post here and I think it’s a very creative and unique way to look at things from a different perspective. I do agree with you on this. Gotta love the tips and insights you’ve shared here. Definitely a lesson to be learned. Our inner thoughts do create our outer world. It’s important to plant the right seeds. We are with ourselves 24/7 no matter what. Why doubt our self when our self is all we have? Let’s be strong and have a faith in ourselves. Thanks for sharing this great post! Keep it up! :D

    1. Hi Pj. YES, all great philosophies teach that the creation of our outer world begins in the inner world. AND, it is ‘those thoughts’ upon which we act that manifest into physical reality. Believing that the ‘beliefs alone’ will actualize our dreams is insanity. Chanting and hoping for a great life (without action to support it) is wrong use of the mine. blessings

    2. Hi Pj. YES, all great philosophies teach that the creation of our outer world begins in the inner world. AND, it is ‘those thoughts’ upon which we act that manifest into physical reality. Believing that the ‘beliefs alone’ will actualize our dreams is insanity. Chanting and hoping for a great life (without action to support it) is wrong use of the mind. blessings

  10. uggggghhhhh, don’t talk to me about faith. My parents are ready to disown me now that they see I don’t care much about our religion (Buddhist BTW). I mean there is some good stuff in there, but it’s not getting me what I want out of life. Lots of my struggles are kind of because I battle their old school ways with my more modern ambitions. I mean so what, if I want to go to clubs and chase the night with my buds? That’s all part of life. I just have to work things out for myself. I have some new formed beliefs about what I want to do with my life. And yes, part of that means I want to have a good time! Maybe that’s where my doubt creeps in and I keep failing at meeting women? Hmmm… until I have complete faith in my lifestyle it will never bring me all the material goods I want to achieve. I don’t really have to change my ways as much as changing the way I feel about them. I mean there are plenty of successful dudes that party a lot, make good money and have a girlfriend (or 2). Hey, I’m actually feeling pretty optimistic today. Thanks Pal!

    1. hi Aln. You do have absolute faith in your lifestyle … the problem is … you have faith in a lifestyle that you do not care to experience. You have faith. You simply have faith in living a life of struggles. Please ponder this. blessings

  11. Hi Rob,
    Great explanation between the depths of a belief and having true faith. It’s easy to say we “believe” something to be true. When we take action on something we have “faith” and complete certainty in we can perform miracles. I have faith that your book is rising, rising, rising to the awareness of a vast audience!

    1. Hi Angela. Thank you for your faith in my book. By the way … you value a worthwhile life, and you have faith that you will experience one. This is why you experience a worthwhile life. NICE JOB. blessings

  12. Hi Rob,
    I like when you change disease to dis ease. It makes sense to my mind that way. The way that you are explaining it here seems like one way is more mental and the other is more spiritual. Looks like spirit trumps the mind when it comes to believing in oneself and faith is concerned.

    Congrats on selling 28k books; not too shabby. :)

    I am more faith based than belief based even though I would like to balance out the two a wee bit more.

    I can give you an example of having both the faith and the belief in myself. When I bought my current house it was a complete fixer upper. I was able to do 95% of the work myself and I subbed out the rest.

    I had the belief that I could do it and what I couldn’t I paid someone else to do for me and the faith was the glue that kept me from letting fatigue get in my way.

    I worked on my home everyday for 4 months straight. It was an incredible experience to say the least.

    1. hi Justin. Your comment offers a perfect life-experience to reinforce the blog. You understand it because you have lived it. I like your style. you don’t always say what may sound more impressive because you would prefer the truth above all else. This makes what you say very impressive! blessings

  13. Hi Rob, I’ve always admired my mother because she was a woman of complete faith. She found such peace and solace in her church it was maddening to me! :) The Catholic thing never worked for me, but for her it was a different story. She just had complete faith that things would work out, and they always did. In hindsight I can appreciate how great this was for her. I think we can all find different things to be faithful in and each one is right for that unique individual. I have faith in that! While I didn’t take the whole package, my Mother was able to pass on her faith in different ways. I guess I do have faith that everything will work out for the best. I am okay with my failures because I have that underlying faith that it’s just not supposed to be. I may be disappointed but I am able to see the big picture. Thanks Mom!

    1. Hi Carol Anne. YES, everyone can find something to be faithful about, and it is very unique to each individual. We prevent shadows from interfering with adventurous living when we find something that we value to be faithful about. blessings

  14. Boy, I remember that feeling of being so sure I was going to be a professional baseball player. Right up until about 2nd grade people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Inevitably I would answer “Pro Baseball Player” (me and about 10 other kids!). What is funny, teachers would want to know what my back up plan was and I would say “I want to work with my dad” who was a contractor. I had complete faith I could make it in the construction business, and slowly but surely the baseball dream fades away. Maybe the world beats the big dreams out of us, maybe I would have learned to hit a curveball if there wasn’t so much doubt and cynicism surrounding me. It’s kind of far fetched but it makes me think of all the other possibilities I could have decided to have faith in.

    1. Hi Roger. WOW, your comment beautiful example of believing one thing and having faith in something else … and that in which you had faith, came to be. Success consists of faint hints of a better life, and then having faith in what was once but a faint hint. blessings

  15. Hey brother man! I’m a man of faith… no doubt! I guess you could say I have faith in love and nature and the fall leaves. I can keep turning to those beautiful things in the face of this mad mad world. It gives me a big perspective and reminds me of how petty and absurd our lives can be. For instance, I had this client I was taking to the airport and the whole way he was just second guessing every move I made and being quite demeaning. Asking if I was “high” etc etc. Thats the kind of thing that just rolls off me because I know it has nothing to do with me. I can feel love for him and just let him be. Maybe he was bickering with his wife or who knows what. I responded with love by making jokes and letting him express himself. By the time we got there I got a big tip and a handshake. I had faith in love and spread it around. And it works every time!

    1. Hi Rus. when you have ‘faith in love, and spread it around’, you are actualizing your faith with what you say and do. When doing this, you become increasingly aware of the proof of the truth of the ‘power of love’. IT FEELS GREAT DOESN’T IT. blessings

  16. Hey Rob, This is big one man. I thought I had faith, now I think I just have some beliefs. Some are much stronger than others. Of course I want to have faith that the music thing is going to work out but I have to be realistic. I have faith in myself as an artist and musician but doubt creeps in when it comes to “making it.” Maybe, thats enough. I mean, if I’m faithful in my artistry it will be faithful to me, right? The end game is what baffles me. I just don’t know what that will look like. I think I have to figure out what success looks like for me and work on having faith in that. I feel lucky though, most people don’t even have faith in what their purpose is. I’ve had a TON of failures as a musician. Shitty gigs at crummy clubs, embarrassing songs and on and on I could go. BUT through it all, I always return in my faith for the power of creating for the sake of creating. I think thats pretty good!

    1. Hi John. So many folks run away from their problems because they do not have faith that they can solve them. You do not run away. You run toward them with a conviction to triumph. If you want self-transformation (which is what we all want), this is a great way to begin. the conviction transmutes into faith and transformation quickly follows. Blessings

  17. I wanted you to know that I have read this post several times…and Gregg Braden’s book The Spontaneous Healing of Belief in between. I can not decide if you are defining faith/belief/doubt as opposites of each other (Rob and Braden) but I do believe i just got a handle on my interpretation of what Braden is saying this morning..

    I have an opportunity to remove all those beliefs that were instilled in childhood and recreate a whole new ID based on my own beliefs about who I am…

    …and the great pain I am experiencing right now, is the stopping energy so that I can actually begin defining who I want to be…and all this meditation is so that old beliefs can float to the surface and allow space for the new to come to life.

    I just wished all this thinking helped me lose “spontaneously” weight?

    Am I any where near close to what you are saying?

    I am a survivor and very strong – so I know I have tons of faith…

    1. Hi Patricia.

      All of your feelings of inferiority (in any domain of life) are a consequence of false beliefs. All false beliefs contain some doubt – YOU CAN OVERCOME THEM! All of your feelings of being ‘a supreme being’, with ultimate control over your life experiences’ come from ‘having FAITH’ in yourself. Faith is 100% Confidence in oneself … faith is absolute, unfaltering Certainty that what you can conceive in mind you can manifest in your life.

      Beliefs are a wall that keep you out of your psychic castle. it’s in this castle that your grandest dreams take root and motivate you to act in ways that allow them to blossom into your life. WHAT WILL YOU DO TO TEAR DOWN THAT WALL? I hope this helps you.


  18. I must say, you do have a way of making me think deeper, Robert. I always secretly admired those who have deep faith in what they do and what they are capable of. I’ve watched the Red Sox my whole life and have always thought that the pros have benefited from being dumb as dirt. I’ve always viewed faith skeptically and cynically. I think you have to have an intellectual deficiency to have complete faith in anyone thing. I’m a Cynic and proud of it. To me that simply means questioning everything and challenging accepted ways of thinking. I have belief in myself in many areas of life. But to say I have faith is a bit of a cop out. I Believe I’m a darn good sailor, this means staying on my toes and being alert. I believe I’m a good husband and father, which means I have to be willing to improve in this capacity. Faith? I don’t know. I just does not sit well with me. Being an Atheist is tough! Because I’m free to choose my beliefs it is my duty and responsibility to be sure it supports all of humanity.

    1. Hi salty. I think perhaps what you call ‘believing’ … I am referring to as ‘faith’. If you believe you are a good sailor, and feel 100% certain that you are one … then you have FAITH about this. It has been transmuted from a belief to faith because there is not a shadow of a doubt in your mind. That’s how I see it. thank you. blessings

  19. Wowza, Rob. You have me thinking this week. As usual for me, I get offended at first then I realize that means I really, really have to pay attention now! I guess I have a lot beliefs that are really arbitrary when I think about. For instance, a simple belief I have is “be nice and others will be nice to you.” But how come I always feel like a victim and get angry when people are rude to me. I suppose if I had ABSOLUTE faith that everyone would be nice to me they would. So, yes I see I have a lot of doubt with my belief “be nice and get treated nice.” That’s just one simple example… sheesh! :)

  20. Hi Alicia. Thank you for giving a real life example. YES, if you had faith in others (that they mean to be nice to you), then you would not be offended if they were not nice. You’d see it as just a mistake. How life would life be then? blessings

  21. > With faith, there is no doubt, and the mind is at ease.
    That’s a great one-liner, and so true.

    Sometimes, a new experience or a new lease on life, is as simple as flipping a switch. Part of the issue though, is knowing there’s a switch to flip. There’s a lot to be said for the beginner’s mind.

    1. Hi J.D. Indeed, there is a lot to be said for the beginner’s mind. I believe I am still a beginner when it comes to working with my mind. A person can be disempowered by delusion or empowered by knowledge how the mind works. T’is a delicate journey we take. Blessings

  22. I’m more of the doubting, brooding type and never been a man of faith. I guess I have faith that I can get by in life. Maybe that just comes with being a middle class white guy age 18-35 :). Things aren’t great right now, but I’ll never be destitute. So I got that going for me anyway. Now I want to go from good to great. I guess it’s possible but I have so much doubt and resentment about the economy these days. I have to work really hard at overcoming that. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired as the saying goes.

    1. Hi Ramone. Even doubting and brooding takes faith – you have faith in things not working as you hope. If your faith is strong enough, things don’t work out as you hope. You’ve got to pay attention to what you have faith in. blessings

  23. Hi Rob, I’m still getting used to this Heart-Mind way of thinking. I think I have spent 99% of my life intellectualizing. The only real heart-mind experiences I’ve had is when it comes to my daughters. I guess that is just an innate thing we feel towards our kin. I have absolute faith that I will always do my best for them. I know that is true because a lot of the time it means making unpopular decisions. There is just something in me that know what is best and have no choice but to honor that. Supporting my daughters is the one area in my life where it is pure heart-mind. Conversely, I think my wife is not as clear because she can be more cautious when it comes to making an “unpopular decision.
    “Nothing gives me a more exalted feeling than seeing them continue to blossom and thrive. What was surprising in writing this is that now I feel more clear on what I want for myself. I want to have that same feeling of purpose and assuredness on the decisions I make for myself. Like we’ve talked about, I’ve got some got a lot of spare time and some new adventures to take….

    1. Hi Georgie. Indeed, heart-mind is where faith is found. You are beginning to see the purpose of having important purposes for living. When we stop loving our struggles and start loving our life, we find more and more purposes for getting up in the morning. We also connect more and more with heart-mind. blessings

  24. Hi Rob,
    What I find so amazing is how you break down the simplest of facts and give them brand new meanings; meanings that I can personally apply to my life!

    I have often believed in myself to be able to do many things in my life. Once I’ve started doing it, I would quickly lose interest to see it through. I now know that it’s because I didn’t have “faith” in myself to finish it out. Fear and doubt paralyzed me to move any further than my head-mind would allow me too. My head-mind would tell me that starting it was enough; there was nothing left to prove to myself or to others. Basically, I could stop now, and so I did. I just stopped.

    It hasn’t been until the last several months that I have tapped into my heart-mind as far as my website is concerned. It’s all new territory for me so I have to daily train myself to listen to it and carry through what I have faith in myself to accomplish. You mentioned that, “People who become great achievers move away from the crowd”. This actually was my favorite part of the post, that entire paragraph. I now know that because I was surrounded by the wrong voices that I never was able to see what the Universe was pushing me towards.

    I have sense taken myself away from the crowd and started focusing on what I truly want out of my life. Allowing the Universe to send me whatever it sees fit for me to have. I am very mindful of who I allow to speak into my life and those energies that try to attach themselves to me, for whatever reason they are wishing to be there. I now seek the Universe’s help with my connections, and wait for the OK to be given, by watching how they react and treat others.

    There is still a great work to be done with me tapping into my heart-mind.

    My thing now is figuring out what I am truly doubting in putting all of my energy into what I really want. What I want is to take my own strides in writing my first book. I have started writing the book, and I’m doing better than I have before; yet I still feel I can do so much better if I put my total focus into it and not allow all of the other distractions I have going on at the moment to steal my focus.

    Here’s what I’m thinking it is, and you put it perfectly into words when you said… “With faith, there is no doubt, and the mind is at ease.” I don’t think my mind is at ease with the process. If it were, then the words would just flow. I would be able to set the time aside to write and I would probably be finished, in no time.

    A lot to think about here. Thanks for shedding such a bright light on this subject of doubt. It was a great eye opener! :)

    1. Hi Deeone. Right here … this comment (your comment) is great writing. if you write your book with the faith you have in yourself right now – your book will be a screaming best seller. Your right aim and intention (to help others help themselves so that you may help yourself), will illuminate the paper upon which you write your thoughts. You are on your way up! blessings

  25. Ohhh snap, Robby! Faith is like church stuff to me. My moms always tried to get me into Church but that shiz never flew with me. They might as well be talking Klingon up there. I used to feel guilty, but now I don’t care. I realized I gots MAD FAITH in MYSELF.,,, and you know thats the only thing that matters. If you got FAITH in youself first YOUR all set for LIFe. All those weird church people “talking in tongues” or getting on their kneess is just FLAT OUT WHACK!!! You know what I say, “TOUNGES AND KNEEES?! PLEEAAAASSE! Mans got to stand on his own two feet and figure out EXACTLY what moves him, and not let anybody else tell him what that is. Because in the end, the eyes of GOD are trained on those who are just FLAT OUT keeepin in it TRUE. So maybe I just want to HOOK UP… thats just spreadi LOVE if you are honest about it. But thats MAD OLD anyway… NOw I want to get up and SPEAK to people about KEEPIN it REAL.. OH SNAP! Maybe I just need to start the First CHURCH of MAgic MArc HAHHAHAHAHAH! Imagine the Harraahha. But for real, I think I could speak a good message to dudes who are just lost in the game. And thats GOSPEL SON! Holla. Is that not comment of the week shiz or what?! Brutal.

    1. Hey magic. A brilliant statement, you make: “a man has to stand on his own two feet and figure out what moves him.” Sometimes your philosophy is empowering and uplifting (sometimes you lead me astray with your own illogic). always a pleasure.

  26. This is a timely one for me Rob. An area I’m having trouble is having faith in what I’m up to. I’ve had faith before, but it was faith in the wrong direction! I basically had faith in that I can climb to the top by lying and manipulating my way there. And it worked! The cost, of course was that I took advantage of people and then could hardly stand the sight of myself. But boy, I tell ya – I got results. Right now I’m trying to believe in a more holistic and altruistic way of life but I have a lot of doubts sneaking in. Sometimes I feel like a phony because it is such a departure from the way I spent most of my life. I’m just trying to fight through that doubt and fight off the old habits. I guess faith just ain’t easy in this overstimulated society… at the end of the day I would rather like myself than feel like I need to take a shower to wash my guilt off though.

    1. Hi Richard. When we move from the ‘old way’, at first it can make us feel like a phony. Alas, if we persist with FAITH in our new way, the confused mind begins seeing the logic in the change … and the feeling of phoniness wanes. blessings

  27. Hi Rob, this certainly is a new way of thinking about belief. My problem has always been low self esteem and hence no confidence to take on new challenges. I would constantly practice positive affirmations hoping this would be enough to remove my doubts and fears. All PMA ever did for me was give me a watered down belief with lots of doubt hidden within. I think it’s because I never really considered passing from belief into faith. I never really acted upon my affirmations and hence could never remove the doubt. I think having a few failures sprinkled in is inevitable, but I was too fearful to fail so I would just not try. I think we must have the direct experience to truly have faith in what we can achieve. Unfortunately this means failing along the way. I learned a lot with this one.

    1. Hi Joan. INDEED, barking ‘positive affirmations’ is really ‘a lot of todo over nothing’ … it simply doesn’t have much affect on the attitude of the mind. We’ve got to grab that ‘Doing Ladder’ and climb ourselves higher by acting on what we are affirming; prove the affirmation is true. Prove it to who? Prove it to you! blessings

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