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What Made George Bernard Shaw Famous?

It seems to me that it’s obvious what made George Bernard Shaw famous. This Irish playwright was talented – right? One way to think in a new and healthy way is – dare to be wrong with the answer that you think is right.

Well, guess what? I was amazed to find out what he did to get attention so that the world would read his literary work. When Shaw was a new writer on the scene, he wrote an essay, Quintessence of Ibsenism. Shaw was an ardent socialist, and this essay was supporting Henrik Ibsen’s theory on social hypocrisy.

Shaw assumed everyone would be champing at the bit to read his marvelous masterpiece. He put the word out there that it was available, and waited … no one came a-knocking.

Did Shaw quit, toss the essay in the bottom drawer of his bedroom bureau, and get a job working with his father as a grain merchant? No way!

Do you know what George Bernard Shaw did? He spent all day, every day, stirring up business. He made it his first order of business to travel to bookstores, to general stores, to schools, to reading clubs, and to libraries in London (he’d moved there from Dublin).

When Shaw would arrive at a reading club, bookstore, library etc. he’d pretend he wasn’t himself (as if anyone noticed), and he’d ask everyone the same question, “Do you have a copy of George Bernard Shaw’s essay?” No matter where he went, he got the same answer: “George Bernard Shaw – I’ve never heard of him.” Shaw would respond, “That’s odd that you never heard of this great writer, and you own a bookstore … or you consider yourself a literary scholar?” How’s that for attitude?

Shaw would even return to the same stores, schools, libraries a month later (dressed differently and with glasses on the second time); he’d inquire again. Shaw even took to stopping folks on the street to ask them if they’d heard of this new dynamic author, George Bernard Shaw? Talk about taking total control over your life!

Eventually, single-handedly, he stirred interest in this fellow, George Bernard Shaw. Eventually he became one of the finest writers of his era. He created the demand. Shaw believed there was no circumstance over which he could not take command. Shaw knew he had no immunity over failure, but he did have the power to turn the adversity into an enriching opportunity.

Clearly, reality knocks you down, when you’re trying to soar higher. Reality wants to know if you’re willing to get up and fight for your right to be successful at whatever is important to you. George Bernard Shaw saw what reality was up to, and did something about it when he got knocked down. Do you do something about it, or do you wail out “Poor me!” People who get up and do something new, are people of destiny.

Reality never delivers a knockout blow, unless you allow it to. Failures really are only temporary defeats. Permanent failure is a result of psychic hypnosis – where we react by quitting before we even begin, or we quit after the first try for sure. You declare yourself ‘out’ … not reality.

What’s psychic hypnosis? It is the spell that you are cast under, after hearing 60,000 NO’s from age two to six. And they still keep coming … from birth to death, NO’s come at you. They pose a constant challenge by trying to count you out of the game, and get you to agree, when you are knocked down by reality. You’ve not forgotten those 60,000 NO’s have you?

A new kind of mind comes into existence when you really see the difference between pretending you’re trying to get ahead, and getting ahead! I pretended for years that I wanted to get ahead. When I was younger, I was a great talker, but a lousy ‘actualizer’. I was so good at pretending that I was up to something (when I wasn’t), that I even fooled me!

Student: rob, what did you learn from George Bernard Shaw’s biography?
rob: Shaw taught me that there are two things I must not allow to interfere with my aspirations and aims – OTHER PEOPLE AND HARMFUL THOUGHTS. I also learned that HARMFUL THOUGHTS are the more dangerous of the two.

Seeing through yourself means to know things about yourself that others may not notice. It’s said that no one noticed George Bernard Shaw’s tenacity … but he surely noticed it, didn’t he? I notice about myself that I’m willing to do what I don’t want to do when it is necessary that I do it to succeed. I don’t think most folks notice that about me; because I turn everything into a passionate labor of love, they think I like doing all of it. Nope, I don’t like doing all of it.

  1. What have you noticed about yourself that others haven’t noticed?
  2. What can you offer other readers with your personal comment about this blog?
  3. Can you share a lesson you learned from a temporary defeat?

Thank you & blessings, rob

“Best Comment of the Week”. This weeks best comment comes from Stephanie. The runner up is Alan 007. Thank you both for your honest, heartfelt sharing. See their comments here.

Illustrations by nick


  1. A great mini essay on having personal faith in who you are Rob which reminds me of Jack Canfield who spent years on the road to turn his ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ series of books into best sellers when publishers turned him down. A ‘no’ from them was a ‘yes’ to do it anyway by doing it his way. We need to take that lesson because what others can’t or won’t see, feel or don’t feel, WE do!

    I was a fat spotty unfit 14 year old once who desperately wanted to be a tennis coach. EVERYONE either laughed or tried to put me off and discouragement was everywhere from my parents to friends, school to careers advisors all pointing out my weight, my lack of ability, my council background etc. So, I used this as fuel to fight for my dream and did it anyway and less than a decade later was a fully fledged professional coach. The only person who needs to hold that dream and never let go…is YOU!

    • Hi John. WOW, I love how you took this blog and applied it directly to your life. Thank you for offering ‘you’ to the community of blog reader who visit this site weekly. It seems that most human beings are like passengers on a cargo ship that’s pushing through heavy fog – they fear what’s up ahead (the unknown). It’s the few who do not fear what’s up ahead, because they are designing their destiny, that become seers of the future (they can see the future they intend to experience). You did that with tennis. blessings

  2. Rob,
    It’s interesting to note that we focus on the 60.000 NO’s we’ve heard, but how many YESes have we heard? Do those not matter? :)
    Once, a friend of mine accuse me of turning everything I touched into gold, because it seemed that everything I tried, I succeeded at. I was shocked. She’d completely missed that the “success” came on the 100th try, after falling flat on my face the first 99 times. I’ve made boneheaded, embarrassing, arrogant mistakes. I’ve flubbed in more ways than I can count. But I have this one little quality that makes sure I succeed: I don’t give up. Ever. And eventually, I always get there.

    Oh, and BTW – have you hard of this Melody chick? Ha, ha. Wish I could do that. But in the age of the internet, people would figure it out in a heartbeat.


    • Hi Melody. We are born singing “YES!” This is the authentic you. You are then exposed to 60,000 NO’s. You unknowingly create a false version of yourself to accommodate those who constantly say,”NO!” Now the battle begins – between the original you and the artificial you. I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED, AND YET I HAVE NOTHING I NEED. Do you understand the difficulty? I know you do. RISK LOSING YOUR ARTIFICIAL SELF, and a perfect miracle happens. blessings

  3. I needed to hear this right at this moment. Many parts of this article stuck out for me. Until recently (about two weeks ago) I was one of those people who heard no and stopped trying. I didn’t want to “bother” anyone. This was not happening in every area of my life, but I don’t want it too happen at all. If there is something I want to achieve, I don’t want to get in my own way of achieving it. “No” is a part of life. And I will most likely hear it more times than I hear “yes”; however, I don’t want to be the one saying it. You have inspired me with this post to push forward and continue to go after my dreams.

    • Hi Lisa. “I am afraid that I won’t succeed in my attempts to be who I want to be”. This becomes the cry of the six year old after hearing 60,000 NO’s. What stops the ‘saving truth’ from reaching so many millions of six year olds who turn sixty? Nothing but their own resistance to the truth. We share the truth together on this website. You are an important part of this process, because you are not resisting. Thank you.

  4. Alan007 says:

    Hmmmm. Maybe this is where I am all messed up. I’ve got everything backwards these days. I let MY harmful thoughts and EVERYONE ELSES harmful thoughts run my life. Haha. But this guy had a talent and something he was really passionate about. What if you don’t have anything like that. I mean, I want a girlfriend and I want to have fun. I think most people my age just want things like that. I feel a pretty inadequate when comparing my goals with his. I get a little depressed when I think about what I’m doing with my life. I think I have fear that I will never find that one thing that I can get totally dedicated to. You can’t just pick something and say OK that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for giving me comment of the week – its about time! :)

    • Hi Alan. You seem angry. All anger is self-destructive. Suppressed anger is more destructive than open anger. You are openly angry. Now you can begin departing from anger. Read this again, please. blessings

  5. Roger Pascal says:

    I don’t know much about George Bernard Shaw, but I see in my own business where I just kind of became OK with just doing OK. I had a family to raise and everything else, so I never took the time and effort to get my own business to beyond paying the bills. I thought being able to pay the bills WAS the big accomplishment. I guess some people just have that tenacity more than others. I’ll admit I was not willing to do everything I could have done. Where I am tenacious lately is working on my inner life. I may not get all the material successes but I am bound and determined to feel happy and content these days. I’ve noticed the more content I feel about myself the easier and more productive my business gets too, so maybe it’s not to late for “my ship to come in.”

    • Hi Roger. It is not too late for your ship to come in. Perhaps you do not have complete confidence in this fact, but truth has absolute confidence in this fact about you. Endure the emptiness of not thinking as you usually do, Roger, and your ship will make a U-Turn and come directly to you. Please re-read this last statement and ponder its meaning, Roger. blessings

  6. Rob,
    I never knew this about George Bernard Shaw. I love “Pygmalian” it’s one of my favorite plays ever. Eliza Doolittle became an archetype of sorts for me after that. I attributed her ‘flowering’ to the power of education, which I doggedly pursued in my own life, both through traditional means and by being self-taught.

    When I was in my 30s, I quit my job to continue my education and ended up with a scholarship to NYU graduate school. It was a defining moment in my life where I truly realized I was a “scholar” at heart.

    • Hi Angela. you are a scholar at hearty. you are also so many other things at heart. I love your courage to notice what is important for your mind to think about, and what is useless. Clearly you do this, and it shows with your comments. You teach me. Thank you

  7. That’s a cool story. I don’t think people get rich and famous unless they are obsessed with making it. I used to think that fame and fortune came by chance, but I would bet there is a similar story behind every movie star. Like Brad and Angelina for instance. You know there are a ton of good looking people in this world, but they had to have a certain belief in themselves to rise to such high levels. This article made me question if I have enough belief in myself to reach my own goals. Most of the time I think I do, but then why haven’t I done it yet. It didn’t take Cameron Diaz all her life to become a big star… all I want to do is get a big Marketing job! LOL :)

    • Hi Kara. You are practicing honest self-facing with this comment. Thank you for the demonstration of courage. It inspires me.
      Student: How can I succeed?
      Teacher: Really want it.
      Student: That’s it?
      Teacher: I said REALLY want it.
      blessings, Kara

  8. This is simply a very beautiful, very meaningful post Rob and I thank you!! Really, you have no idea, no idea, how much I needed to read this. This is so wonderful to know about the great George Bernard Shaw – I love this!

    Rob, several years ago when I was in a very different place, I was easily able to overcome many defeats and made many things “happened” for me, yet there was something at play then. I was focused on very different things, as I was very shallow. Things I wanted or desired came relatively easy. As well, during this time, I was internally unsettled and went down some not-so-good paths in life. I spent years cleaning up the messes of my life and now, I equate the “desire” to want more and get ahead to being selfish or misguided in some way because of how I was then. I hope this makes sense. It’s almost like I feel guilty for wanting to get ahead now. I work extremely hard, yet it’s not that I feel unworthy, but I don’t feel I “deserve” anything or feel that I am entitled. This probably sounds extremely negative, but I’m not meaning it to. You know from some of my comments, I love life, I love this life and I have been extremely blessed. I’m just in an internal battle of going on in my heart and head.

    I feel like I’m writing to a psychiatrist with this comment, but I’m being honest and it’s a struggle I have at this exact moment in time. There’s a lot more to this, but that’s the gist of it. This post is very helpful, as are the comments here and your responses. I like visiting your place, it’s nice and always I go away a better soul … thank you again!

    Peace & kindness,


    • Hi Elena. I am jumping ahead to respond to your comment because it is so heart-felt. You are speaking from your soul, Elena. What a fabulous gift you offer me (and the others that are reading what you’re sharing).

      You are an incredible spirit, Elena. I’ve felt this about you in the past (as well as now). (1) It is incredible how you’ve lived here on planet earth for many years without sincerely asking, “Why am I here?” (2) It is incredible how many times you have suffered from yourself without asking, “What might be the cause of my problems, and what is the cure?” (3) It is incredible how you find security that leaves you feeling as insecure as before (please read – 3 – again). Only now are you beginning to realize, “Clearly I’ve fallen into a hole and have not thrown myself a rope.” WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

      You are beginning to notice that higher forces from deep within you are trying to reach you and help you. Continue with your energetic inquiry, a fresh new world is right around the corner – waiting for you. blessings to you, Elena.

  9. You humble my heart Rob and another piece of the exterior crumbles. There are many places in the blogosphere I visit; however, none that make me feel secure and peaceful like here. Again and always … I thank you. You make beautiful sense and I like learning and seeing the world from your eyes – they’re kind and gentle.

    Peace to you Rob,


  10. Hi again, Elena. As you continue to drop mental walls (discouraging beliefs that you cling to about you), those healthy forces from deep within you are able to reach you. The great Berlin Wall is crumbling before your very eyes. Thank you.

  11. Carol Anne says:

    What I notice about me that others miss is that I don’t take any guff when it comes to business. Most of my friends would be shocked if they heard me on the phone when I am not satisfied with shoddy service. They would be stunned to hear this girl from Wisconsin take someone down with the ruthlessness of Donald Trump.

  12. Rob,

    Thanks for the inspiring account. These type of stories and figures in history show me so much about what it takes to be successful. Perseverance and confidence are in my opinion more important than pure talent. We can always improve and develop skills but without the dedication and commitment to achieve our aspirations we are out of luck.

    • Hi Joe. You speak wisely. Are you able to walk your talk? I often sound stronger on the outside than I am on the inside. If only I bought into my own tips 100%! “Be rigorously honest when looking at oneself” – is the most helpful and the most frightening advice anyone can hear. blessings

  13. After delving into self awareness and choosing to let go of patterns that no longer serve me, I started learning so much about my self that I really had either (no idea before or maybe just an inkling of an idea and just chose to ignore it). Once noticing these patterns, learning from them and letting them go I noticed that i was no longer in this protective bubble i had once created. Which kind of makes it much more exciting of a journey. Living this way also puts you in a place where people feel your energy and also naturally learn from it if it something for them to learn at that time in their life.
    To sum up my temporary defeats…i would say they all stem from me choosing to not be aware of me and the battle within or to continue living in an unhealthy pattern after becoming aware of it. Thank you for this great read :)

    • Hi Kenya. How many of us ‘continue to live with an unhealthy pattern after becoming aware of it’? We all do until we don’t. Thank you for that great line. Part of being human is reminding ourselves day after day, “My aim today is to shake off that unhealthy pattern.” … and continue to remind ourselves until we do just that. blessings

  14. That’s a good one, Rob. If anyone is going to dedicate their lives to their art, man you have to hustle! I’ve learned nobody is going to promote or market me but ME. I used to think that somehow I would get noticed by record exec and they would take care of everything. Man, thats some BS. Even people who sign record deals have to be out there promoting themselves. Nobody can do that for them. Obviously Shaw believed in his art, but he knew that if he was going to reach anyone he had to make him self known. It’s not self-serving or egocentric when all he wants to do is spread a message and vision he believes in.

    • Hi John. I like your advice. We advance forward at the risk of losing the familiar. We must abandon everything that tries to take us from our inspiring intent. See the difference between knowing this and doing this. The great task is doing it. blessings

  15. Hi rob, lately I have being getting conflicting messages in my head and find it hard to decipher what rings true for me.
    I use to have this fear of failure many a times, that if I had just gone ahead I would have been long way away from where I am today, but that’s okay as it is part of learning.
    I had made big business plans many a times, spent time and energy on planning, enquiries, phonecalls, researching etc and felt good whilst doing it, I loved that part of it, but never amounted to anything, the closer I got to the finished product the quicker I retreated with the minuteness of defeat, so I never saw them through.
    However, in the last few years I have being focusing more on a journey of self development and becoming more insightful, which has brought me to reinventing my business idea and getting closer to making it happen. Thanks to the insightful Tinu, Tinu has learnt she can achieve anything, with self belief and conviction, Tinu would and can see it through and somehow I know I would succeed, but and the all-so-resounding BUT, I keep getting this conflicting messages, in my head, here and in a book I read, ‘effortless way of life is best’, ‘easy does it’, ‘do not sit back and wait for it to happen’, Bernard Shaw tenacity saw him through etc.
    Ah ! Reflecting, I am now experiencing NO, in whatever form it presents itself (conflicting messages), but I am not giving in to NO. The difference this time is I have not spent too much time on researching etc but going ” for the kill”, visualizing and visualizing the end product, with as minimum effort as possible so I don’t fall back into that trap of defeat.
    Thank you rob yet again for letting me see through myself, ‘effortlessly’, your words and gift that you have is admirable and so inspiring, thank you.
    Wish you continued strength.

    • Hi Tinu. Effortlessness means letting ordinary thinking come to an end. it takes a lot of work to memorize our beliefs and give up our lives to let them think for us. It’s real easy when we surrender to our original intelligence, which is infinite.

      Surrendering is easy and effortless: “I give up.” What are you giving up? Your Ego, with its vast collection of limiting beliefs. It’s the ego and its collection of beliefs that make hard work of everything. Answers from the conditioned mind (the mind owned by the ego) will always be wrong. It tells you to quit when you should keep going. It tells you to keep going when it’s time to quit.

      Please take the above advice and apply it to YOUR life. Don’t over-think it. Just as a mountain climber see a different world than a ditch digger, so does your original consciousness have a different view of you than does your ego.

      blessings to the mountaineer side of you!

  16. Hey Rob, I’m not that motivated to get rich and famous but I am motivated to be mindful and live in harmony with everyone. What made me perk up is when you talk about pretending we are those things and actually being those things. I used to spend most of my time wanting others to think I had everything figured out and I was like this peaceful monk living among them. The reality was I was just as confused as most people. I think I had a big enlightening moment when I learned to let go of appearance of being peaceful. When I was angry, I started letting people know. They thought I was falling back when I was really just being more authentic. If I’m angry, damn it! I’ll be angry!! What I found was I got more in touch with the person I was pretending to be when I stopped worrying if others thought I was it or not.

    • Hi Rus. You are clear about the fact that you cannot fall back when you are being authentic. I love that. Whenever we feel baffled by life, it is because we are not being authentic with our responses. You have pointed yourself in the direction that leads to what is truly worthwhile for you. Congratulations and blessings

  17. Beautiful behind the scenes story!

    I always enjoy the stories of how people climbed their way to the top. It’s always an eye-opener when you see what happens behind the scenes. What looks like luck or just natural talent, is often a whole lot of skill practice, and effort in action. It’s all that hard work that makes it looks so easy.

    I remember thinking a friend of mine was just naturally good at basketball … and then another friend told me, “Yeah, you should see how many hours his Dad makes him practice every day.”

    • Hi J.D. Your response today is very pragmatic. sometimes your responses can be heady (intellectual). The more you let the truth shake up your identity, the more you reveal more of who you really are. Your essence is so much more than you’ve yet begun to reveal. Unique expression is born by seeing that it is waiting to be born without self-reference. Ponder this last sentence for a moment. blessings

  18. SaltySailorMan says:

    My first marriage was a temporary defeat. Looking back I see how young, naive and absurd the whole thing was. At the time I thought I would never get my life back on track. But to tell the truth it took no time at all. I was free and easy and back working in the boatyard in no time. The point is, life is long and people are incredibly resilient. I am a persistent SOB. I didn’t realize I was just being persistent about feeling free and living a life of intellectual stimulation. If I had stuck out that marriage, God knows what would have happened. As it turned out, I was able to create a life that allowed me all the things I valued most. Great friends and conversation, a wife that supports my rantings and summer days on the sea.

    • Hi Salty. YES, people are incredibly resilient. You are incredibly resilient. Thoreau spoke of a man lifting his life by a conscious endeavor; it seems to me that you take his advice seriously. Nice job. blessings

  19. Hello Rob,
    This is a lovely example of how to reach your dreams. Over and over again, when you read stories of those who have accomplished much you will see that kind of determination.
    It reminds me that determination is not some sort of magic gene dust that you’re born with, it is a choice!
    Thank you for this!

    • Hi Jenny Ann. Determination, indeed, is a choice. The right road is always an option, and determination is always a choice. This is a fabulous combination – right road and determination. Remember who your true friends are, Jenny Ann, those who remind you of this. Thank you. blessings

  20. Rob, thank you for another thoughtful blog. If I may, I’d like to pick up and comment on the concepts of harmful thoughts and the 60,000 NO’s.
    Personally, up to about 18 months ago, I always told myself I wasn’t a runner. I’d occasionally put sneaker to pavement to stay in shape for other sports, but I never ran for any significant length or duration. Well, in spring 2010, I had cracked open your 180 book, and as I’m in between careers, I’ve had a lot of time to shape new perspectives. I started to think about diving into the green mush and shedding this non-runner label to see if I would enjoy it as a form of fitness while giving myself a new goal.
    So I set aside the harmful “NO’s” and strapped on the running shoes. I began slowly (I really did feel like I was in mush), with a 10-minute run on the beach one day, during which I stopped to walk in the first few minutes because I hadn’t realized through experience that those early moments can be the most challenging during a run. I had broken inertia, creating momentum in a whole new world for me. That summer, I accepted a friendly challenge to run a seven-mile road race, Falmouth, Mass., and if I had been asked in a different time, I would have said “No.” It turned out to be one of my favorite athletic endeavors in life. A great experience.
    In a couple of weeks, I’ll be running my second Falmouth, followed by a half marathon in September. I’m running distances I never imagined I could. I’m even setting my sights on Boston 2012. Reflecting on childhood moments of doubt, I recall my parents telling me, “It’s all in your head.” This experience with running has helped me to maintain confidence and realize that my next success will not happen overnight, but saying “Yes” will pave the way. It really is in our head–a mind adventure as you say, Rob. Thanks.

    • Hi Michael. There is a differentness to your tone – it is wonderfully optimistic. Imagine not taking nervousness as necessary, Michael, what would your life be like then? Please read this question again. You are less nervous these days, Michael. Are you feeling it. I bet you are! Now good things can start coming to you in ways you’ve not imagined. blessings

  21. GeorgieBoy 1969 says:

    Hi Rob, I like that insight into Shaw. It’s no coincidence that the great ones become the great ones. There is a myth that some people just luck out and rise to the top. Anyone who has been successful at anything knows the work that goes on behind the scenes. The bottom line is you just have to work hard. There is no getting around it. When I started my firm I was doing everything. No task was too small, from answering phones to taking out the trash. It’s a great state to be in. It does not feel like hard work. I felt most alive during this phase. Being driven is invigorating.

    • Hi Georgie. Indeed, being driven with a Wonderful Obsession is invigorating. know that an idea about ‘being driven’ is not ‘being driven’. To ‘be driven’and feel invigorated require acting beyond our thoughts of what ‘being driven’ means. I like that. blessings

  22. You’re a character, rob. I like your style of writing. It’s different. I don’t comment to blogs as a rule. You should take your own advice and do like George Bernard Shaw did: advertise yourself more. You have something to say. Get it out to more people than what your blog draws in.

  23. Hi Steve. I appreciate your advice. I like to think that I have something to say. I believe we all have something to say. blessings

  24. I love that anecdote. I admire his brashness. I used to be (and maybe still can be) one of those people who thinks I can think my way into manifesting what I want. After reading this, the reality seems to be that Shaw spent very little time thinking and a ton of time making it happen. It would be like trying to open a restaurant and then only drawing up the plans. I have tons and tons of poetry that just sits in box under my bed. I put a lot of energy and heart and soul in the writing but did nothing to get it published. This has definitely got me thinking.

    • Hi Alicia. Anything that gets you thinking in the right direction is vital to your growth and development. There is a completely new way to travel through life, and a new way of thinking points you toward that inspiring way. blessings

  25. Magic Marc says:

    YO ROBO. That dude was a crazy MOFO. I LIKE IT!!!! People don’t want to hear it but its all about image. He was just branding and marketing himself. People think that branding is some kind of new phenomenon but its the oldest trick in the book! Believe me, I got that shiz figured out. Hooking up with chicks and networking with big wigs is all about social proof. People got to be talking about you. I know I’m gonna be famous because I got the rep and the skills to back it up SON!!! :) There’s no room for weak ass people at the top. YOu know the ones who are too nice and let EVERYONE walk over them – life is too short to be working stiff who goes home to shitty condo with noisy neighbors and the smell of their rank ass cooking coming through the walls HAHAHAHAH! If you don’t take care of your image and your rep your gonna be a NOBODY. I bet your Boy GB Shaw was a hard ass business man like you and me ROBBY – I always say that success is 100% IMAGE and 100% taking SHIZ from NO ONE!!! HAHA!! HOLLA

    • Hi Magic. Preventing anyone from learning from his own mistakes is a big mistake. We all learn from our mistakes best. How’s that going for you? One thing you don’t do is let anyone tell you that their mind is better than yours. I can see that. blessings

  26. Angry Ramone says:

    Hey Rob, I don’t know when to keep pushing through or when to give up. Shaw must have got some positive feedback from people. When I was thinking of starting my own business everyone was discouraging in their own way. Even my grandmother said it was a bad time to start. In hindsight maybe they were right. I never seem to know whether I should keep going or when it is time to get back to reality.

    • Hi Ramone. It is always important to see through ourselves, and any resistance to it puts us on a slippery slope. Sometimes we takes others advice to avoid seeing through ourselves. blessings


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