how to overcome opposition


When you decide to create yourself anew, you can be sure that opposition will resist you. Creative change threatens the Conditioned-Self that is habitually expressing through you. This SELF is very satisfied with its current tendencies and habits. It does not intend to relinquish its position without putting up a fight.

When ocean crabs get caught in a trap, they just sit there. When a maverick crab boldly steps upward toward freedom –– the others pull him back. If the maverick crab persists, the others often continue to resist his bold move until they pull his legs off. This is what it can feel like when you decide to make internal changes. That collection of ideas that you deemed as true will tug at you, and say ‘no, no, no,’ to anything new. The world, too, may tug at you and insist you remain the same. They will say, “a leopard cannot change its spots.

You are not a crab, nor a leopard are you?. You are a human being, with the immutable right to create yourself anew. When you see the rightness in your decision to create a new you, you allow no limiting decisions of your past or restricting opinions from the world stop you.

Remain focused on your ideal, in spite of any hounding voice from inside of you that screams, “Get real!” What you consider ‘real’ is entirely up to you.


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