Think positively – never retreat

Student: There’s a voice in my head that tells me to retreat from life whenever the going gets tough.

Teacher: That voice in your head is echoing a false truth that you heard at some moment in your past.

Student: What’s the false truth that the echo offers me?

Teacher: Someone told you that it’s best to retreat when things get rough. They advised you that retreating was the safe thing to do. And you took it seriously.

Student: That seems logical to me. What’s the flaw in the statement that says it’s wise to retreat when the going gets tough?

Teacher: What that person didn’t know, and so couldn’t tell you, was that retreating from life stirs a feeling of inadequacy in you. And after that, every time you retreated you preserved that disempowering feeling.

Student: I can sense the truth of what you’re saying. Often I feel as though I am living a cowardly life; playing it too safe.

Teacher: When the feeling of inadequacy lives in your psychology, you see everything new as dangerous. Now you are living an existence unbefitting a being of princely stature like you. You’ve come here to this planet to live boldly, to express freely, and to enjoy the many treasures that life’s challenges offer you.

Student: I have allowed life to intimidate me too often. I can look back and see many treasures that I’ve lost due to my being too shy. I can feel the truth of your message.

Teacher: Your dissatisfaction with being timid is what attracted you to me. You are sick and tired of withdrawing from life every time you hear a cannon roar. Congratulations! Your next step is to dare to advance, and listen not to that echo that screams “Retreat!”

Student: I can feel the power in your advice.

Teacher: When that echo is not in charge of your life – you are in charge of your life.

Positive Thinking – No Fly Zone

Student: I notice that many of my friends try to convince me that they know what is best for me. That bothers me.

Teacher: It bothers you because you intuitively know that your mind is exclusively yours, to be to uses as you please, not as others please. Declare your mind a “No Fly Zone.”

Student: “No Fly Zone” – what’s that mean?

Teacher: Your mind is a privately owned ‘field of consciousness’. You are the exclusive owner of that precious piece of etheric real estate. It’s not a public airport where everyone gets to land his or her ideas at will. Because of your need for others to like you, you allow others to unduly influence you by landing their ideas there.

Student: What can I do to correct this?

Teacher: Correction comes with quiet self-control. Just calmly say, “No” when someone insists they know better than you what you should believe is true. In a polite way, wave the idea away. Don’t let it land if it doesn’t feel right for you. Take the chance of thinking for yourself. You’ll be delighted with the truth and wisdom that will come to you when you enforce the “No Fly Zone” policy.

Positive snails

Student: I feel sorry for the snails clinging to the rocks on the oceans edge. The waves bang over the snails constantly, and they have to cling tightly so they don’t get knocked off the rock.

Teacher: The snails aren’t clinging tightly. They are not feeling overwhelmed by the waves. They accept life’s ebbs and flows without resisting. You don’t have to feel sorry for the snails. They are relaxed and feeling replenished with every wave that passes over them.

However, it seems that human beings do resist the wave of negative emotions that flood over them when things aren’t working out as they hoped. Humans have a tendency to cling to their vision of success while feeling overwhelmed by a wave of disappointment.

Student: How can I stop myself from being overwhelmed by the feeling of disappointment when I fall short of my goal?

Teacher: If you sense the wave of negative emotions coming, you can learn to relax and allow it to pass over you without knocking you over. Simply remind yourself, “This too shall pass.” Just knowing the fact that you cannot avoid the wave from coming, and knowing that if you don’t resist the wave, it will pass over you quickly – just knowing that will feel rejuvenating rather than debilitating.


Student: I am always nice to my neighbor, hoping he’ll be nice back to me. Only to find that, as a rule, he’s rude back to me. It so disappoints me.

Teacher: Being nice to your neighbor has no influence on his habitual nature. If he’s trained himself to be rude, no matter what the reason may be, then rude he will be, no matter how you respond to him.

Student: Then I am only betraying myself by being nice to him, hoping it will change his nature.

Teacher: Being nice elevates you above self-betrayal; it’s the perfect guide to escort you through life. Be nice to him because “being nice” is your nature, and you will get the greatest reward possible – a deep sense of dignity and grace, no matter what you may face.

Student: So, if I’m nice, looking for niceness in return, I’m nullifying the real reward that comes with being nice.

Teacher: I couldn’t have said that better.

Positive thinker – a rooster crows when he sees the light

There’s something to learn from a crowing rooster; he knows to crow when he sees the light. Stuff him in a dark henhouse and he shuts up. He knows better than to rail out against the dark. Put him back outside with the dawning of the sun, and he begins crowing once again.

What can you learn from the rooster? Are you crowing when you see the light? Are you raving wonderfully about all the good that comes to you daily? Do you know not to whine when the dark settles in?

Awareness of the light is the first step to thinking optimistically; it’s the first step to living realistically. There’s more in life to support you than harm you. Are you recognizing this vital point?

Pay more attention to what’s working for you than what seems to be working against you, and you will find more and more things to crow about. The more you crow, the easier your life goes.

The Law of Attraction is always in action. How do you want to call upon it to act for you? It’s willing to enhance your life in myriad ways if you’re willing to crow a little more and rejoice in the light. You’re not here to fight the darkness; you’re here to let your spirit soar to lofty heights. It gets its fuel when you learn to rejoice at every dawning of the sun.

There’s nothing new I’m saying here, and I’m not saying it’s always easy to crow about the light. But I am saying “It’s worth the effort.”

Write like an artist, Rob

I asked my friend, Jonathan, “I’m ready to write my 4th book, Jonathan, what do you think I should write about?” “Write like the artist you are, Rob. Write what you know. And write what you’d want to read if you went to a bookstore to buy a book,” Jonathan answered.

My interest in writing this next book is to create something very much in my own style, something that doesn’t exist out there in the world, yet. I want to write it with words that haven’t been written with the flair that is specifically me. I want to offer insights and ideas that have never been spoken like I speak them.

What will be in the book that sets me apart from other authors? It’s my uniquely personal way of seeing things that I want to amplify and transform into words. Does that mean I’m improvising, and I’m not exactly sure what’s going to show up when I put pen to paper? You’re damn right it means that. It’s what Picasso did. It’s what made his work so incredibly original.

How do you talk to yourself to motivate yourself to prioritize what’s important to you? Above is a sampling of my self-talk to keep me on track.

You Are An Incredible Force-Field

This wondrously designed universe is an immense field of energy, and you, like me, want to feel that we truly are an integral part of it. Well, here’s the great news – you are not only an individual field of energy that is part of the immense field of energy, you are more than that! You are a force to be reckoned with – you are a force-field. And that’s a fact because you already are a superlatively creative being with the capacity to determine the vibration of the energy that occupies your field.

There’s not a thought you think, nor a feeling you feel that does not have the potential to express. That remarkable truth has become very plain to see; just look around you and notice your friends. When you reflect on a thought or experience a feeling with any degree of intensity, you give that thought or feeling permission to change the vibration of your field of energy. A change in vibration reflects outwardly, causing a change in your expression in the world. That change in your expression becomes a physical demonstration that changes the vibration of the larger energy field that makes up your world. Your world is always a reflection of your vibration.

You have the capacity to take captaincy of your earthly destiny because of your ability to take command of the words you use to create your thoughts and stir new emotions. This skill enables you to objectify and make real what was once an invisible ideal. Thus, “The word is made flesh.” That’s the power you wield. With your words – you can manifest.

You are always the embodiment of the concepts that you think and feel are true about you. And the entire world around you has to rearrange itself to accommodate the concepts you hold as true. It’s a matter of quantum physics. The entire creating cosmos has built within its system a simple law – The Law of One. You are an indivisible part of the Oneness. That’s why the energy that radiates outwardly from you effects the vibration of everything else around you, thus creating new circumstances and conditions to support you. The Law of One insists on it.

Consciousness is the door to this power you wield. When you assume the truth of your superlatively creator nature, it becomes easier and easier to manipulate your field of energy with predictability. Furthermore, when you develop confidence in yourself as a superlatively creative being, you are able to consciously determine your internal vibration and create yourself anew – anytime you want to. It’s what’s often referred to as “being born again.”

Here are two tips that will help you become more conscious and confident of the fact that you are a superlatively creative being:

  1. Work daily at letting go of your memorized version of yourself and your anxious habit patterns. Dare to break through the theatrical way you live your life. Have the courage to want something new. The light of intuitive intelligence is always trying to break through the wrappings that trap you. Commit to relaxing more, and allowing the spontaneous to replace your mechanical reactions.

  2. Value self-reliance above society’s advice. Notice how tiring it is to be one of the sheep. Work on your relationship with yourself; pay attention to what you think and feel. Turn inward and allow your inner guidance system to offer you higher responses to life. Take great joy in your innate powers of innovation and manifestation.

You are a creator. The above tips can help you feel that. Are you beginning to feel it? When you feel it, you real it – you make it real in your life. Furthermore, you’re not only a creator, you are the creation. Your conviction to this claim will pay great rewards. It’s only a false sense of your identity that has stopped you from realizing yourself rightly.

You are a supreme creator. You are an incredible force-field.

The Successful You

If you are to recreate yourself anew, so you can experience the naturally successful you – you must be willing to die of the old you. That’s the hard part; letting the old you go.

A powerful king decided to build a new castle. He declared that it must be completed in three years, and it would be done according to his rules:

Rule 1: the new castle is to look exactly like the old one, but with brand new stone and mortar and shiny new stain glass windows.

Rule 2: The new castle is to be built on the exact same site as the old castle.

Rule 3: The old castle was not to be torn down until the new castle was completely built and ready to move into.

Therein lays the dilemma of the human mind. It wants to work with you to recreate yourself anew so you can create a brand new life for yourself. BUT, BUT, BUT, it doesn’t want to let go of the old you until the new you is recreated and fully functioning.

To experience a fresh, new, successful you, it is absolutely essential that you be willing to allow the destruction of the conditioned self so the construction of a new self can begin.

Be Happy

Teacher: You come to me asking for the secret to making others happy?

Student: Yes, I want to make a difference in the world; I want to make people I meet happy.

Teacher: I can’t help you with that. You can’t make others happy no matter what you do.

Student: I notice others are happier when around some people than when around me. I notice I feel happier when I’m around you.

Teacher: When you are being “naturally you,” you are happiest always. And then, when others are with you, it feels natural for them to be themselves, and they feel happy.

Student: Can you teach me that?

Teacher: What is there to teach? Just drop the act. Just speak from your heart when with others. Let go of your need to make others happy and let your authentic nature flow. From that springs forth your true vitality and joy, you’ll feel happy. This happiness will radiate outwardly, which frees everyone around you up to be themselves. And the whole lot of you will be dancing around the room full of life and laughter. I suggest you observe one of the greatest teachers of happiness there is – a small child or a puppy. Watch the reaction they get from others.

Student: Thank you. As I mentioned earlier, I came to you for advice because I feel happy in your presence. Now I know why. You are authentic, and natural and easy, always, in your responses and action. That frees me up to be myself, and I inevitably leave you feeling joyful and happy.

Teacher: When you are comfortable in your own skin, it creates space to allow others to feel comfortable in their skin; everyone wins.

Self-Esteem Village

There was a beautiful village in the tropics, inhabited by wonderfully easygoing folks who loved themselves. This made it easy for them to love their neighbors. For indeed, we can only love anyone else to the degree that we love ourselves.

A very wealthy industrialist, who had clawed his way to the top, came to the village seeking peace and tranquility. He had an elaborate castle built on the mountaintop, located a mile away. One day, while walking around the castle grounds at the bottom of the mountain, the industrialist met one of the villagers.

“Welcome to our beautiful valley” exclaimed the villager. “We hope you enjoy its peace and tranquility as much as we do.”

The industrialist retorted, “Bah humbug! I don’t talk to inferior people.”

The villager quickly responded, with the biggest smile and kindest voice, “My goodness, where in the world, with your vast travel experiences, have you ever come across an inferior human being?”

The lesson: the more you practice seeing perfection in others, rather than trying to exploit their personal limitations, the sooner you will enter the village of high self-esteem, the more will your world be peopled with supportive and loving neighbors, and the quicker you will enjoy a life of peace and tranquility.

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