How to Achieve Prosperity

Step 1 (the only step necessary): Learn to effectively use what you have – that alone will make you rich; it will attract more abundance to you.

Antithesis of step 1: Misuse what you have – that alone will impoverish your attitude, and soon you will find that “what little you have” has been taken from you.


(a) John had a rusty hammer, but learned to use it well. He became ‘quite the carpenter’. His reputation expanded. He soon found himself working many great jobs, and quickly thereafter, he had a large box of great tools with which to work, and even a new truck.

(b) Jim had a toolbox of new carpentry tools, but never learned to use one of the tools effectively. He soon found himself unemployed and had to sell his tools just to pay the rent.

Prosperity had John whistling while working; poverty had Jim mumbling and grumbling.

God can be lived as truth or untruth

Student: I am an atheist

Teacher: So you do not believe in God

Student: That’s correct

Teacher: define this God that you do not believe in

Student: I do not believe in a God that looks like a human being and acts like a human being, and has a human-like personality, and is angered if he is not obeyed, and who casts us in hell if we break his commandments.

Teacher: Emerson wrote, “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” Does that statement seem make it seem like Emerson believed in a god that looked human and had an insecure human personality?

Student: I’m not sure what Emerson meant by God; perhaps he was referring to nature as being God

Teacher: I suppose Emerson could have been referring to nature as a beautiful aspect of God. And I would agree with Emerson that I need not do anything but go for a walk in the forest, and everywhere I look I will find God’s handwriting. Could you agree with that?

Student: I’m not sure

Teacher: I suppose I could take Emerson’s statement and bring it right home to me. Perhaps I simply need to look deeper into myself, and right there I’ll find something beautiful; perhaps right there I’ll find God’s handwriting. That would especially make sense to me if I believed that God is omnipresent, which is one thing almost all religions do seem to agree to.

If God is omnipresent, then is God’s handwriting not found on everything and in everything that exists? And if God’s handwriting is found in everything that exists, then is it not found in me? Wow, that’s can be a tough one for so many folks to accept.

If God is omnipresent, then how can God not be present in every cell and atom of my body and in every aspect and quality of my being? And if that be the case – then where, oh where is there a miniscule part of me where God is not found? And if that’s so, then how can I separate myself from God and see him as a separate entity?

It is said that beauty is found in the eyes of the beholder. Well, perhaps it’s not always the physical eyes, but often the eye of the soul. Can you physically see your incredible inner strengths and your immense unrealized potential, or do you sense the reality of that with your soul? What about your innumerable hidden talents, and all else that is good and beautiful about you – does you see it or do you soulfully sense it? Is God’s handwriting not all over every part of you according to Emerson?

Do you know what happens when a person lets go of beliefs he holds about God being a separate entity, and allows himself to simply sense his own Godliness? He experiences bliss. Do you know why he experiences bliss? Because he discovers that he is a living, breathing expression of God’s handwriting, and then it dawns on him – what a glorious mission it is to bring out the best in himself so God may be celebrated in all of God’s glorious expressions.

Many wise masters over the ages have thought of God as a comfortable spiritual feeling of self-trust that comes when one explores within the deep of himself. In ancient text it’s written, “Blessed is the man who trusts in himself, his faith in God is ever measured by his trust in self.” Why would that be? Could it be that you and God are one? Is that a possibility?

Perhaps experiencing God in unblemished form is like listening to beautiful symphonic music in “surround around.” The wondrous experience ascends upon you and descends upon you; it permeates your being from everywhere deep inside of you. What if that is the experience one gets if one lives God as truth, not as a belief? And what if living that that way leaves you with a very comfortable feeling of self-trust, with a feeling, “If it is to be it is up to me”? What would it be like to feel that way and have confidence in yourself in almost every circumstance in your life?

On the other hand, when God is lived as an untruth, have we not denied ourselves the wondrous experiences of God’s handwriting? Have we not place barricades between the unlimited selves that we are and our best expressions of that self?

Student: I wonder what a scientist would say about all of this.

Teacher: Do you respect Albert Einstein as a scientist.

Student: Yes, I do.

Teacher: Then perhaps you may want to include, in your pondering, what Einstein said, “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings.”

Student: Hmmm. Maybe I’m not an atheist if I redefine what God means for me.

Too vast is your potential

Too vast is your potential for you to comprehend

Too innumerable are your talents for you to reveal

Too immeasurable are your hidden strengths for you to demonstrate

And so, you create a comfort zone

You build fences to corral your incredible qualities

And thus, you are tied to a limited version of you, imposed on you by you.

But by the Will of Freedom from your limiting beliefs can all impediments be taken away

Can you exalt, “I am free to go out and play”

Being fearless

Imagine going to a movie where the scenes and the screams scare you. The whole show is made in a way to shake you up.

Now imagine the producer and director sitting in the theater behind you, enjoying a nice bowl of popcorn and having a delightful chat while watching the final take with you.

Why weren’t they shaken up? Because they know what went on behind the scenes, in the production of the movie; they know that nothing was really scary about any of it.

You are the director; you are the producer of your life. Remain conscious of that fact. When you become more conscious of what’s going on behind the scenes of your life – the beliefs you hold tight to that attract their physical counterpart to you – you’ll realize that your life isn’t just a random happenstance, and you’ll feel much less fearful and intimidated by life.

Successful hunger unappeasable

Man’s lust for riches and thirst for power has become a battle cry all around the planet. It raises rebellion in camps of the North, the South, the East and the West.

We long for riches not found where we stand, so we mount our chariots and charge off toward distant lands. So wearied mankind has become, constantly complaining and seeking more from other shores.

Can we at once want world peace, unity and love while appeasing our lustful hunger and quench our unquenchable thirst? Can we at once be for everyone and not against those who have what we want?

We’ve created quite a puzzle, haven’t we. Shall we say, “Hail to the lonely knight in shining armor that solves this puzzle”? Or shall we mistrust and say, “Let us cast that blasphemous scoundrel into the fire pit”?

Only out of the vastness of boundless outer space, only out of the smallness of the tiny baby’s heart shall we find the ruffle free serenity we seek.

Ask yourself, “What’s this got to do with me?”

Goal-Winning Formula – get to that psychological state

It’s really easy to aspire higher and achieve your desire if you know how to do it:

  1. Define your objective – simply. Don’t overdo it. Just define it so you can get a clear picture of the outcome you aspire to achieve.

  2. Place your mind on attaining the feeling state of the goal ALREADY being achieved – like you already did it yesterday. You can’t do that if you are thinking of obstacles that could stop you. If you ALREADY did it – there are no obstacles, only stepping stones.

  3. Close your eyes and say, “Phew, that was a big one. I love the outcome.” Mean it. Say it until you reach the psychological state that says, “YES, now I must let go of trying and crying; my work is done.”

That’s it. If you truly succeed with each of the above steps, then the right and perfect circumstances will present themselves to you and the right and perfect action will naturally come to you. The goal itself has the plan & power to physically objectify. Don’t make more of it than need be.

Joshua did nothing more than blow seven times on his trumpet to tumble the walls of Jericho. That’s because he did the proper prep work ahead of time. He took the above steps until he felt the feeling of sweet victory; then he placed the trumpet to his lips.

How to Design Your Own Destiny

He who designs his destiny and yearns to make it happen:

  1. loses no time hesitating or procrastinating

  2. wastes no steps pacing about

  3. does not wait on luck to help him pierce the shells

  4. when in doubt about what next to do – he stands still in order to dispossess himself of everything except his faith in “self”

  5. Then he aims well, knowing any result will be a good result

With the above steps, he easily commands the coming days that lead to his destiny.

Success – The Ultimate Tip

We (human beings) waste a lot of time “paying our dues” or “putting our noses to the grindstone” in order to succeed. Hogwash!

There’s only one thing needed to succeed, and that’s to “completely surrender yourself over to the vision of your ideal.” See life no other way. That means that you drop your present way of being in life, and surrender yourself over to how you’d be if that vision you desire was ALREADY SO in your life. In every tiny detail (1) think (2) speak and (3) act as though the goal is ALREADY SO.

Right now, right this moment completely identifying with the way you would be if your dream had already come true, and act that way in every domain of your life:

  1. Mentally think that way.
  2. Emotionally feel that way.
  3. When with family, friends, work colleagues, neighbors and with strangers – speak and respond that way.
  4. Handle your money matters the way you would if your fantasy was already fact.

There you have it – the “ultimate tip” – no longer live your life the way you’re living it right now; live your life the way you would live your life if your fantasy was fact.

If you always live the way you’ve always lived – you’ll always get what you always got.

Living your life the way you would live your life if your fantasy was fact – that’s the highest use of beingness when it comes to manifestation. And beingness is where your power lies.

“I can, of my old self do nothing new. Only when I surrender myself over to an identity that’s new, am I free to create my life anew.” – Rob White

Success & Ignorance

Success relies on understanding in order to win the day.

Ignorance relies on ignorance to guarantee failure comes your way.

The more a person seeks to understand what needs to be understood in order to succeed, the higher are his chances of succeeding.

Consider those goals that you never accomplished:

  1. Did you not invite failure upon yourself by rushing forward without the proper understanding of what action to take?
  2. Perhaps you hesitated and procrastinated because you lacked understanding of what to do next.

The silent thoughts that came with the above choices gave life to ignorance. Think not that any effort will help you when you’ve allowed ignorance to rule the day. The effort is futile.

All things are possible with understanding. Whosoever is worthy of success is capable of understanding what it takes to succeed. You are worthy of success. Be not be ignorant of that fact.

Happiness is the joy of being empty

Foolish, indeed, are they who fill their minds with beliefs of inferiority. Such beliefs will have the believer waste away his life by jumping to and fro, and reacting defensively like a nervous grasshopper. What is there to reap of any benefit from that?

“In that day, there were giants in the land, and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers. And we were in their sight as grasshoppers.” – Book of Numbers. This day is that day. The land upon which you stand is that land. How do you sight yourself? Be ye a giant or a grasshopper?

Pray for understanding if you sight yourself a nervous grasshopper. With understanding comes the wisdom to empty your mind of such foolish beliefs that give power to feelings of inferiority.

Except you empty your mind of beliefs of inferiority, you cannot find yourself – your true self, the authentic you, the rich and majestic child of infinite intelligence that created you to be a giant in the land; a gentle, kind, giant in the land. But none-the-less, a giant.

Ah, the joy of being empty of beliefs that diminish your feelings of majesty; happiness is your destiny.

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