You don’t have to prove it

The lion is the king of the jungle. He doesn’t have to prove it; he is it.

The eagle is king of the air. He doesn’t have to do anything to convince you; he just has to be himself.

Reality never has to prove itself; it just is.

What’s real about you?

You are marvelously made and a superlatively creative being. Furthermore, you are destined to win at whatever you set your mind to. You don’t have to prove that. You are that. It proves itself with every move you make. You win at winning when you set your mind to winning. You win at losing, when you set your mind to spinning. You set your mind to spinning when you doubt yourself, when you question your marvelously made nature.

Stop exhausting yourself with needless effort, trying to prove that you are marvelous. Simply relax, and accept that fact that you are that. If you allow your natural tendencies to flow and demonstrate through you – you’d be wonderfully surprised at what would show up in your expressions and responses to life.

Stop trying to prove that you’re marvelous; just allow your marvelous self to express. What superb progress you’ll make.

You’re a free agent

You’re a free agent; that’s what you were born to be – free to choose whatever pleases you. Never give that up, never, never, never!

Did you know that when you’re angry with someone, and you resent him for any reason, you have signed away your freedom to think for yourself? Negative thoughts and feelings are running the show. You are allowing toxic memories to operate your mind. You are in servitude to annoying emotions. You are no longer a free agent!

If there were no other reason to stop resenting someone, and there are a thousand legitimate reasons:

  1. It’s been said that resentment is like drinking poison, hoping the other person gets sick. The insanity!
  2. Angels fly because they take life lightly; resentment is a heavy load to carry.

Those are two good reasons, right there.

But, if those don’t convince you to let go of resentment that you hold toward another, then the fact that you have given up command of your mind – you’re no longer a free agent when thinking – is one helluva big reason. Do you agree?


The seed has to lose sight of itself

The seed has to lose sight of itself in order for the tree to be born.

I have to lose sight of the ME that I’ve created myself to be – if I’m to birth myself anew. That is what it takes to be born again.

Don’t cling to the shadows. Let the shadows go.

Every I AM that you’ve been is now but a shadow, as you recreated yourself anew to make a bigger life for you.

The very feeling – “I AM a shadow” – liberates you to rebirth yourself anew, into a fresh image; one that, in the moment, better suits.

What shadows are you clinging to? Let the past go, and you most definitely will grow.

The Mountain Man

A novice hiker strayed from the pack of other hikers. As the afternoon waned into evening, he sat nervously, huddled at the bottom of a mountain, hoping someone would come and save him. It got cold and windy, and he hunkered down trying to protect himself from the harsh weather.

A rugged looking mountain man came down from the top of the mountain, came upon the scared hiker, and advised him that it would be wise to climb up the mountainside to look around and see if there was any chance of finding his way home before night fell. He offered to escort him.

The novice hiker accepted the mountain man’s help, and shortly thereafter, they were high enough up the mountain, that the novice spotted a campfire less than a half a mile away in the valley. He rushed to the campfire site to find the other hikers, all warm and cozy, eating toasted marshmallows.

Life is generous. It won’t let you down. It will send you the perfect guru. But you’ve got to be willing to get up and climb the mountain if you’re to see the light.

Beware the icebergs!

Imagine that you are the captain of an old battleship floating on the icy ocean. You see a large iceberg approaching. What do you do? You fire cannon balls at the iceberg to break it up. What happens? More of the underside of the iceberg emerges. You fire your cannon again and again, until the entire iceberg is shattered and thin.

You are the captain. Your mind is the ocean. Your negative thought-habits are the icebergs; they have more depth to them than you think. Your positive affirmations are the cannon balls. Keep firing. Don’t give up; the thought-habits will break up.

Did you like that? Then start firing!


When thou prayest enter thy closet

Question: What does it mean “when thou prayest enter thy closet”?

Answer: It means that you must learn to affirm the ideals that you want to make real in the deep quietness of consciousness. That’s what a good prayer is about. You do this by closing the doors of the five senses so the physical world that surrounds you doesn’t distract you. Only when you are free of worldly distractions can you truly express the ideal you want to possess and make it FEEL real in your imagination.

Question: Is that how I put myself in a receptive mood so the ideal condition that I hold in mind becomes a real condition in my life?

Answer: When you lose yourself in the meditation of having your ideal real in your life, you take a mental position that makes it FEEL real. That’s called conviction. Now you are ready to receive what you’ve conceived; that’s because now you believe.

Question: Is it the FEELING of my ideal being actual that I’m seeking most?

Answer: When it FEELS actual, it becomes factual – that’s the foundation of manifestation.

The Mind is a crowded meeting hall

Question: What is the mind?

Answer: The mind is like a large crowded meeting hall, filled with thousands of thought-voices, all shouting, offering their opinions.

Sometimes several thought-voices speak at once – that’s when you say, “I’m confused.”

Occasionally, no thought-voice speaks – that’s when you say, “I’m dumbfounded; I have nothing to say.”

When you allow the thought-voices to run the show, you interpret and judge everything from old beliefs and opinions that are shouting in the crowded hall.

Your true power lies in your ability to take the podium in the hall, and take command of the thought-voices.

Alternate Answer: The mind is also a thinking machine. When you’re awake, the machine is running; when you’re asleep, the machine is running. That’s called dreaming. The mind loves yammering, whether you’re awake or asleep.

Mechanical thinking is circular. Circular thinking is a stimulus-response process where every thought-voice is in reaction to a prior thought-voice. When you are mechanically thinking you are unconsciously reacting to life as you did in the past. Circular thinking hampers your ability to be creative.

Clearly, there is tremendous value in finding the on-off switch and learning how to use it. You learn how when you learn to meditate, ponder, or reflect deeply on something.

Question: What’s a good first step to taking control of the mind?

Answer: Look earnestly at something. Don’t move your eyes to a second object. Speak aloud what the object is. Repeat it. Earnestness is the key. You are slowing the motion of the mechanical mind; you are hushing the hall of thought-voices.

Example: A baby’s face – look at it. Say, “That’s a beautiful face.” Continue looking at the baby’s face; say again, “That’s a beautiful face.” Notice how the mind slows down, the noisy meeting hall quiets.

No one can free you of the yammering mind but you. You are in bondage to it because you’ve not held yourself accountable for taking command of it. You can make yourself a slave to the mind; you can liberate yourself from it. If it is to be, it is up to thee.


The Power of Belief

Student: What makes a belief powerful?

Teacher: When your inner self-talk matches an opinion, your mind fuses with it. This fusion of mind & opinion results in the activation of brain chemistry. It’s the chemistry that gives the opinion a feeling of familiarity. With repetition, over time, the opinion becomes your home. Home is a comfortable place from which you view the world. You shape your reality to conform to your home-view of the world.

That is the Power of Belief.

Student: Wow, that’s a new way of seeing it; how can I use that to better my life?

Teacher: Choose wisely the home in which you live.

A Reality Seminar

At the end of the first day, the student remarked to his friend, “The teacher is confusing.”

At the end of the second day, the student remarked, “Maybe it’s my mind that is confused.”

At the end of the third day, the student remarked, “The teacher was clear about the nature of reality all along.”

At the end of the fourth and final day, the student remarked, “Now my mind is clear. I can see clearly now.”

The truth is always trying to break through the confused mind so that it may see what’s real – not what it thinks is real.

Are you allowing the light-of-truth to break through or are you unwittingly opposing it with a confused point of view? That is the question.

You don’t want just the lesson; you want the inspiration the lesson offers – can you feel it?


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