Hey watch your step!

“Hey watch your step,” or perhaps I should say, “Watch where you step.” If you pay attention to the steps you take, you pay attention to the life you make. There happen to be two major steps that are the steppingstones to living successfully. Are you interested?

Okay, here we go:

Step 1: You’ve got to be sincere with yourself. If you really want to leave the harbor and sail the deep blue sea, then you must be willing to look at what stops you, and realize that the answer is always, “me, me, me.” If you don’t take sincere responsibility for your destiny, then you can only get more of what you’ve always got.

Step 2: You’ve got to fall back on that old fashion virtue – persistence. If you fill your days with false starts and stops, you will never not advance forward and never rise to the top. If you think the path from where you are to where you want to go is blocked by chaos and resistance, you’re not getting the rewards that come with persistence. Which means you’re not being persistent.

Follow these two steps and answers will come. Your heart will excitedly accelerate its beat, and will never sink down into the bottom of your sole, even when, while on the path, you fall in a hole. For there is always a way out when you are sincere with yourself about your journey. And you find that way out when you are persistent about achieving that goal.

Are you ready to become an investor on the spot? Invest in yourself. Where do you want to go? Look in the mirror. Look in your eyes in the mirror. Say, “Yes” to your goal. Go for it.

Stop piling it on

Student: What’s the secret to success?

Teacher: Stop piling it on.

Student: Stop piling what on?

Teacher: Stop piling on all of the excuses, all of the whining, all of the reasons for procrastinating.

Student: Could you give me an example?

Teacher: When it snows, what do you do to clear a path from your front door to the sidewalk? Do you toss the fall leaves on the snow? Do you throw the weeks garbage on the snow? NO! You pick up a shovel and rid the walk of the snow so you can get to where you want to go, which is to the sidewalk.

Student: I was taught to believe that I had to add things to what exists in order to make things better.

Teacher: Well now you know the truth. Getting from where you are to where you want to go is very slow traveling if you keep adding stuff to the journey. Trust in yourself, and begin. You’ll always know just what to do even when you don’t.

Lesson for the day: Too much preparation is nothing more than procrastination. To move forward you must put your past to the back, don’t try to bring it with you.

Why are you hauling all that stuff around?

Have you heard the story of the hiker who had rocks in his pocket, chains around his ankles, a brick in each hand and a bale of hay strapped to his back? Yep, and there he was hiking up a hill, hoping to make it to the top by sun fall.

Half way up the hill he came across a fellow who asked, “Why do you have that bale of hay strapped to your back?” The hiker replied, “My gosh, I didn’t realize I had a bale of hay strapped to my back. He immediately removed it and felt wonderfully relieved.

As he continued up the hill, he met a young lady who asked him why he was carrying a brick in each hand, and he said, “Oh my God, I hadn’t noticed.” He immediately dropped them, and it felt exhilarating.

Again, as he advanced upward toward the top of the hill, he ran into a young lad that asked what the point of the chains around his ankle was. He looked down and said, “There is no point, and I’m glad you pointed that out.?” He removed the chains and felt more mobile than ever before.

You guessed it; he then walked past an old gentleman who asked him what was bulging in his pockets. When he realized they were rocks, he emptied his pockets, and for the first time in his life he felt completely free.

As he was made aware of his many burdens (limiting beliefs, fears, doubts and feelings of guilt), he was a new man. He found himself at the top of the hill, ready to take on the challenge of the high mountain next week, and he achieved that vision in half the time he had anticipated.

Now, what in the world does this story have to do with you? You tell me, or better still – tell yourself. What burdens do you need to rid yourself of, so you can climb higher mountains in your life?

What are you afraid of?

You’ve got to take the first step out of your comfort zone. Who else is going to do it for you? Why do you think your dreams never come true?

What are you afraid of? Walk just far enough away from the edge of your comfort that you can see the castle yonder in the meadow. That’s all you’ve got to see, just the castle. Now, you can sense the reality of an entire kingdom waiting for you. Now you have something to strive for.

Everything within you responds to the new promise that the sighting of the castle offers. Go ahead; take a step or two more to get a better view. And then again a few steps to look even closer. Before you know it, you’re there – the kingdom is before you for you to enjoy.

Much in you is still an explorer. T’is a shame to go to your death bed with any of that part of you left unused.

The craziest thing happens when you stare at your fears

There’s a tale of a monster that would come out of the dense forest and pillage the local villagers. The villagers went to the local medicine man for help. He said for four goats he’d scare the monster off so he didn’t come back anymore.

The villagers agreed to the deal. The local medicine man stood at the road from the forest to the village waiting for the monster to appear. When the monster appeared, he stepped in front of him and stared him down until the monster ran back into the dense forest never to return again.

“The moral of the story?” you ask. When a person is willing to stare at his fears again and again, eventually he sees the truth beneath the fear, and the fear wanes, never to return.

It’s only the fears that we don’t face that become our limits, and overcome us.

Become your own Hollywood movie director

You watch a movie where there’s a car wreck. “That has nothing to do with me,” you think. A month later you’re in an auto accident. “Those two things aren’t related,” you say. Oh yes, they are very much related. Nothing happens to you that you’ve not imagined happening in some way, shape or form.

Take the above wisdom seriously. Have you yet noticed how my lessons help you turn the pressures of your life-struggles into forces for successful living?

Someone tells you a story of a friend who has just achieved something great. The story impresses a vision on your mind. You walk through your day with that vision in your subconscious; it’s gathering energy. That mental picture becomes your Manifesting-Power. That power attracts energy and directs it onto that physical screen that you call reality. The next thing you know, you have just succeeded at something that is important to you.

Life flows from the inner to the outer. Pull up the director’s chair; take a seat and pay attention to what you pay attention to. What you pay attention to on the internet, on television, and with what your friends talk about – all of that has everything to do with what happens to you. It’s your mental screen, what scene will you accept on that screen?

Go Mental!

Student: What do you mean when you say, “go mental” if you want to win?

Teacher: A mental picture is a scene you play on your mental screen. The subconscious acts on pictures not words. That’s why affirmations for the most part are nothing but shallow repetition. The winning process is largely a series of mental scenes that the subconscious acts upon. Thomas Edison referred to it as constructive visualization. He said his inventions were 90% constructive visualization and 10% perspiration.

Student: Wow, I had that completely turned around. I thought “putting your nose to the grindstone” was the way to win at life. And I assumed that to mean 99% hard work and 1% visualization.

Teacher: I once met a homeless man who told me, “You don’t know how hard I have to work to be this poor.” That might give you a clue about what ‘just working hard’ will do to you. Go Mental on your aims and aspirations; that’s the key to succeeding.

Do You Know the Miracle Method of Success?

I’ve tried the Miracle Method of Success and it works almost every time. Obviously there are always exceptions to the rule. That’s life. Here is the Miracle Method. Are you ready?

Tell yourself a success story; a short story where you did something simple in the past and succeeded.

When I was twenty and in college, I realized it was getting late so I picked up the phone and asked Karen for a date. She said, “Sure, I’d enjoy going to the festival with you.”

That’s the short version of a shy young man (me) not daring to ask the prettiest girl on campus to the Winter Carnival Festival. At least she seemed to be the prettiest girl to me. Eventually, after a week of hesitation and procrastination, I realized – do it now or blow it! And so I immediately did it, I picked up the phone and call her dorm and asked if I could speak with her.

I use the above short story to remind myself that I can cause miracles to happen whenever I find myself procrastinating with something that is currently important to me. Then I say, “Do it now,” and then I proceed to take action. The secret to the miracle is: Never leave the scene of a “Do it now” decision without taking action. That is the catalyst that puts the miracle in motion.

Really! What? Were you expecting something far more complicated? Life is easy. It’s man, with his complicated mind that makes life so complicated.

Dare to try the Miracle Method.

  1. What miracle would you like to perform in your life right now?
  2. Think of some event in your past where you found yourself succeeding very easily.
  3. Tell yourself that story right now – keep it simple.
  4. Carry that winning feeling over to your current challenge.
  5. Say, “Do it now,” and immediately take action.

Action is the key to all miracles – an inch of action is infinitely more effective than a mile of hesitation.

Are your ears ringing?

Here’s a story that offers an insight on how to find your purpose. Your job is to ask, “What’s this got to do with me?”

Back in the turn of the 16th century, a child was walking home from a neighbors house in a small village where the church bells were ringing as they did every day at 3:00 pm. He lived near the church and it always felt comforting to hear the ringing because it let him know that he was headed in the right direction when on his way home.

Suddenly the child was grabbed by a tribe of thieves who believed they could get a nice price for him in another village a hundred miles down the road. Unfortunately, they sold the boy and moved on without being caught for what they’d done.

Every day at 3:00 pm the child would reminisce about the ringing he’d hear in his hometown village. He’d cry and pine. After a few years, he forgot about the bells. He forgot about his past. Twenty years later, when he was a strong, young man, he left his home to wander the countryside. He felt a restless urge to find something of which he knew not. After two weeks of wandering he heard bells ringing. His heart beat joyfully as he ran to see from where they came. He was home, really home, once again!

What bell rings inside of you? What faint dream of success do you still carry? What is it that you are here to do that would make you feel like you’d found your real reason for being? What would have you feel like you’d finally arrived home?

Great questions. Are your ears ringing?

Success Requires That You Cut Off Their Heads

I have done incredibly well in the restaurant business. As a new comer, a few decades ago, I brought three new restaurants to the top of the Boston, Ma. charts.

“How’d you do that,” you ask? Whenever I could see that my plans had gone awry, I always asked myself, “Where Am I thinking wrongly about this matter?” And do you know what the answer was? “By thinking the same thing you always thought.” That answer was a reminder that I had to cut off the heads of my old thought-habits.

If I was to sight a new idea that could help me break through the challenge, it meant I had to throw away my usual mental map. That map was pointing in a circular direction, just taking me to where I always went; yet I was expecting a new destination. Insanity!

And so, what can you learn from this? Ask yourself, “What’s this got to do with me?” I can promise you that it has everything to do with you if you apply it to where your life is stuck. Let the truth shake you up, for it only wants to show you where your thinking is flawed so that you can make corrections in your actions.


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