The Power of OOPS

Write down “OOPS” on a piece of paper, followed by Other Options and Possible Solutions. That is my acronym for OOPS. Does it not open you to looking for other options and possible solutions when you’re not doing things right?

Now write five things down that you remember redoing correctly after using the word OOPS. When you do anything with an attitude of OOPS in mind, you are being flexible and looking for ways to re-take your miss-takes so you can get a better result. Is that not correct?

The Power of OOPS is incredibly encouraging when the word is used effectively, like when you use it to help a small child; it’s very uplifting. Be so kind as to use it on yourself that way.

Did you forget the word, OOPS? Don’t! Your ears are hungry for the word – let it replace self-chiding. Your heart is yearning for the word – let it replace anger and frustration. Say on. Pray on. Let OOPS lead the way; it will help you to fly as high as you want to fly.

Thoughts About Love

Never be proud of yourself for giving a lot of love. First, there is no such thing as more or less when it comes to love; there is love itself; it has no edges; nothing to measure; it’s pure; its bounty is infinite. To seek pride for giving a lot is to miss the beauty of love.

Secondly, love is its own reward because it integrates, just as hate is its own punishment because it disintegrates. Never seek anything when giving love, or you are not giving love. Aye, bargaining with love is the greatest deceiver, and those who naively accept the barter are the greatest dupes.

Lastly, love is most definitely blind. Love is unable to find fault in anyone, in anything. If you consider yourself a lover, and at the same time, you complain about this or that, then you are not a lover. Are you not growing by continually loving? Are you not decaying by continually complaining?

Success tip 101: What life expects

Life expects you to perform at your best, which is exactly what was expected of Jason when he was promised the Golden Fleece. Jason was given heroic tasks to perform without hesitation. And in spite of the uncertainty, he boldly accepted each challenge with an air of gallantry.

Jason achieved each task, no matter how impossible the challenge may have seemed to be, always relying on the magic of princess Medea to guide him.

And so it is with you. Life expects you to perform at your best. Do you accept the challenges that life hands you by boldly stepping forward with the attitude of a triumphant victor? Do you rely on the magic of your princess Medea – your intuition – to guide you? Or do you hesitate and procrastinate and wail out, “Woe is me, what’s my destiny, what’s my fate?”

Happiness and things

The reason so many folks aren’t happy is because they were taught that the more things we collect, the happier we’ll get. We have become a world of collectors, thinking that the next thing we get – be it a car, a house, a new wife, a new husband, a new job – then we’ll be happy.

If you counted all of the things that you’ve collected over your life time – thinking it would make you happy – you’d be counting into the tens of thousands. Wouldn’t you? Oh certainly, many of those things did seem to make you happy for a short time, but – did it last? And yet so many folks keep on collecting, and to that they add hoarding! Oh what a desperate race (human race), we can become when materialism supersedes spiritualism.

Lasting happiness comes from:

  1. Being comfortable with who you are – my god, if you don’t like yourself, how can you possibly be happy?
  2. Connecting with, and doing things for others – unfortunately, many folks are too busy collecting to get involved in connecting.

Here’s something that I’ve noticed about myself – it’s only possible for me to be happy on a daily basis when I see to it that my thoughts and actions are a benefit, not only to myself but also to others.

Great success tip:

Child: How far can I go when I wander around the yard dad?

Dad: You can go as far as you want as long as you keep the house in your sight, son.

Great success tip: Dare to wander out of your comfort zone as far as you want, but always keep the basic principles of Successful living in your sight …

  1. Be conscious of what you are choosing – know what you want
  2. Develop an empowering belief system
  3. Invest in yourself first

Be a mountain climber

When a mountain climber climbs a mountain to jagged peaks, he has to alter his thoughts about who he is, not about what the peaks are. If he tries to climb those higher jagged peaks with lower thoughts about his ability to climb – he will fail. He must elevate his self-opinion to include higher thoughts about his unrealized potential. With those thoughts, he is able to transcend the peaks and stand atop of the mountain – the victor. What does that have to do with you?

Sinning means to “miss the mark”

Did you know that the word “SIN” began in Ancient Greece when archery was a huge sport? It was said that you sinned if you missed the mark – if you missed the bull’s eye pinned to the tree. To sin simply meant that you needed to refine what your aim and archery technique, otherwise you’d sin again and again (miss the mark again and again).

How the idea of sinning got all mixed up with deserving to be punished or going to hell is beyond me. We are all sinners when we try something new, aren’t we? Whenever you fail at your attempt to do something successfully – you’re a sinner. Don’t make so much of it – it’s a part of life :)

And to be “saved from sin” simply meant that you finally became a pro at what you were trying to do. Now you are able to hit the mark, again and again. Are we not all “saved from sin” when we learn to do something well, and proceed to do it well repeatedly?

When you were learning to ride a bike, you sinned many times. And then, the moment came when you were able to balance and pedal at the same time, and you were saved from sinning on the bike from that moment on. You were no longer a sinner when it came to biking.

In what arena of life are you currently sinning? Some folks seem to consistently have problems with money matters. They are sinning in the financial domain. And what happens if they finally get the money matter licked, and begin making a good income and learn to manage their money properly? They are saved from sin; they are no longer sinners when it comes to money.

Look at your life from the above perspective; notice where you are sinning. Stop punishing yourself for failing; spend more time refining your action. So, now you know the truth – sinning doesn’t mean you’re going to hell; it simply means you have more work to do. Do the work needed to refine your action, and declare yourself a sinner no more!

Here’s a curious human quirk

Here’s a curious human quirk, and also a very self-damaging one. People want so much for others to think good things about them, and yet they believe themselves to be terribly flawed. “Where did this insanity come from?” It is precisely what happens when we assume the role of harsh judge, which has become a very popular role these days. The role of harsh judge is an evil magician – what it has you do unto others it has you do tenfold unto yourself. We learn to judge others harshly, but not nearly as harshly as we learn to judge ourselves. And then in reaction to our harsh judgment of self, we do all we can to impress others so we won’t feel so badly about ourselves.

Where’d we learn this insane behavior? Have you watched the evening news? There’s much more harsh judgment going on than news reporting. It has become commonplace to harshly judge anyone or any country or any religion or any community that has beliefs that contrast ours. And what about politics? That arena has gone mad with finger pointing and harshly judging.

It may be corny, but don’t forget – whenever you point a finger at someone to harshly judge them, your other three fingers are pointing back to you.

To get more – give more

It’s just the way the universe works – if you take, take, take … you will have less. It’s also just the way the universe works – if you give, give, give … you will have more.

The kind of giving that brings you more, is higher-level giving; not giving to get, but giving as a release of your “loving to give” in the giving. With higher-level giving, there is no separation between the giver and the receiver because both get a benefit from it.

The flower loves to give it’s sweet nectar to the bee because it knows that the bee will reciprocate by aiding the flowers pollination process. The bee and the flower both benefit.

Try giving that way; you’ll like the results you get.

Who’s the boss?

If you have a relationship with anyone who insists that he or she is the boss of you, I ask you – how does that person get that position without your cooperation? How does a person take a superior psychological position, where he or she can make you do what he or she wants you to do, without you agreeing to some degree? So, who is responsible if you live under the dictatorship of another person? I’m not talking about being in the army or being in prison or a work related matter where you’re paid to listen to your supervisor. I’m talking about all of those folks who insist they know what’s best for you and demand that you do as they say. You’re the boss when it comes to you, no longer give your power away.

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