Right now, you possess more energy than you need to Succeed

Right now, as you’re reading this blog, you are teaming with energy. You contain an incredible amount of passionate energy – energy that can carry you through whatever obstacle that tries to stop you from succeeding. That is not an exaggeration. You contain a passionate power, deep within you, that is constantly straining to release itself into the world.

It’s always amazing to me, when giving a seminar on the WOW-Factor, the amount of passion that fills the auditorium. Every attendee feels his power to succeed. The passion opens his eyes to myriad possibilities. The question is – “will he be ablaze with passion when he goes back to their old routine?

Unfortunately, many attendees surrender themselves over to old howling NO’s within a few days. Howling NO’s are energy-squelchers. The NO’s began for you at age two. By age ten you’d heard thousands of NO’s. You took them seriously. You took them personally. The NO’s squelch your passion; they misdirect your focus; they turn your attitude from WOW to WOE.

WOW is my acronym for a Wonderful Obsession with Winning. WOE is my acronym for What On Earth. WOE happens when we blame the world for our problems, when we take on a victim personality.

The secret to accessing your passion and directing it constructively is to depersonalize the NO’s. Don’t take them seriously. Don’t take them personally. Everyone gets hit with them, and those who depersonalize them take the woeful sting away when an old NO howls in the mind.

Here’s are three affirmations to help you remove the woeful sting when an old NO begins howling:

  1. “I currently possess enough passionate energy to succeed with all of my dreams and more.”

  2. “I give direction to my passion so it serves me wonderfully.” (Now state your desire – that lofty fantasy that you want to turn into fact)

  3. “Howling NO’s are nothing more than empty air, lingering in my mind. They have no grip on me.” (Now act as though that fact is so. When you act to make it a fact, you free yourself from feelings of lack)

Awareness is always the starting point to incredible changes. Don’t place a limit on your success, but DO place a limit on your failures. Begin, right now, saying NO to old NO’s when they begin howling.


How much money do you want?

If you want a lot of money you can have a lot of money. You start by wanting more. Desire is the beginning of change; always! Just want more. Don’t make a big deal of it. Don’t feel guilty wanting a lot of money. I don’t, and I have a lot.

Just wanting more money is a prayer in itself. The desire is a prayer. And it’s a good prayer. Who said you cannot pray for money? Money is spiritual. Look at all of the good things that you can do with money – build hospitals, educate the illiterate, feed the hungry, buy a nice boat. It’s all good.

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief – which will you choose to be? Want more money? Choose to be a rich man. If you mean it, so deeply that you can feeeel it in every fiber of your body, money will come to you. Then you will know who you are – a rich man. Then you will live from your new identity. You will spend lots of money on good things (causes that help others and things that satisfy you).

If you want a lot of money, make “I AM a rich man” mean something to you. Make it your new life. Make it your true life. Breathe it. Think it. Eat it in mind while you’re out to dine. Sleep with it. Money, lots of money is what you can have if you feeeel it. What you feel you real (you make real). That’s exactly how you created the world you live in right now – you felt it into existence. Do you like what you see?

Take these words to heart. Let these words impress themselves on your heart. Higher impressions of money is a spiritual truth that wishes to come down to help you. The money supply is rich and generous. Dare to make your claim. Don’t be ashamed.

Out of open-mindedness you satisfy all the desires that you have. Read this again; ease up; let it sink in.

Blessings, Rob

Your power to create

The human mind is gushing with wonderful ideas. The challenge is to allow these ideas to flow into your life so you can create your world as you want it to be. You hear 60,000 NO’s during the first decade of your life. Those NO’s build mental walls – brick by brick – that damn the flow of wonderful ideas from gushing onto your field of consciousness.

Question: What can I do to break down the walls?

Answer: Here’s three things to do:

  1. Be a rebel; rebel against conformity that insists only a select few have the genius of creativity. Prefer to stand alone with your own ideas rather than go along with the crowd’s ideas.

  2. Be a keen noticer; notice fresh ideas that pop into your head as you go through your day. Write them down and give them the value they deserve by asking, “How could this idea serve me in some enriching way?”

  3. Be a deep-prober; probe deeper into ideas that come to you. Explore whether there’s more to the idea than just a single thought.

Great minds love exploring ideas. Average minds dismiss them as frivolous. Small minds don’t even notice them.

Impress success and you’ll express success

Chance or coincidence are not responsible for what happens to you. Nor is pre-destiny the cause of your fortune or fate. Your mental impressions are the cause of your physical expressions, and physical expressions cause material manifestations.

In other words: Your Beingness (mental impressions) cause your Doingness (physical expressions), which objectify as Havingness (physical manifestations).

Wow! That’s a lot of knowledge offered in a short presentation. That’s powerful.

When you vividly imagine an outcome until it feeeels real, the vision causes a mental impression. The mind never fails to express that with which it has been impressed; it compels you to act in ways that support the impression. With action comes manifestation (physical creation).

You live in a world of beingness, doingness and havingness. Grasp this, and you have the secret to creation. You are the superlative creator. Impress success and you’ll express success, which will manifest success. Self-discovery comes with self-responsibility.


Now is the perfect time to give positive reflection

Do you want to live with the feeling of certainty when dreaming of living successfully? Now is the right time to control your mind. Now is the acceptable time to give beauty for ashes, to give positive reflection for nervous reactions.

Question: I assume “giving beauty for ashes” means turning my attitude from worry to certainty. How do I do this? How do I turn my nervous reactions into positive reflections?

Answer: Let me begin by telling you what not to do. It’s never a matter of restraining one’s mind from reacting nervously. You cannot do that. In fact, trying to use willpower to restrain a nervous mind causes an opposite effect – it actually strengthens what you don’t want.

If you’re to give beauty for ashes (the feeling of certainty for worry), it’s a matter of effectively controlling your attention, and then taking command of your imagination.

Control your attention by holding firm to a theme of certainty as you begin imagining your future unfolding as you want it to. Speak these words aloud while envisioning the outcome you want to achieve, “I am holding firm to the theme of certainty as I imagine my future unfolding as I want it to be.” Say it again, and reach deep down for that confident feeling of certainty, “I am holding firm to the theme of certainty as I imagine my future unfolding as I want it to be.”

Question: What does this do for me?

Answer: You are creating an ideal vision in your ethereal world with the intention of making it real in your material world. You are merging the feeling of certainty with your vision.

Never lose sight of your power to determine the theme in which you live your life. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” What “seems to be” becomes certainty to those who persist by holding firm to the theme, “I am merging the feeling of certainty with the rewarding future I see in store for me.”

With the right theme and imagination, you hold the Power of Intervention. You can intervene, and stop the madness of badness from imposing itself on your destiny. No one who seeks sincerely to control his mind need fear his future.

Winning at Life is Easy

Question: What’s the most important thing I can learn to do if I want to win at life?

Answer: Learn to Master your Assumptions; then winning is easy.

Question: What’s that mean – “master my assumptions”?

Answer: Learn to dream of accomplishing your goals so vividly that it feels absolutely real. When it feels that real, then you assume the outcome is so even if your eyes and ears are looking out at a world that is saying, “NO.” This powerful assumption is the substance of which faith is made, and faith frames your world. Faith enables you to “calleth things that are not seen as though they were seen, and soon they are seen.” I stole that line from ancient script.

Question: So, learning to imagine so vividly that what at first feels like fantasy soon feels like fact – is that it?

Answer: Yes, that’s it! When you see your fantasy as factual, unexplainable events begin unfolding, and it soon becomes actual. Learn to do this and the rest gets real easy.

How to break free of bad habits

Question: Why do I stubbornly persist in reacting in the same foolish way, even if I know it will give me bad results?

Answer: You react in the same stubborn way because you hear a voice that insists. “The current reaction is the only reaction; there is no other choice.”

Question: So how do I break free of such bad habits?

Answer: You must be willing to let go of the “habitual you.” It’s only when you’re willing to create yourself anew that you can expect new responses to life. It takes courage to look at yourself from a new point of view, and to be willing to let go of your conditioned reactions. However, the rewards are remarkable.

Question: What steps must I take?

Answer: THE FIRST STEP is to consider your life an on-going adventure of self-discovery. Get excited about learning more and more about your unrevealed self. The conditioned-self is tied to a chain of habitual reactions. THE SECOND STEP is to begin breaking the chain. Deliberately respond to life differently than usual when feeling pulled to react compulsively. Soon, you will have an incredible break-through to a marvelous new you.

Prime Principle of Success

Question: What is the Prime Principle upon which success rests?

Answer: No ideal imagined by the mind can manifest until the mind sees the ideal as real. Or, said differently: Only what the mind consents to as true can realize itself for you.

Question: Are you saying that the contents of my beliefs give me the contents of my life?

Answer: You are always at the center of the conditions and circumstances in your life, and as you change what you believe to be true about you – those conditions and circumstances change to accommodate you.

Question: So the conditions and circumstances in my life reveal the beliefs and opinions that I hold as true?

Answer: By Jove, you’ve got it! Practice present moment awareness, and you’ll know what your mind is holding tight to. :)

Regain and Retain Youthful Optimism

Do you remember when you were a kid? Do you remember how you used to feel when you were beaming with youthful optimism? It’s such a wonderful feeling. It’s a feeling of freedom, an uplifting feeling that life is good and you’re here to enjoy it to the fullest.

It’s not ‘the good old days’ that you desire; it’s the mental state of unconquerablity that you yearn to experience once again. Such moments still come to you, but they don’t last. Well, here’s the good news: the feeling of youthful optimism can be regained and retained!

What do you have to do to regain youthful optimism?

  1. Be receptive to ideas that inspire you. Repeat the ideas to yourself until you begin to feel comfortable with them. “I am marvelously made and destined to win at whatever I set my mind to.” That is a great idea to claim is true about you. Begin claiming it now. You’ll be surprised at what a little meaningful repetition will do.

  2. Suspect that there’s a wonderful world right around the corner for you to discover. Become enchanted with that idea. Guess what? It’s true. A wonderful world is waiting for you.

How do you retain youthful optimism?

  1. Choose an ‘alert pause’ before nervously reacting to the next negative circumstance that confronts you. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” before concluding, “That really sucks.” The question offers opportunity for positive reflection, which feeds into positive optimism.

  2. Catch yourself whining, blaming and complaining, and let it all go. Stop screaming “NO.” That’s what causes overwhelm, which is what kills youthful optimism. Make it your aim to inquire into the process easy flow. Now ask, “What should I do next?” and you will know.

The above tips may seem like small matters, but they are amazingly effective for breaking free from pessimism so you can return to that youthful optimism.

Disappearing Over the Vast Ocean

For centuries, there has been a story passed down from generation to generation on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. The story tells of tropical seabirds gathering during a full moon every December and circling high into the sky with fanciful movements that would enchant the native islanders. And then, in a moment’s notice, the birds would disappear as they flew out of sight over the vast Pacific Ocean. The birds would reappear in May, plumb and ready to mate. Where would they go? Could there be other islands out there that are inhabitable? There must be food on the other islands or the birds would perish.

One December, several of the male members of the island tribe set sail in the direction the birds flew, trusting their intuition that the birds would lead them to these other islands. They returned a week later and reported that there were several such inhabitable islands with plenty of fresh fruit available.

Trust your intuition. There is a world of great riches waiting for you, filled with plenitude of all that is good and beautiful. Look for the clues. Have the courage to try something different to reach this new world. Begin with a big dream. You couldn’t dream that dream if you couldn’t occupy it; trust that fact. Now dare to act in ways that will convert that dream into fact. Life will reward you!

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