How to raise a happy, millionaire child

If you condition a child from her early days to believe in herself and believe that she can live a rich, productive life, and if you train her to think confidently about her body, her mind and her spirit, and then teach her the practicality of knowing all of this – then send her anywhere in the world and she will come out on top.

That’s it. Really! It’s a shame so many parents don’t know that. A few do. Those parents raise children who live happy, rich productive lives without a lot of struggle attached. It’s all about putting the child’s mind in right order before the world knocks the child’s mind out of kilter.

The secret to getting rich

It’s not what you do with your job that invites riches into your life. It’s what you do with yourself. What you imagine yourself to be creates your reality. If you imagine that you have a lot to offer the world and will be paid a lot for offering it, you will feel compelled to hone your skills and get out there and do just that. And the world, being nothing but a mirror, will reflect riches back that equal the richness you offer.

You are an offering. You, as an offering, magnetically attract the likes of what you offer. Yes, that’s what you get back! Whatsoever you desire from life, no matter how rich and ostentatious it may be – you can only attract it if you create yourself to be of equal value. That’s not fiction; that’ fact.

Setting a goal without first looking at who you have to be to succeed – that’s foolish indeed. Nothing in your life changes for the better until you change for the better. Give yourself beauty inwardly, and the outward will align in like kind – I guarantee.

What to do next; ask, “What’s this got to do with me?” Then begin noticing your personality, and what you can change on the inside so you can watch changes occur on the outside. That’s the secret to getting rich.

A great success tip:

Rene Descartes, a French mathematician, a scientist and a philosopher said, “I think therefore I am.” The question then becomes, “Who do you think you are?” When you describe yourself – is your description an epic narrative or a simple definition?

  1. If you were to write an inscription for your headstone, what would you love it to say?

  2. If you were asked to write a simple memorial speech to be read at your funeral, what would you include?

These are mighty powerful questions; they reveal a lot about you, about who you have created yourself to be, and in turn they reveal what your life has been like. And I can promise you this – your world has unfolded in perfect harmony with that description which you’ve considered true about you. The world, being only a mirror, can only reflect back that which you projected outwardly.

Don’t fool yourself. You cannot change the world in which you live until you change the “I AM” in which you live in the world. The evolution of your identity gives you the blossoming of your life-story. You always have the power to invent yourself anew. So what stops you?

The pulse of the unseen you lay deep in the seen you. Be not a melting pot of yesterday’s tomfoolery. Dwarf no longer those hidden talents that want to come out and express through you. You are a fountainhead of light, a pasture of dreams; it is your time now to appease those unappeasable hungers that stir deep inside of you.

All happenings in your outer world are timed with infinite precision to reflect what’s happening in your inner world. Now that you know this, what will you do? I suggest you begin by writing a list of all the qualities of character that you want as part of your identity. I’ve got news for you. If you wrote it down, then it is already a part of you; you need only resurrect it. Keep going!

The key to solving problems

Student: Is there a key to solving problems?

Teacher: There are no problems, there are only healthy questions. That’s the key!

Student: What do you mean?

Teacher: I mean that people who live joyfully and successfully have learned how to ask healthy questions to solve those dilemmas that confront them. They see problems as questions that are yet to be answered. They do not call them problems; they do not whine about them, nor do they ask unhealthy questions like, “What’s lousy about this?” They ask themselves healthy questions that have them focus on answers; questions like, “What can I learn from this, and what would be a first great step toward resolving this matter?”

Student: You make it sound like questions can be more important than answers.

Teacher: Questions are more important than answers; they set your attitude and mood which has everything to do with how you handle life’s challenges.

Success depends on you making straight your arrow

Teacher: Today, let’s take a lesson on success from The Buddha, “As the fletcher whittles and makes straight his arrows, so the master directs his straying thoughts.”

Student: What does that mean and what does it have to do with my success?

Teacher: Be like the fletcher with his arrows when it comes to you and your self-talk. Whittle away all of the nonsense in your self-talk and get right to your intentions for the day. That is what is meant by “make straight your arrows.” Direct your straying thoughts back on track. Gather information that supports you with your aims and aspirations, and dwell on that. Begin with the little things, and it gets easy when it comes to the big things.

Student: So, the most powerful way to learn to control my life is to learn to control my thoughts?

Teacher: Control your thoughts and you do control your life. Control your world of thoughts and you control your world. Most folks spend too much time trying to control the outer world and too little time learning to control their inner world of daydreams, self-talk and imaginings. Conquer your inner world and your outer world yields to your commands.

How to cause productive changes in your life

Student: How do I cause productive changes in my life so I can experience greater things?

Teacher: When you are willing to do productive things that you’ve never done, you cause changes that give you experiences that you never before earned or won.

Student: I don’t know how to do new things because I don’t know how to begin.

Teacher: That’s because you live unconsciously. Unconscious living is a consequence of hypnotic induction that occurred during childhood conditioning. If you always do what you always did, then certainly you only get more of what you got as a kid.

Student: I feel trapped by my past, like there’s no way out. My grandfather was a farmer, my father was a trucker, I seem to be stuck in that same 60-hour grind just to make a living.

Teacher: Have you ever studied the working of your mind? It’s only through new thinking that you bring to fruition new action that brings upon you a new way of living. Think this out and prove it to yourself. Be not a servant of life, but make life serve you. Trust in your incredible power to breakthrough family tradition. Believe this about yourself, then go forth in confidence. You will awaken and take new action. The fact that you are inquiring means that you are ready.

Inspiration and Success

Inspiration is a powerfully creative spirit found in every living thing. It’s found in the apple seed that begins a new era of apple orchards. It’s found in the yolk of an egg that becomes an eagle soaring the mountain peaks. And it’s found in every fiber of your body, ever replenishing and refreshing every cell of your physical frame in every instant.

Inspiration is ever seeking avenues to manifests new creations. Your inspiration is your vehicle for revealing the creative genius that resides in the deep of you. No human being has more inspiration than any other human being. Some folks make it a habit to tap into their inspiration continually while others allow it to lay dormant. However, that quickening of energy that we call inspiration is ever available to you and me when we call on it.

I wonder how many realize what a mighty power inspiration is in the world; in fact it rules the world. Success depends on inspiration. Your success depends on your inspiration. No one can inspire you but you. Are you feeling at all inspired right now?

How to Influence Others

I had a friend explain to me that her boss and she just couldn’t get along. No matter what she did to try and please him, he would find something wrong.

I asked her what the conversations were that she had with him IN HER HEAD. Not her actual conversations, but the ones she had in her imagination while commuting to work in the morning or commuting back home at night. She said that she was always thinking about what he’d said that upset her and how she’d defensively responded. I asked that she try something different. Just imagine that he tells you how much he appreciates your work, and you thank him kindly and sincerely. Do this every morning on the way to work and on the way back for a week. See what happens.

YUP, it worked. Within a couple of weeks, her boss came into her office one day and told her how much he appreciated the work she was doing. She responded gleefully and sincerely. Their relationship has improved tenfold since then.

Is that possible? Could it be? Can we actually affect the outcome of a relationship if we see it differently in our mind? Hmmm

How can I possibly succeed

Student: I continue to work hard at what I’ve been doing, but it’s not working.

Teacher: How are you going to succeed if you always do what you’ve always done?

Student: I don’t get what you mean.

Teacher: If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got, and that’s not what you’re looking for.

Student: What should I do?

Teacher: Set a higher standard for yourself, and commit to it. If you do that, you will come up with a new strategy to accomplish your higher standard, and then you’ll refine that strategy until the dream is fulfilled. That is all that success is about (1) setting a higher standard (2) commitment (3) staying open to a new strategy to fulfill on your fantasy.

To succeed you need be a policeman

The moment you begin to take the time to discipline your mind, you become a successful policeman. And when you are a successful policeman, you refuse to enter into self-talk that harms you. And then you find it natural to refuse to listen attentively to anyone who tries to convince you that life is tough and you’re not tough enough.

Do you think for a moment that it is will power that gives you your victories? Hogwash! It is the “I AM” that you create yourself to be that determines whether you live triumphantly or in misery. And that “I AM” should definitely include, “I AM a cop” – Constable On Patrol – when it comes to what you say to yourself about yourself and about life. Only when you control the direction of your attention, can you control your life so it unfolds as you want it to.

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