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With all that is spoken, I love that only which is spoken from the heart. For those words are not trinkets to entertain the mind, nor are they playthings for jugglers of language to play with. They are what lead us to the stairs where rainbows are found.

Never let a small child pass you by without listening to the pearls they offer, for surely they speak from their hearts and the infinite speaks through them.

Sir Isaac Newton said, “If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to paying attention than to any other talent.” It is said that he also claimed that he paid more attention to small children than to the wisest of men. He claimed that children gave him inspiration.

So, what does all of this have to do with you?

Have you been on the lookout for everyday, ordinary, unassuming gurus coming your way to offer you a pearl of wisdom or two?

Ordinary gurus are very different than the passerby who thinks he is smarter than you, and insists on giving you a lesson on how to live better. Furthermore, oftentimes these gurus are children.

Karen is seven. She loves to say, “Hi” to Shakespeare when we pass by at the local pond where I travel. Shakespeare is my parrot companion of 34 years now. He rides on my left shoulder. I get down on one knee when Karen shows up, so she can see him eye to eye.

This particular day, after saying “Hi” to Shaky, Karen asked Shaky if he would say something to her. Shaky said, “I can talk, can you fly?” (I’d taught him that a few years back, but I never know when he may say it). She looked at him startled. Then she looked around and looked up at her mom. Finally, she leaned forward to whisper to Shakespeare, “I can fly but don’t tell anyone.”

I got goosebumps. That was from the heart. It was true. She can fly. She can do anything she truly desire to do. I hope Karen never loses sight of that beautiful truth when she grows up.

Karen’s response is not a trinket; it is not a juggling of words – it is true about her and it is true about you. Can you feel it? What might you do with that idea? You attract and act on what you believe is true about you. How will you prove that you can fly? What high aspiration have you conceived that it is now time to achieve so that you can prove that you can fly as high as you want to?

Karen has offered you a magical thread of truth that is there to guide you. Trust your feelings. You can fly. Don’t tell anyone, but do tell yourself!

Blessings and love to you, Rob

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Good answer & bad memory does not beget success

Hey folks, welcome!

Let’s keep it up. This conversation about life’s many gurus can prove very rewarding.

Have you noticed any everyday, ordinary, unassuming gurus pass your way? They are out there, everywhere; I promise you. If you’re not noticing, it’s because you are not aware. It’s not because they are not there.

I was walking to the post office to purchase some stamps the other day. Yup, I still go to the post office for my stamps. In the lobby of the post office I overheard a child saying to her mother, “I’ve got a lot of good answers in my head so I can get my homework and chores done quicker and have more playtime.”

Mom smiled and asked, “What kind of answers do you have in your head, honey?” The little girl responded, “Well that’s where it gets sticky, mom. I have lots of good answers but I think I have a bad memory because I can never remember them when I need them.”

WOW, now that turned my head spinning. I have tons of great answers when I am by myself and feeling peaceful, but I’ll be darned if I forget all of those answers when I find myself in a problem situation where I am feeling stressed. I guess I can attribute that to “bad memory,” when remembering is most important.

Do you suffer from “bad memory” when it comes to coming up with answers? What can you do to improve this problem within you?

I consider this little girl my everyday guru for the day. She helped make a great distinction – having great answers and a poor memory is like having no answers at all. So might we do to improve this situation?

Here’s a great suggestion: When you’re in a problem situation don’t think about the situation as a problem, but rather see it as an opportunity to call on your memory. Here’s how to do that. Take a moment to be mentally silent. Remember to breathe. When you pause to slow your mind down, you stop mentally running around. And right there, in the center of your consciousness, answers will appear.

Is it really okay not to consider a problem situation a problem? Absolutely! In fact, those who consider problem situations opportunities for answers become great leaders. That is what you will be doing when you quiet your mind so you may recover your memory with those many answers you’ve stored in it. You are looking at problem situations differently. Let not your heart be faint with this mission. It will reward you abundantly.

Blessings & love to you

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The Towering Truth about Money

Hi folks,

Thank you for being part of my blog community. Have you officially signed up on the email list? Here’s a great tale of wisdom offered me by an ordinary, everyday, unassuming guru a couple of decades back:

The Towering Truth about Money

Money’s good.
Never lose sight of that fact. You can do a lot of really good things with money. How are we to build hospitals? Feed the hungry? Educate the ignorant? House the poor?

I had an ordinary, everyday, unassuming guru teach me the value of money years ago. She was a homeless woman that roamed around in my neighborhood. Bertha was her name. One day when I was feeling very kindly and prosperous, I gave her one hundred dollars (ten ten-dollar bills). She blessed each of them right in front of me.

She actually said, “bless you” to each bill as she thumbed through each of them. She then told me that she would be sharing the money with friends on the street. My jaw dropped. WOW! Now, that wasn’t what I expected from a poor, homeless person.

What she taught me was that she wasn’t poor. She was free. She cared not to get tied down to a money society. Yet she respected money for the good it could do, and she was thrilled to have some extra so she could spread the good.

Every human being innately understands that money is good if used properly. No one is permanently lost when it comes to understanding the beauty that money can bring to the planet when used appropriately.

Learn to love money for the good it can do, and I promise you more and more money will come flocking to you. I am living proof of that fact. Really! It’s not fantasy.

Hey, by the way … do you have a story about an ordinary, everyday guru who has taught you a simple lesson? Email me and I’ll share it with our blog and email community (and I’ll add a few insightful comments, if you wish).

Blessings and love to you, Rob White

Ps. Know that there are blessed dollar bills standing about you and watching attentively – they want to be called home by you.

Question it all

Hi folks … I hope you’ve joined the village by signing up on my email list? Let’s keep the theme of everyday, ordinary, unassuming gurus going, okay? Here’s one:

Question it all

My student became my guru. Karen told me she was very gullible. If someone told her something was true, she believed him or her.

I asked Karen if she knew what caused gullibility, and she said, “naivety.” Well, that was a great answer, but I explained to her that it was her unwillingness to investigate. She preferred to assume everyone only spoke the truth rather than expend the energy to go deeper.

Karen pondered my response for a moment and replied, “I think I am intimidated. I don’t dare investigate because I fear being rejected if I find he is wrong and I say something.

I explained to Karen that if she was to grow into the person she dreams of being, then she was going to have to learn to “question it all” – even question the belief you are holding onto that has you fear being rejected. The thought that other people’s thoughts about you can harm you is silly. They can’t harm you unless YOU allow them to.

I asked,
“What scares you about being rejected?”
“What is the rejection saying about you, according to your belief system?”

Karen, with absolute clarity, said – “I think I run away from any kind of pain. In fact that’s why I try nothing new, and am bored with my life. I hate feeling inferior and pain makes me feel inferior.”

Wow! That right there was a great lesson for me. Karen had become my everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru with that one statement.

There was a time when I ran away from anything that gave me pain – especially failure. During those times, I got very little done when it come to growth and development. I sacrificed growing to avoid feeling inferior. And not growing intensified that very feeling! I am glad that Karen reminded me of those days so that I may avoid thinking that way anymore.

“Bring it on,” I now say. “I can handle it. And if I can’t, I will come up with a way.”

Ask yourself, “What’s this got to do with me?”
I suspect if you probe deep enough and question everything, you’ll find a fabulous lesson in this.

Blessings and Love, Rob

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How can a stone offer you a gem?

Hello Friends,

Let’s continue our conversation about gurus. Everyday, ordinary, unassuming gurus can come in many shapes and forms. And sometimes we don’t get the lesson they offer for years to come.

Here’s one.

I was fifteen, working with my grandfather removing large stones from his back yard. He wanted the stones removed because he was planning a vegetable garden in that spot.

After carrying a large stone ten yards to the edge of the lot, my grandfather said, “It’s amazing how many years I thought of growing a vegetable garden back here, but I never did anything about it. It’s like the stones had convinced me that they had a right to stay right where they sat.”

As we lugged another stone out of his designated “vegetable garden area,” he stood tall, tugged at his back and said, “Well, for now on I’m going to decide where the stones sit and where they don’t sit.”

After about two hours of removing the large stones, my grandfather asked me, “What have the stones taught you?” I shrugged. I had no response.

It was in my late twenties – some decade and a half later – that I looked back at that mental scene in my memory and thought, “I have learned something from the stones. They have taught me that we, human beings, do not change our way of seeing things until we are willing to study our reality with an eye on seeing things differently. But until then, we’ll allow even the sticks and stones in our lives to decide what we should and shouldn’t do.”

My grandfather walked by those stones for years, complaining that if they weren’t there he could plant a great vegetable garden. Somehow the stones had convinced him of their right to sit there. He never thought that perhaps he was his own problem by refusing to see things differently.

How many times have you looked at something and said, “That’s just the way it is”? Did you ever give it thought that if you saw it differently then perhaps the way it is would no longer be the case? What object, out there in the world, has convinced you that there is nothing you can do to change things?

Is it possible that you cause your own problems by not knowing the difference between mechanical thinking and creative imagining?

If I’d not learned the lesson the gurus (large stones) offered me, I’d never have evolved from teaching school to becoming a bi-coastal real estate developer to big city restaurateur to best selling book author. Nothing is the way it is until we decide it is that way.

Wow! That’s a lot of power we wield.

What’s this got to do with you? Take a moment. Think about it. You might be surprised at what you come to realize. Be honest; notice what you consistently think and the excuses you make. If you explore yourself like that – you will be delightfully startled to see how you can change your future so it’s as you want it to be.

Blessings and Love to you, Rob White

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There’s no need to explain

Hello folks

I am excited to share another “ordinary guru event” with you.

On “Good Friday” – the day after thanksgiving – while taking my meditation walk, I met a wonderfully spry lady (in her eighties) who was walking and singing opera. I complimented her on wonderful voice and thanked her for lifting the energy along the path that she was traveling.

Her name was Merriam. She introduced herself this way, “Hello good sir. I am Merriam. One of my freedoms is my right not to have to explain myself to others, not even to the most intimate of my friends. I thank you for the wonderful compliment. I love that you took a moment out of your time to notice how I lift the energy of the environment I’m in. I am very much aware of that, but few realize it, and I never explain it.”

Wow! Now that started my head spinning. This gal was very much on top of her game. It was clear to me that she wasn’t my usual everyday guru, and the lesson she’d offered me was incredible. Do you mean that I can grant myself the freedom to do what I feel like doing without having to explain myself to others? That got my creative juices flowing.

  • Edison insisted on inventing the light bulb. In spite of discouraging comments made by hundreds of colleagues and friends, he persisted without feeling he had to explain himself to anybody.

  • Ford insisted that he could invent the horseless buggy. Again, many family members, friends and colleagues laughed at him. He, too, persisted without feeling he had to explain himself to anybody.

  • The Wright brothers insisted they would invent a heavier-than-air flight machine. The world laughed at them. Yup, you got it. They also persisted without feeling they had to explain themselves to anyone.

  • And what about Bill Gates leaving Harvard to start his own computer business? I imagine he felt free not to have to explain to family member and friends that thought he was crazy.

So, now, what does that have to do with me? When I decided to go into the restaurant business, I had many, many friends and colleagues advise me to save my money and effort on such a foolish endeavor. You got it right – I persisted without feeling I had to explain myself to anyone. This epoch in my life turned out to be an outrageous success (in spite of the fact that I knew nothing about restaurants when I began – except how to eat in them).

Finally – what does this have to do with you? Might I ask you – “What do you dream of doing, but dare not do because you fear you’ll have to explain yourself to someone, especially if you fail?” Might I suggest – go for it, especially if the urge won’t quit. You cause your own problems when you think you have to explain what you’re doing. When you’re free not to explain, you’re free to make great gains.

Glory to the person who is free to be who he wants to be without thinking he has to explain himself to anyone. Sweet liberty! What say ye?

Blessings & love to you, Rob

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Your ID please

Hey folks, I hope you had a “thankful” holiday, yesterday.

Gratitude is a powerful attitude. It opens you to looking at your future, not influenced by past conditioning. WOW, the possibilities that come from that!

Okay, today I will share an experience I had two days ago with an everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru. First off, I’d like to say that I find it much easier to remain conscious of the lesson an everyday guru is offering when I suspend judgment. That’s because I find that when I am judging what’s happening to me, I am matching it to what I want it to be. Unfortunately, that leaves me very close-minded, with no opportunity to learn anything new.

On Wednesday, my wife asked that I stop on the way home and buy some cognac. She needed it for her turkey gravy recipe. In spite of being over seven decades on the planet, the cashier said, “Identification please.” Well, that was a great moment for me.

I responded, “I was a school teacher. Then I became a real estate entrepreneur. From that I became a restaurateur, and now I am a book author.”

The cashier looked over the rim of her glasses, smiled and said, “The description of your life activity is impressive, but all I need is your age, sir.”

God, I loved her clarity. She was a wonderful guru for me. She was telling me that my identity, though perhaps it meant something to me, wasn’t going to get me what I wanted from her – which was a half pint of cognac.

When you are with people, notice what they expect from you and notice what you give them. Oftentimes you’ll find it is not aligned. And right there is where problems begin.

Are we not all so caught up in what we think is important about us that we sometimes forget what others may expect from us?

Are you willing to step beyond your identity to accommodate someone else’s request? Are you willing to step beyond your memorized version of yourself and try something new so that you may experience yourself a little differently than what you are used to?

Boy, can that ever be a kick. The lesson this everyday guru offered me is this – When my consciousness is dominated by my personal story, my responses to life are much like a tape recorder – pretty damn predictable.

I want to be flexible. There is much power and great fun to be found in flexibility. Do you agree? Only when we call our “personal slavery” slavery are we free to be all that we dream of being. What is our personal slavery? Getting caught in our conditioned mind where our thoughts, spoken words and actions are boringly predictable.

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Blessings, Rob

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Watch out for monsters!

Hey folks

Let’s keep this “everyday, ordinary, Unassuming guru” conversation going. What do you think?

Yes, indeed, life is forever offering you ordinary gurus to help you with your next breakthrough. When you finally realize that, you will be awestruck by how often life intervenes to support you with your growth and advancement through the world.

As I mentioned in my last blog – children can be wonderful gurus, can’t they? Well in this story, Tiffany, my niece wasn’t the guru but she did attract one. When Tif was a tiny tot she was afraid of sea monsters. She had watched a scary movie that she was not supposed to watch, and sure enough it scared her.

In the movie, there was a monster that came out of the sea and terrorized the local village. Now, Tif was convinced that the ocean was a dangerous place to play. She’d get very upset and insist she wanted to leave whenever we took her to the beach.

One day, we decided to try one more time to cure her of her fear. The whole family – mom & dad, gram & gramp and uncle Bobby (that’s me) – took her to the seaside, hoping to convince her that there were no sea monsters. We were doing a terrible job at convincing her when along came an elderly gentleman with his beach chair and towel. He overheard the intervention and asked if he could help. Before we could answer, he told Tif that he was a magician, and that he’d cleared the ocean of sea monsters long ago.

This old gent got her attention. Tif asked how he did it. He said, “I just stare them down until they disappear.” He went on to say, “Whenever you look right at what you fear, it disappears.” My God! What a great lesson for me. And the super bonus is that it worked for Tiffany. She was in the ocean water splashing around in no time.

That was another everyday guru that came my way. How about you? Have you been giving this any thought? Every time you remember a guru that has passed by you, there is a great lesson that you are reminded of once again.

Right knowledge and success are inseparable. Let me help prove it to you.

Blessings, Rob

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The new way to look!

Hey folks

I am going to start a movement that will inspire you to aspire higher, to try higher, and to live higher. It all begins with recognizing the many ordinary, everyday gurus that come your way to offer you life-lessons.

Are you looking for them? Life is forever offering you another guru to help you solve your problems or take your life to the next level of happiness and success.

For example, while walking around the Jamaica Pond yesterday with Shakespeare perched on my shoulder (my parrot companion of 34 years), a young child stepped up to ask, “Is he your friend?” I told her that he was not only my friend, but my teacher. She immediately asked, “What did he teach you?”

Wow this conversation got heavy quickly! I responded that he taught me to be more patient. She said she knew what patient meant and that when she’s patient when asking her dad for something she gets it. She added, “But if I’m not patient, sometimes I have to go to my room for a time out.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you, life.

That was an everyday guru sent to remind me that when I insist things go my way quickly, when I am impatient with the outcomes I am getting – sometimes life tells me that I have to go to my private space (inward), and take a time out. To examine what I’m doing that’s not working, and come up with a better strategy. I have to stop being impatient with the world and start looking at what I might do to cause the effects I desire more effectively.

How about you? Did an everyday guru visit you yesterday or today? If your answer is “No,” I can assure you the guru showed, but you didn’t notice. It’s a new way to look at your life – knowing there are gurus, gurus everywhere. Your level of awareness of them attracts more and more of them into your life.

If you’ve signed up on my email list – I am going to start sending special guru lessons I’ve learned that have helped me tremendously with advancing my life to higher levels of happiness and success. It is my way of saying, “Thank you” for being part of my community. I appreciate you.

My Margaret Book (And Then I Met Margaret) offers 21 great short, inspiring stories that point to how rich with gurus my life has been, and how much they have helped me with my journey. Some of the lessons those gurus offered took me years to learn. I was a slow learner back then.

Blessings, Rob

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Success tip: The game begins at seven

Tim is following the New England Patriots, and he knows their scheduled game times. Furthermore, he makes sure that he is available to turn on the TV and watch each game right from the start. He works his whole day out to the tee (when it’s game day), and makes damn sure that he’s available to watch it.

Yet, when it comes to scheduling Tim’s own personal aspirations and goals, he leaves that to chance. He hopes that his dreams will come true sooner than later, yet he doesn’t create a game plan for himself? Why is that?

Tim doesn’t let circumstances get in his way when it comes to a Patriot’s game day. Yet, when it comes to Tim’s own life it seems circumstances determine 90% of his action. He’s not tuned in to his own life. Why is that?

To realize that Tim shows more respect for football game-watching than to watching his own life unfolding – now that’s very telling.

Know thyself! When you know yourself you are able to take care of yourself. When you don’t know yourself, when you don’t know what you want your life to be about, you let life tell you your schedule. You live by reacting to urgencies rather than deliberate creation. That is a desperate condition.

Can you relate to this message at all? Does it at all reflect something about how you conduct your personal affairs in business or at home or with your schooling?

If you’re not advancing as quickly as you hoped, then I suggest you read this blog again with the question, “What’s this got to do with me?” in mind.

Truth always seems harsh to an unwise seeker. Welcome information and embrace inspiration, and the truth will empower you to experience your life as you want it to be. For in truth, it is you that gives vibrancy to your life. Cherish that fact.

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